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for those who are ready, let’s go!

• This is coming from a K-
pop fan of 8 years. I’ve
came to the point
where Korean pop has
become flat out toxic.
Through the years I’ve
found 12 reasons why
I’m officially leaving the
K-Pop Train and why it
has a negative impact
on the minds of many
• So, if you still enjoy it
(I’m not judging you) or
disagree with what I’m
saying. KEEP IT
• Also the points will go
from light to harder to
digest, so if it
becomes too much or
it enrages you, CLOSE
because it will only
get worse (maybe
you’re looking to get
triggered. If it’s the
case I’m happy I’ve
planted seeds in your
• K-pop is known for
their toxic fans.
• The Korean pop music
industry is built to
attract devoted
supporters with
Fanclubs (and their
color), music
programs offering
wins based on a
biased point/voting
systems, countless TV
programs including
idols/celebrities & etc.
K-pop function in a way so fans develop INTESE EMOTIONAL
ATTACHEMENT/INVOLVEMENT. The only thing they want to see
it’s their oppa have success at all cost. A lot of fans have a "If
they win, we win" mentality.
Therefore K-pop is infamous for having saseangs (crazy obsessive stalkers
of celebrities)
I’ve myself came across fans (on the internet and in real life) who will
verbally abuse/assaults or threat others for the sake of "defending" their
favorite idols.
2. promotion of unhealthy beauty standards
Korea is well known for its relationship with plastic surgery.
(this is the contestant for Miss Korea 2013…..)

Plastic surgery is not a bad thing but….

HyunA IU

K-pop idols in one breathe say they are natural beauties while people
praise them for their good looks but their faces change at each
comeback. They smile while posing next to a plastic surgeon so they can
promote their clinic to gullible minds or anyone who aspire to look like
their favorite celebrity.
Taeyeon (SNSD)
The industry encourages self-hate.
There is a heavy campaign to promotes a certain appearance as prettier/better. With the
target demographic of K-pop being children & teenagers, it sends the message that there
is something wrong them if they don’t look a certain way. Especially when those with
typically Korean features or a darker complexion are constantly under attack.
K-pop push for unhealthy body
images/eating disorders in
numerous ways:

- Weighting 50kg as a norm.

(which is the average weight of
a 16-17 yo.)

- Crazy diets. Like Dasom from

SISTAR who revealed she went
on a “one food diet” and only
ate cucumbers to lose 10kg in 3
• Feeding those
images & messages
to their audience
can change/alter
their perception of
themselves and
• It can cause them
to view someone’s
body as fat/bad
when it’s not.

Kyla & Nayoung (PRISTIN)


Okay, in the case of Wendy it’s

racial prejudice/stereotyping. But
mam… that chick who grew in the
US and Canada kept her ideals
about other groups regardless her
upbringing. She successfully
showcased her low IQ and
embarrassed herself. Wendy
deserved all the heat she gets…..
• Korean entertainment in
FILLED with racism.
• Going from brown face to
black face. (19th century
style), there is thousand
of examples of racial
prejudices and racism in
K-Pop. The worst is fans
will justify and defend
those behaviours.
• In 2018, black face is still
a thing in Korea…..
MAMAMOO Lee Gi-kwang (BEAST)


Chen (EXO)
• To this we can include colorism and all the
incidents including questionable make-up.
• All goes back to reinforces the idea that
dark/darker complexion/black is
ugly/undesirable/scary/poor/only good for
mockery, etc….

Kuhn (UP10TION) Kai (EXO)

• Fans defend it because
they are under the spell
that their favorite
celebrities can’t do no
wrong (that emotional
involvement I’ve talked
about…) or because they
are racist themselves.

• This is a picture from a

performance of the song
macarena by the group
SHINEE. It was performed
in Mexico, Argentina &
Chile. Wow…….
BTS doing the Gwara Gwara

4.culture vulturing/appropriation/disrespect
K-Pop has always been stealing from other cultures.
In particular Black culture with their strange obsession
with Hip Hop and Rap.
Taeyang (BIGBANG)

• Showing
appreciation for
other cultures is
• The issue is they
are rapping,
singing R&B and
doing the gwara
gwara while
and stereotyping
the same group
who created
those styles of
• On many Sandara
elements of
cultures and
religions all
around the
world has been
wore like
costumes while
ignoring the
meaning of the
attire or
Lee Hyori
5.uncreative/low quality music

• K-Pop is an oversaturated industry.

