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 Lanib 250mg belongs to class of

antineoplastic drugs which prevents the

development and spreading of cancer cells all
over the body.
 Lanib 250mg is indicated for metastatic
breast cancer and spreading after using of
other chemotherapy drugs
 Lanib 250mg with combination of
capecitabine is indicated for the treatment of
advanced breast cancer after the failure of
other cancer medicine.
 Lanib 250mg is also combined with letrozole
is indicated for the treatment
postmenopausal women with hormone
receptor positive metastatic breast cancer.
 Lanib 250mg tablet is a type of classification called
kinase inhibitor and act by intracellular tyrosine
 Lanib 250mg prohibits ErbB-forced tumor cell
growth in vitro and in various animal models. When
combination 5-fluracil with Lanib 250mg tablet
created an additive effect in the 4 tumor cell lines
 Development inhibits the Lanib 250mg tablet effect
were examined in trastuzumab-conditioned cell
Lanib 250mg provide selective action against breast
cancer cell lines selected for long-term growth in
trastuzumab-containing intracellularly.
 Hormone receptor-positive breast cancer cells
(with ER [Estrogen Receptor] and/or PgR lanib
250mg [Progesterone Receptor]) that co express
the HER2 bear to be protection against
established endocrine therapies.
 Synchronously hormone receptor-positive breast
cancer cells that initially lack EGFR or HER2
unrecalled these receptor proteins as the tumor
becomes resistant to endocrine therapy.
 Brand : Lanib
Ingredients : Lapatinib
Strength : 250 mg
Manufactured : Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Package : 30 or 120 Tablets
 Poor absorbs from the GI tract. peak plasma concentration
is approx. 4hrs; bioavailability is 95%. Lanib 250mg with
food will increase the systemic exposure.
 Plasma protein binding is 99%

 Lanib 250mg tablet Metabolized mainly by CYP3A4 and

 The drug eliminated dose via feces more than 14% and
<2% urine.
Eliminated half-life is 24hrs.
 The usual dose of Lanib 250mg for adult
suffering HER2 positive metastatic breast cancer
(with Xeloda) is 1250mg once daily for 1-21days
continuously repeating.
 Femora Combination with Lanib 250mg tablet
the dose recommended is 1500mg orally once a
day continuously once daily every day.
Take the drug Lanib 250mg tablet on an empty
stomach (1hr before or 1hr after).
If overdose occurs, seek to emergency
department or call poison control helpline
 If you are allergic to lapatinib, then do not use
the drug
 If you had hepatic problem, cardio disease, an
electrolytic imbalance then discusses with doctor
whether it’s safe to use or not prior to Lanib
250mg treatment.
 While patients during pregnancy, it should strictly
avoid the drug because it harms the unborn baby
or cause birth defects.
 There is not known whether Lapatinib passes into
breast milk. Hence avoid breast feeding to the
infants during Lanib 250mg tablet treatment
 Lanib 250mg will cause mild to moderate
side effects in patients. If symptoms cause
serious the inform the doctor as soon as
 Common side effect of Lanib 250mg tablets :
Lumbar pain; diarrhae; dry skin; nail of finger
toe changes; headache; in digestion problem
; decreased appetite; mild hair loss or
thinning; mouth ulcers; nausea; nosebleed;
redness and hands and feet will have tingling;
weakness; insomnia; vomiting.
 Serious side effect of Lanib 250mg tablets:
Severe tightness; difficulty in breathing; unusual
bruising or bleeding; unusual itching; yellowing
of the eyes or skin; Chest pain; urine will be dark;
dizziness or light-headedness; Rapid or irregular
heartbeat; pale stools; persistent loss of appetite;
severe or persistent cough; severe or persistent
diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and skin allergy like
itching, rashes, blisters in mouth, face, lip or
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