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Agenda 2

Company Background 1
Unilever’s HR Strategy 2
Reference List 3

Founded in 1885 in England

161,000 employees

47% of managers are women

President of Unilever Vietnam

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Bich Van
 Femininity Dimension
No.1 FMCG choice
2nd 4th
1st Compensation
3rd Performance
Recruitment Training &

'Unilever' depended on expatriates to develop
operations abroad consistent with the parent
company's values and objectives

→ Ethnocentric
❖ By 2020, 60% of their employees are expected to be Millennials

❖ Social media campaign #PutItRight

❖ Using LinkedIn business and employment oriented service

-> Attract many talents working for them

❖ New digital selection process for graduate hires that uses the latest

technology to help select candidates

-> Reduce recruitment cost, agency cost, time

#putitright campaign
Unilever recruits through LinkedIn

Fill 84 percent of external roles
through direct sourcing (in-house

HRO Today (Europe) Recruitment
Team of the Year award in 2015.
Unilever’s Framework
❖ In 2014, Unilever ‘s target: Fair Compensation
❖ Creating Framework for Fair Compensation

(Occupied 2016)
Five principles underpin our Framework
❖ Fair and liveable compensation
❖ Market-based compensation
❖ No discrimination in compensation
❖ Performance-focused compensation providing alignment to our business
❖ Open and explainable compensation

Total Reward Statement

❖ Encouraged employees to grow full potential

❖ Performance-based reward structure: delivered results and right values
❖ The statement values every element of the reward package
❖ Not only money but also future benefits in Unilever plus their progress reports
❖ The Statement has reached Unilever’s management system across 96 countries
COLA (Cost-of-living Allowances)
❖ "Our Framework for Fair Compensation has helped us set a course for achieving a living
wage for all direct employees on our lowest pay grades by 2020”
(Peter Newhouse, Unilever Executive Vice President for Global Reward, HR)

❖ The heart of Framework

 Principle of a “Living wage”

❖ Co-operation with FWN known as Fair Wage Network

 Promote better wages policy
Best training, learning and development team in Asia



Training Programs and Projects
❖ The Learning Hub
Self-study through app
→ Save time and money
❖ Talent & Organisation Readiness Assessment Program
Ensure required skills through periods of growth
→ Suitable allocation to be more productivity
Training Programs and Projects
Development Programs
Unilever Future Leaders Programme (ULEAD)

❖ Duration: 3 years
❖ Location: Over 50 countries
❖ Key objectives:
Create great future leaders
→ The chance to interact with
senior management
Development Programs
Connected 4 Growth programme (C4G)
❖ Since 2016
❖ Key objectives:
Faster, more agile and more competitive of organization
→ Think and act like entrepreneurs and business owners
→ Attracting the right people to achieve organization goals
#C4G Development Programme

Link: https://youtu.be/jwVu0ygnG_s

Concentrates on the various paths to
be followed to achieve high
employee satisfaction


Performance efficiency and

increased stakeholder value
Performance Management

Basic process
1. Annual goal setting
2. Mid year review
3. Annual performance review
Performance Management

‘Always On’ app

-> Discussions on performance and
feedback throughout the year
Management by Objective (MBO)
Superior and Subordinate manager

Goal (tangible, verifiable, measurable)

Appraise partner and staff base on each individual’s major

Reference List
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