• "Thousands" of groups debut every year making the space for uniqueness
smaller. We end up with the same bubble-gum boy/girl group formula
packaged differently.
• K-pop is promoted like a revolutionary music genre when it’s
nothing more than POP MUSIC in Korean.
• There is an overall denial/spell on the world when it comes to
the actual quality of the MUSIC.
• Damn, BTS could moan and snore in a microphone and it would
be deemed as amazing (#BTS-CHYPHER-PT5).
6. Misogynistic
Knowing Brothers (TV Show)

• K-pop and Korean media,

(I could say Korean
culture) has a long track
record of being
towards females.
• There is rude criticism
when it comes to their
looks, what they do and
which type of air they
• An obese hideous man can
sit down and tell a female
to lose weight or improve
her appearance without
being questioned.
Seungri SanE Shindong (Super Junior)

• When it comes to males, many get away with murder (literally), mistakes
and abuse while their female counterparts are nearly offer the same
amount of forgiveness for lighter offenses from fans and society.
• I’ve noticed, in dramas, there is special attention put in depicting
graphic abuse towards females.

Also, female attires are often used for comedic purpose.

7.Ungenuine Image
• K-Pop is 100% fake!
• Going from the overly
scripted variety programs to
how groups are structured
and present themselves.
• In groups, each member is
assigned a role and some
even take acting classes to
fulfill it (ex: the funny one,
the 4D personality one,

• Skin ship and
friendships are put
together and acted in
front of the fans to
fulfill their fantasies.
• Fantasies about
fictional relationships

S.Coups & Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN)

• They want the world to
believe that different
individuals with
diverse personalities,
backgrounds and
minds sets go along
just fine and all of
them are true friends
and would live with
each other till kingdom
• Trying to pretend
those celebrities are
no where near things
like: bullying, dating,
sex, alcohol/drugs or
the possibility of being
NCT a bad
Wonho (MONSTA X)

• Somehow K-Pop has a lot of

perverted individuals among
their fans.
• The industry plants seeds in
the minds of their supporters
so they lust after their favorite
idols or one of their body
• This manifest itself in
many ways but the
most noticeable ones
are fanfiction and
• They are usually made
with fetishized gay
relationships paired
with weird/sick themes
like rape, abuse and
many more.
• shit I’m guilty of that

Art from MMK Peach.


• Also, recently choreographies have become more provocative and

outfits more revealing.
Tzuyu (TWICE) (16 yo)

• K-Pop (along with J-Pop) are infamous for their sexualization of minors/teenagers.
• Known as Lolita/Shota, it’s done by either infantilizing adults by making them wear
typically underage/children clothing or by flat out having young group members (as
young as 14 years old) debuting in idol groups. Those teenagers (especially females) will
wear revealing outfits and performs provocative choreographies like their older
counterparts (promotion of pedophillia?).
Park Bogum Bae Suzy (16 yo) The members of NCT Dream are
14-17 years old

Jimin (BTS)
The case with of Jeon Somin
embodies this concept.

At the left, it’s her when she

was part of APRIL (2015), the
group have a more ¨pure
idol¨ concept.

While at the right, it’s the

same person in 2016. She is
now part of KARD, a mixed-
gender group with a more
vibrant style.

She appears like two

different person since in her
first group, her appearance
and personality was altered
in order to obtain the
pure/child-like look loved by
so many fans.

She’s a perfect example of

how they infantilize grown
adults. Somin is 22 years old.
K-Pop is a big promoter of homosexuality.
Since a huge part of their fans are in fact old anime fans, many has a
liking for the genre Yaoi (gay anime romance/porn).
With the shipping and fanservice (heavily based on gay culture),

S.Coups &Jeonghan (SVT)

Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)

• Extreme measures are used to

please the fans, often group
members will touch or kiss
each other (sometimes out of
the blue) to do fanservice.
• It also promotes homosexuality
as a fetish and creates a
fantasy where gay relationships
are valid only if they have a
seme/uke dynamic.
Yves & Chuu (LOONA)
• This is one of the most embraced concept by fans. To them it’s
revolutionary and will go to the extent of applying the rules of
shipping to regular human or celebrities, gay or not, related or not.
• While fans call certain celebrities
LGBT Queen/King/Warrior, South
Korea is still a very conservative

• Korea uses K-Pop to promote

homosexuality when it goes
against the core values of most of
their population.

• Slowly this media is influencing

people minds and points of
Openly gay singer HOLLAND
Kyuhyun & Choi Siwon
(Super Junior)

• Also, Certain individuals will do ¨gay for pay¨ but get outraged when their
sexuality is questioned… ok….
10.Gender Fluidity/Gender Bending/Feminization
Jooheon & Minhyuk (MONSTA X)

• With their dewy

skins, pink lips
and clean
aesthetic, boy
group are big
pushers of
gender fluidity.
• Soft features and
makeup going
light to heavy are
not uncommon.
• Also, male
groups promote
products like
make up and
skin care with a
female target

Hyungwon (MONSTA X)
Recently more boy groups members are wearing female attire
or typical female characteristics like long hair, crop tops and
Ren (NU’EST)

Kai (EXO) (WINNER) Rap Monster (BTS)
• Just like homosexuality
(or the fantasy of it), this
concept is embraced by
(mostly female) fans.
• To them they are taking
a stance &
gender norms.

