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Justin Bieber Biography:-

 Born Justin Drew Bieber

March 1, 1994 (age 24)
London, Ontario, Canada.
 Birth sign-Pisces.
 Occupation-Singer, Songwriter.
 Height-170cm.
 Weight-62kgs.
 Life partner-Hailey Rhode
Jutin Bieber Biography:-

 Justin Drew Bieber is a pop singer

from Canada. He became famous
worldwide after posting a viral video
with a song of his composition «One
Time» on YouTube. He is recognized
as one of the youngest and highest
paid performers in contemporary
music industry.

 Justin Bieber was born in Stratford, in a

family of Jeremy Bieber and Patti
Mallette. His parents got divorced soon
after his birth, his father married again,
got new children, and Justin was left to
grow up without a father. His mother had
to work religiously to make a living, and
Justin spent a lot of time with his
grandparents from the mother's side.
First song:Never Say Never

In 2007, 2-year-old Justin took part in the local

talent contest called «Stratford Idol». Most of his
rivals were professional musicians whereas
Bieber was just a self-taught guy. He sang Ne-
Yo's song «So Sick» and unexpectedly won the
second prize. His mother Patti decided to post
the record of Justin's performance on YouTube
was shocked by the number of views. Then she
uploaded more videos of Justin singing the songs
of famous bands.
2010 My world 2.0 i.Artist of the year. i.Won.
ii.Favourite pop. ii.Won.
Awards:- iii.New Artist of the iii.Won.
iv.Rock album. iv.Won.
2012 Believe i.Favorite Male Artist i.Nominated.
- Pop/Rock.
ii.Artist Of The Year. ii.Won.
iii. Favorite iii.Won.
Pop/Rock Album.
2015 Where are you now Collaboration of the Won.
2016 i.LoveYourself. i. Favorite I.Won.
Pop/Rock Song.
ii.Sorry. ii. Video of the ii.Won.
iii.Purpose iii. Favorite iii.Won.
Pop/Rock Album
2017 i.I,m the one i.Favorite Rap/Hip- i.Won.
ii.Despacito Hop Song.
ii. Favorite Pop/Rock ii.Won.
Justin Bieber Now:-

 The 24-year-old reportedly closed on the 101-

acre property on Monday. The living space is
9,000 square feet, with four bedrooms, six
baths, three fireplaces, a game room, a movie
theater, and a three-car garage. In addition,
the home features access to a private lake, a
two-story, temperature-controlled wine
room, a gym, and heated floors. Oh, and it
has its own horse-racing track.
JB now:-