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Issue Analyzer
Cool or Not Cool?

I’ve heard about one side of the

controversy, and that’s all I need
to hear! I’m taking a stand!

Cool Not Cool

Find out about both sides of an issue before taking a stand!

Cool or Not Cool?

I am convinced my side is right.

Still, I know the other side has
valid reasons and evidence too!

Cool Not Cool

Issues have intelligent, thoughtful arguments on both sides.

Cool or Not Cool?

Dude. How many sides are there

to an issue? One! MY side!

Cool Not Cool

There are (at least) two sides to every issue. Got it?
Claim Creator
Cool or Not Cool?

Why? Because I said so! That’s

all the reason anyone needs.

Cool Not Cool

People expect you to back up your argument with reasons.

Cool or Not Cool?

When I take a stand on an issue,

it’s just my opinion unless I back
it up with reasons and evidence.

Cool Not Cool

Reasons and evidence give your argument something to stand on.

Paragraph Constructor
Cool or Not Cool?

I’m organizing my essay reason

by reason so my reader can
follow my argument clearly.

Cool Not Cool

Discussing one reason at a time makes your argument easy to follow.

Cool or Not Cool?

Evidence? Totally unnecessary. I

mean, I gave them a reason,
didn’t I?

Cool Not Cool

Reasons alone aren’t enough. Evidence shows your reason makes sense.
Cool or Not Cool?

I’m putting all my reasons and

evidence in one big paragraph.
The reader will figure it out.

Cool Not Cool

Paragraphs group similar ideas together so readers aren’t confused.

Critic Crusher
Cool or Not Cool?

The other side has a strong

argument. I’ll need my own
reasons and evidence to crush it.

Cool Not Cool

Fight reasons and evidence with your own reasons and evidence!
Cool or Not Cool?

The other side just wants

attention. Well, I won’t give it to
them! I’ll ignore the other side.

Cool Not Cool

Dealing with the other side’s argument makes YOUR argument strong!
Cool or Not Cool?

The other side is wronger than

wrong. I’ll just say that in my
essay. (Seriously, they’re wrong.)

Cool Not Cool

You’re wrong. No, you’re wrong. No, YOU’RE wrong! (Effective, huh?)
Cool or Not Cool?

I don’t agree with the other side,

but my argument won’t be
strong unless I deal with theirs.

Cool Not Cool

Yup. Enough said.

Introduction Introducer
Cool or Not Cool?

My claim is fascinating! It stands

by itself! One look at my claim,
and readers will be hooked.

Cool Not Cool

Um, don’t count on it. Snag the reader with info they can’t ignore!
Cool or Not Cool?

The body of my essay has all my

reasons and evidence. I don’t
need anything before that.

Cool Not Cool

The introduction sets up your argument. It’s like T-ball.

Cool or Not Cool?

My argument? Boring? No way!

And I’m going to make sure they
know that right up front.

Cool Not Cool

The introduction is your chance to pull the reader into your essay.
Cool or Not Cool?

I’m a creative person. I’m going

to start out reason-claim-reason-
hook… um… then a reason.

Cool Not Cool

Sounds more like you’re a disorganized person. Sorry, that won’t work.
Conclusion Crafter
Cool or Not Cool?

Miss a chance to hammer home

my argument? No way. I’m
listing all my reasons again.

Cool Not Cool

Give the reader one last review. Really hammer it this time!
Cool or Not Cool?

My reasons sounded great the

first time I wrote them. I’ll write
them exactly that way again.

Cool Not Cool

Don’t just repeat. Be creative. Find a new, stronger way to write them.
Cool or Not Cool?

My argument is pretty strong on

its own. I’ll just finish my essay
with “So that’s my argument.”

Cool Not Cool

Don’t waste your last hurrah! End with something they’ll remember.
(#20: Never, ever, ever write “the end” at
the end of an essay. That is so not cool.)

“The End” is for movies. Not essays.