“Lord Kim Namjoon took

your archaic gender
norms and smashed them
to the ground”

Rap Monster (BTS) Ren (NU’EST)

Yep it’s the same
person on both
it’s Suho (EXO)

It’s not rare to see males dressing like girl group members and dance to
their songs. Even if its for laugh & giggles, we rarely see the opposite.
K-pop is doing a disservice to the image of Asian males who are already
perceive as more feminine.
(congrats if you made it this far)
11.Illuminati/Satanic/Masonic Symbolism
• K-pop music videos
contain a lot of satanic
imagery. Sometimes it’s
so flagrant it’s baffling.
• I’m going to keep it simple
and show a few examples:

Devil Horns
• Other names: El diablo, Hook’em
Horns, Devil Fingers, Sign of the
Horns & Horned Salute
• This symbol represents the satanic
system, the devil and all things
V (BTS) that are evil.

Tiffany (SNSD)
Jungkook (BTS)
Suzy Bae

Jimin (BTS) Jungkook



Nayeon V (BTS)
• Commonly known as the
OK/Good sign.
• This symbol show to
others an allegiance to

Red Velvet


Dasom Yoona (SNSD) Sulli

Vernon (SVT)

Narsha (BEG)

Way & ChoA (Strawberry Milk)

Jiyul (DalShabet)

Suho (EXO) Tzuyu (TWICE)



Samuel Kim

The Shaka
• Commonly known as the Call me Sign or
Hang loose
• This symbol is The Witch Sign or a
symbolic symbol saluting the rising moon
in pagan moon worship.
• It can also depict devil horns.
Chanyeol (EXO)

I.M & Jooheon (Monsta X)

Peace Sign/V for Victory
• This symbol is connected to
• The Meaning for the Hebrew letter
V(Vav) is nail.
• Nail is one of the secret title for
Satan within the Brotherhood of
Satanism. He is letting us know this
is one of his favorite signs.

Shownu (Monsta X)
V(BTS) Bobby (IKON)

Yeosang (ATEEZ) Minho (Stray Kids)

Bang Young Guk (B.A.P)

There’s not
one idols
who hasn’t
done the
Daewhi Sign.
Lucas (NCT) (Wannaone)
The ROC Sign
• It is short for Rockefella.
It’s a pyramid, like the eye
in the pyramid.
• It’s also portrait as a
diamond. Most people
recognize that it is the
sign of the illuminati.

Kihyun (Monsta X)
PRODUCE 101 (TV Show)

EXO’s cover for song

Love Shot.


Performance for f(x)’s song Diamond. Interesting…

As Above, So Below
• Depicted in the picture of Baphomet
(the hermaphrodite goat god)
representing Satan, The horned god
of the Free Masons. It’s used in
Satanism and Witchcraft. It’s a
mockery of the lamb of the creator.
• There is a pentagram on his head
presenting the third eye (the eye of
Lucifer) but there is also a torch
above his head, like the light bearer,
representing Lucifer before his fall
from Heaven.
EXO’s dance for Love Shot

SHINee’s song
The Hidden Eye

• It represents the All Seeing

Eye/the Eye of Lucifer/the Eye
of Horus.

Rap Monster (BTS)

Sunmi CL Baekhyun (EXO)

Yoona (SNSD)

Jinsoul (LOONA)
Xiumin (EXO)

Kihyun (Monsta X) N (VIXX)


• Pointing the finger away

Rap from the body is known is
(BTS) occult circles as the sign of

• While pointing upward is

the sign of preservation.
• The Masonic Checkerboard
is one of the most important
symbols to the Illuminati, for
it is used in ritualistic
ceremonies. This is used
because black and white is a
symbol for duality, or the
base of consciousness.
• Duality patterns, such as
checkerboards, stripes or
zebras, are also commonly
used as triggers for mind
control slaves in order to
reach specific alters.

Sehun & Kai (EXO)

Tzuyu (TWICE) – CM for LG U + DualPhone Y6

Red Velvet

Hyeyeon (BESTie)

Vulcan Sign
• Vulcan was a sun deity who was
associated with fire, thunderbolt
& Light.
• In a masonic quizbook the
question is asked: Who was Tubal
• The answer is: He is the Vulcan of
the Pagans.
• This is a pagan symbol
representing Lucifer or the Devil.
Inverted Pentagram

•Used in cultic and satanic

rituals to conjure up evil
spirits. It is important to
note that with ‘2 points
up’ this symbol is
typically tied to

Super Junior Jin (BTS)

G-Dragon Chen Xiao (WJSN)
Halo around the Head
•In other words, a
sun disc/halo above
the head denotes
sun worship.
Taemin (SHINee)

Kim Lip (LOONA)

An Owl
• In many secret
societies, the owl
intelligence, insight,
wisdom, and taking
action only after
careful consideration
and thought.
The Shh Sign
• This symbol is used by elite
secret societies members to
portray secrecy and loyalty to
their cause. To never break the
oath of their secret agenda.
• It also links to Greek god
Hypocrates who is the god of

Suzy Bae
Kai (EXO)

Dooyoung (NCT127)

Bomi (Apink)
Middle Finger Salute
• It’s the finger of Saturn (Satan) and
symbolizes the borderline state
between consciousness and the
• The middle finger represent the
phallus of the sun god Baal, Rah or
Nimrod as does the thumb. The
folded fingers in this position
represents other parts of the male
body (Phallic worship).

Hanseul (MYTEEN)
Phallic Worship ↓

Suga (BTS)

Taeyeon (SNSD)

• Represent the
second baptism
(baptism to

Jihyun – 4MINUTE
Hyoseong Kyungri Jiyul - DalShabet

Kevin - UKISS

Wonho (MONSTA X) Sunmi

Jimin (BTS)

Jackson Wang
Jonghyun (SHINee)/RIP
A Red String
• Wearing a thin scarlet
or crimson string as a
type of talisman is a
Jewish folk custom as a
way to ward off
misfortune brought
about by the "evil eye.
• The tradition is
popularly thought to
be associated with
Kabbalah and religious
forms of Judaism.
Minhyuk (MONSTA X )

Text 100% copied from

• Kabbalah is a branch of Jewish
mysticism, which is thought to have
originated in the 13th century. Its
teachings come from an ancient 23-
volume book called the Zohar, which
offers interpretations of the inner
meaning of the Torah.

• Kabbalist mysticism is the basis for

Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, the
Illuminati, Knights Templar, and many
other occult organizations.

Text 100% copied from

V (BTS) G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

(look at the blue base)

• The most readily identifiable concept in Kabbalism is the Tree of Life , a
diagram that is essentially a map of reality. The Tree of Life consists of
three columns known as "pillars", and 10 sephiroth, or spheres, each of
which represents an aspect of the process God used to create the world.
Text 100% copied from https://www.jesus-is-savior.com/False%20Religions/Kabbalah/kabbalah_exposed.htm
Jachin & Boaz Pillars
• In Freemasonry, the Masonic usage of the terms Boaz
and Jachin originates from the Biblical account of King
Solomon’s Temple.
• Since the dawn of civilization, two pillars have
guarded the entrance of sacred and mysterious
places. Whether in art or architecture, twin pillars are
archetypal symbols representing an important
gateway or passage toward the unknown. In
Freemasonry, the pillars Boaz and Jachin represent
one of the brotherhood’s most recognizable symbols
and most times is prominently featured in Masonic
art, documents, and buildings.
• In Qabbalistic teachings the pillars represent Sepiroth,
the Tree of Life and symbolize mercy and severity.
• In pop culture the pillars are sometimes used for
other reasons, other than decorative and take on an
esoteric meaning. The simple act of standing
between or passing through them symbolically
represents a transformation or initiation
Cover for
Katie Kim’s

Zimzalabim – Red Velvet

Monarch Programming
• Monarch Programming is a mind-control
technique comprising elements of Satanic
Ritual Abuse (SRA) and Multiple Personality
Disorder (MPD). It utilizes a combination of
psychology, neuroscience and occult rituals to
create within the slaves an alter persona that
can be triggered and programmed by the
handlers. Monarch slaves are used by several
organizations connected with the world elite
in fields such as the military, sex slavery and
the entertainment industry.

• K-Pop/Korean media is filled with Monarch

Programming Symbolism, let’s take a look at
few examples:
Text 100% from

• Symbolizing the multiple Alters of a Monarch Slave

Lay - Honey
Taeyeon (SNSD)


Tiffany (SNSD)


Kang Han na
Yuri (SNSD)

Lee Junho (2PM)

Here’s an interesting one…

At the left it’s Bambam from GOT7

Pay close attention to text on the magazine cover.


• Symbolizing the splintered/shattered mind of the victim

ATEEZ – Say My Name


BEAST - Butterfly

• Referencing ‘Project Monarch’ (Monarch Butterfly)

Go Won (LOONA)

Suga (BTS) ONE

IU Kim So Eun Jungkook (BTS)
Simon Says – NCT127

• Symbolizing the Monarch Slave’s alter persona


Chanmi (AOA)
Sooyoung & Yoona (SNSD) Bae Suzy

• Symbolizing the caged and imprisoned mind of the Monarch Slave

Binnie (OH MY GIRL) Jessica Jung

• Symbolizing the imprisoned mind of the Monarch Slave(s)

Sunny Hill


• Symbolizing the captive, restrained and powerless state of the Monarch Slave.


Kai (EXO)

• Symbolizing the powerless Monarch Slave.

BIGFLO - Obliviate
Lee Hi

Taemin (SHINee)

Lee Hi Jungyeon (TWICE)

UEE Gayoon

Orange Caramel

• Symbolizing alters, dissociation and total control imposed over a Monarch Slave.
Rap Monster (BTS)

Girls’ Generation’s Gee

• Symbolizing the programmable mind and robotic state of a Monarch Slave.


• Symbolizing the walled-off and compartmentalized core persona.

Forever Young - BTS

• Referencing ‘Wizard of Oz’ Programming

Dahyun - TWICE

• Referencing ‘Alice In Wonderland’ Programming

NCT Dream

Irene (Red Velvet)

Cheorry - LOONA

• Purple represents the color of dissociation in Monarch Programming

• Reference to the
Electroshock Therapy/Abuse
used in Mind Control

Teaser for Minhyun’s (NU’EST) Universe

• Perfume’s Pick Me Up and Ariana Grande’s No Tears Left to Cry, both have
Mind Control/Monarch Programming as theme for their music videos.
• Watch them and draw your own conclusions but if you’re confused, there
are great video analysis out there.
(on vigilentcitizen.com)
Beta ¨Kitten¨
Programming Symbolism
• Beta is referred to as “sexual”
programming (slaves). This
programming eliminates all learned
moral convictions and stimulates the
primitive instinct, devoid of inhibitions.
“Cat” alters may come out at this level.
Known as Kitten programming, it is the
most visible kind of programming as
some female celebrities, models,
actresses and singers have been
subjected to this kind of programming.
• In popular culture, clothing with feline
/animal/leopard prints often denote
Kitten programming.
Text 100% from
Red Velvet Yuri (SNSD)

Gain (BEG)

Hyunseung & HyunA

Taemin (SHINee)
Jin Jungkook J-Hope


(All from the same

Lee Hyori

Lee Haru

Jun Hyoseong
BoA Key (SHINee)


Mark (NCT Dream)

from GOT7
Climbing Stairs A Lots of Clocks

Other symbolism often seen in K-Pop videos with an esoteric meaning

Falling/Levitation A lot of mirrors

Promotion of
Red Velvet
Witchcraft, Occultism
& Rituals
Promotion of Transhumanism

Leo - VIXX

Mockery of the Last Supper

Those symbols are everywhere.

Verify for yourself and watch K-Pop music videos of any time period and you will find them.
I’ve watched some released recently (month of June 2019) and the result is the same….
SOMI – Birthday (666 Sign)

SF9 – RPM (Hidden Eye)

Zimzalabim – Red Velvet (Mirror Reflection)

Zimzalabim – Red Velvet (666 Sign)

Chung Ha – Snapping (Duality)


666 Sign Duality/Masonic Checkboard
666 Sign

Teaser for
Minhyuk &
¨Rice cake
Let’s not forget
Sulli’s Goblin.
Which depict a
female with
identity disorder

Her different alter

being showcased is
a reference to MK
(since the goal of
the program is to
create alters within
an individual who
can be triggered at

Screenshot from the video.

666 Sign
666 Sign

At this point, I feel like

my intelligence is
being insulted…
(from 2013)
The hands
gestures done
by all EXO
members are
• After being on the TV program PRODUCE 101, the 5-members group NU’EST/NU’EST W ¨rose to fame¨. Ever
since, their music videos are filled with symbolism.
• Their videos for Where u at, Dejavu, Help me & BET BET blatantly showcase many of the symbols mentioned
previously (watch them and draw your own conclusions).
• The timing is interesting…

Wow… it’s right in front of our faces…

Also it’s interesting BTS was mentioned in most of the past categories. No
wonder why they are so famous/successful….
talking about BTS…
• My sister always expressed to me her dislike of
BTS’s member V.
• At first, I didn’t understand her sentiment
towards him (I taught she was hating, he’s just
goofy). She refers to him as a devil and says there
is something sinister about this particular BTS
• When Jonghyun from SHINee ¨commited suicide¨
with carbon monoxide poisoning (by burning coal
briquettes), her disgust for him grew stronger.
• Her being a fan of Jonghyun’s music, she was
shocked by the news. So do I, I know he is not the
first idol/entertainer/actor to commit suicide.
With the way the event was unfolding, I taught it
was sad and something about the entire story
appear strange, nothing more…
• She pointed out to me, that V posted a tweet
about his dog being named Yeontan (which
directly translate to coal briquette in English) few
hours before Jonghyun’s suicide and BTS were the
first group who arrived at his funeral.
• Interesting…
get ready to exit the presentation…..
(Danielle Evangelista/ Daily Titan)

Ariana Grande & Jennie, Lisa, Rose (BLACKPINK)
• It’s no secret that most
K-pop idols (at least all
from SM, YG, JYP, Big
Hit & many more) are
• No different from
celebrities like Ariana
Grande & Taylor Swift,
K-pop idols are
puppets. They perform
as the opposite gender
to promote gender

• I’m not going

to try to
convince you.
Let’s look at
anatomy and
K-pop idols
bodies and
you draw your
(pause to read…)

Male vs Female Skull

A-Female Skulls are rounder
than male skull

C- Males have strong


D-Males have square jaws

while females have rounder

E- Males have deeper skulls

F- Males have a pronounced

brow ridge
Male vs Female Skull
It’s important to
pay attention to
the sharpness of
male features
(especially the
square jaw). The
male cranium has
an overall
The picture
on the right
shows a
female who
would be
considered to
have a square
her chin and
jaw’s shape,
her face has
an overall
round shape.
let’s look at some K-pop celebrities faces…
observe…… you choose….
• This is Jimin and Rap Monster from
the ¨boy¨ group BTS.
• First, we can notice the overall
roundness of their faces. Their
craniums don’t appear to have
more square shape.
• Jimin’s (since we see her full head)
cranium is not deep, which a
female trait.
Male vs Female Skull
A-Female Skulls are rounder
than male skull

C- Males have strong


D-Males have square jaws

while females have rounder

E- Males have deeper skulls

F- Males have a pronounced

brow ridge
• No pronounced cheekbones.
• Also all members of BTS have
similar traits & nothing that
appears to be an Adam's apple.
• Many ¨male¨ celebrities have
those characteristics as well.
Round cranium, no cheekbones, slim necks, no Adam’s apple.

Jimin V
Round cranium, no cheekbones, slim necks, no Adam’s apple.


Jungkook Jin Rap Monster

Round cranium, no cheekbones, slim necks, no Adam’s apple.

Xiumin (EXO) Yoseob (Highlight) Yesung (Super Junior)

Round cranium, no cheekbones, slim necks, no Adam’s apple.
Baekho (NU’EST) Chanwoo (IKON) Baro (ex B1AA member)
Round cranium, no cheekbones, slim necks, no Adam’s apple.
Baekhyun (EXO) Luhan Song Mino (WINNER)
• Pay attention on the
differences between the
female and male jaw are
• Note the overall shape of both
• Female jaws tilt downward
while male jaw have clear
sharp angle.
• Pay attention on the
differences between the
female and male jaw are
• Female jaws tilt downward
while male jaw have clear
sharp angle.
• This is Jinu from the “boy
group“ WINNER.
• Pay attention on the
differences between the
female and male jaw are
• Female jaws tilt downward
while male jaw have clear
sharp angle.
• At the left, it’s the “Male“
soloist/SHINee member
• At the left,
Taeyong from
• At the right,
Bambam from
• Both are part of
" boy groups "
let’s not forget their " female"counterparts.
• Here’s Taeyeon from “Girls’“
• The sharpness and size of his
jaw is obvious. Also, we can
see clearly the angle formed
by its shape.
• His cranium has an overall
boxy/square shape.
• Like a lot of “female“
performers they hide some
of their masculine traits
behind their hair (especially
the forehead and the overall
shape of the head).
• With them the size of their
necks is very telling. They call
them long when in reality
they are strong and thick.
Kyulkyung Lisa (BLACKPINK) Hyomin (T-ARA) Momo (TWICE)

A strong neck is a male characteristic, because of the longer collarbone and

shoulders that males have, this causes the males muscles around the neck and
trapezius muscles to be more developed much more than females.
Yoona (SNSD) Jungwha (EXID) Seulgi (Red Velvet) Jessica Jung
SinB (GFriend) Dasom (SISTAR) Jiyho (TWICE) Binnie (OH MY GIRL)
Nayeon (TWICE) Jisoo (BLACKPINK) Yoona (SNSD)

Like mentioned before, their strong wide necks is often hidden behind the length of hair, the brightness of their faces full
of make up (in a lot of cases the face being the only body part who appear feminine), chokers and bright/distracting
• Here’s Hwasa from MAMAMOO. A quick look at his features reveal his strong traits.
The boxy shape of his large head, strong cheekbones, developed neck muscles and
sharp and angled jaw.
• His large neck cannot be hidden
• He has similar physical characteristics as Jeannie Mai (American
television personality, stylist, and talk show host) and Halsey
(American singer and songwriter. )
• Strong jaw, large square-ish/boxy skull, strong cheekbones, wide
strong wide neck.
Halsey Rap Monster (BTS)

Here’s a comparison between those features and the face of your average ¨male¨ Korean idol. Pay attention to the
difference in the overall face shape and the jaw/chin.
Again, the necks….

On the left, soloist

Chung Ha (ex IOI

And on the right, it’s

Jinsoul from LOONA.
While his strong neck
and strong cheekbones
are noticeable, his jaw
is not angled.

This is because many

“female“ idols shave
their jaws and get
other plastic surgeries
especially as they age
so they keep looking as
feminine as possible.
• On the left we have Miya
from the ¨female¨ group
• He is the ¨androgynous¨
member of the group. He
wears traditionally more
masculine clothing than the
other members of his group.

• Observe his facial structure…..

• When you pay close attention,
you can see his strong

• On his face his jaw is sharp and

angled. We can see his thick and
developed neck muscles as well.

• Him being androgynous is true,

but instead of being a female
with masculine traits it’s a male
barely emulating female
Male vs Female Stare
When it comes to the differences
between males and females,
genitals, facial features & body
proportions come in mind first.

While this way of thinking has its

validity, we too often leave behind
key elements of what makes us male
or female: the energy we exude.

It can be found in our eyes (the

window to the soul). There is a clear
difference between males and
females when it comes to the type
of vibe/energy our eyes release.
• It may sound stereotypical, but males have a strong energy which the opposite of females who usually
exude a softer feminine energy.
• Even with the two examples above you may not fully understand. I will explain what I mean with Korean
Let’s compare. On the left we have Irene (Red Velvet) and on the right Chanyeol (EXO).
We can clearly sense the harsh cold energy coming out of Irene’s pupils. While they
are both supposed to have a fierce look, there is something about Chanyeol eyes
that is warmer than Irene.
Can you see it?

Here’s a picture of Chanyeol before he debuted as a singer. You can clearly see the feminine energy coming out of her.
Let’s not forget, it’s the same person who got caught wearing a bra in public.
With or without make up and fancy outfits, it’s important to pay attention to what type of energy the person is
Especially with ¨female¨ celebrities. Above it’s ¨girl¨ group Red Velvet. Notice their strong and cold stares/energy, it
has nothing to do with Chanyeol’s energy.
On the right, we have aspiring female celebrities. You can clearly see the soft
feminine energy radiating from them. While on the left, we have a female
singer. She is not as feminine as the trio, there is something off and harsh about
her compared to the picture on the right.
The truth is the trio (above) is
Jooheon, Minhyuk & I.M from the
“male" group Monsta X. They are
dressed as females (their true
The singer on the left is in fact
Harisu, an openly trans woman
(born a man).
Do you see it?
• The fans of “male“ groups call it cute or
adorable and those who dislike them
call them effeminate or gay.
• Ignoring that they are in fact staring at
a female’s energy.
Taeyong (NCT127) on all pictures.
J-Hope (BTS) Park Jihoon Winwin (NCT127)
Pay close attention to
that picture. Here we
have the “boy“ group
BTS. Next to them a
female Muslim fan.

Can you see it? All their

stares/eyes look similar
(wow she could become
a BTS member). Not only
their eyes exude the
same energy, but they
have similar facial
features as well (round
cranium, no
cheekbones, etc….)

But remember the

Muslim fan is supposed
to be the
only female on the
Soyeon (G-IDLE) R.Tee
Jiyeon (T-ARA) JR & Minhyun (NU’EST)
Jr (GOT7) Actress from B1A4's Sandeul and Yoo Seung Woo’s Oppa MV
ONE (Jung Jae-won) HEIZE
Male vs
Female Body
• Let’s cover the male
and female body and
their differences.
• Those are clearly
defined but to simply:
women have an
hourglass body shape
and males a T body
shape (Keep that in
• The Shoulders/Hips Ratio
• The primary difference is the
relationship of shoulder width
to hips. Women have a much
broader pelvic bone than men,
since they need to be able to
bear and give birth to a child.
• It means that in women the
hip line is the broadest part of
the body, and a narrower waist
appears by contrast, while in
men the broadest part is the
shoulder line, and the waist is
hardly different from the hips.
The overall female silhouette,
then, is an hourglass as
opposed to the male trapeze
shown below.
• A woman's waist line
is level with the belly
button but a man's
appears much lower.
This makes the torso
on a male look longer.
• Generally speaking, a
woman's body is made up
of soft rounded shapes:
breasts and buttocks but
also the fact that when not
modified, the female body
stocks more fat under the
skin. Men's bodies are more
angular and have harsher
lines when they are
• Still, note that in reasonably
slim bodies, a woman's
stomach is gently curved
and her buttocks are
rounded. A man tends to
flatness both in the
stomach and buttocks.
Here’s two example of the male body.
Muscular or skinny, their torso go straight up and down. There’s no apparent
curves and their shoulders is largest of their bodies.
• Now we have two skinny women. Regardless their body shapes, there is a clear
demarcation of their waists and they have an hourglass figure (hips being the larger or
around the same length as the shoulders) who varies in intensity. Remember the one on
the extreme left has suffered of bulimia.
let’s look at some K-Pop celebrities' bodies…
observe…… you choose….
Again, it’s Jimin (BTS).

When we take a look at her overall body

shape, we can see the roundness and her
shoulder/hips ratio. (picture on the left)

On the right, soft lines & shapes make Jimin’s

figure. It’s important to pay attention at her
round buttocks and the deep curve/arch in
her back.

Many fans of her group (BTS), often comment

on how much Jimin’s body/proportions is
"putting females to shame“ and make them
question their existence as females.

Even with a muscular torso, all the members of

her group and many “male“ idols have similar
• Here’s

Jin Jungkook J-Hope V

Jimin Rap Monster

• Their fans are not blind.

One the left, this is the
silhouette and body shape
of Baekhyun from the
“boy“ group EXO.

Her shoulder/waist/hips
ratio creates an hourglass
figure. Her hips are bigger
than her waist and around
the same size as her

Pay attention at her hip

joint and how it’s shaped.

Wrong! In fact Baekhyun still has

the same defined hourglass
figure and wide hips.

As you can see on the picture,

there is a clear start of a wide
curve at her belly button (female
Xiumin (EXO)

The trick is that (like many

other “male“ performers),
they wear their
pants/undergarments lower
than usual (lower than waist
line) so not only it mimics the
long appearance of the male
torso and to fake the
appearance of the iliac crest
of a muscular male.
Abs are decoration. The skeleton doesn’t change.

Taemin (SHINee) Kai (EXO)

(indentation starting at the belly button)
Max (TVXQ) Jaehyun & Sehun (EXO)

(indentation starting at the belly button)

• Also female shoulders hang
in the shape of the capital
letter A.
• Male shoulders are more
straight across due to their
stronger neck muscles,
longer arms and bigger rib
• This Jin (BTS), famous for
her shoulders.
A male’s arms are
always longer than
the arms of a female
when held to the
body, so if you
measure a woman's
arms dangling from
the side, the crotch
should stop inside
the palms of her
For a man, his crotch
should stop above his
wrist or at the wrist.
shua (SVT)
(EXO) Shownu (Monsta X)

Also “male“
celebrities have the
reputation of having
big voluptuous
buttocks. It’s not the
case for their
because theirs can’t
measure when it
come to their size.
ChoA (AOA) HyunA Wonho (MONSTA X)
let’s not forget their " female"counterparts.
This is Lisa from

The first trait we can

observe on him is his wide
and sharp shoulders.

Notice how his shoulders is

the largest feature of his
body (especially compared
to his waist and hips). From
there it goes straight

Broad shoulders, no curve

and his entire body is made
of harsh lines and squares
shapes. This the physical
characteristic of not only all
BLACKPINK members but
many other idols.
Broad Shoulders.

Their large
shoulder size
cause them to
have bodies
shaped like a
capital T.
On the left, Choi Hanbit & Luna
from f(x) (on the right)

Both have large and square

shoulders (male trait) and it is
the largest feature giving them a
T-like body shape.

Not only Choi Hanbit looks like

your average girl group member,
she is an openly trans woman
(born a man) and Luna is
“female“ singer.

• hanbit

• hanbit
No Curve/Tight Pelvies/No Waist
No Waist/Tight Pelvises
All lot of “female“ entertainers are skinny.
The issue is the lack of curves on their
When you look at their body shape, you
can’t find any form of curve starting at
the belly button (female trait). Their
torsos are straight down from shoulders
to crotch/pelvis.
Also the crotch/pelvis is often small or
tight and have a rectangular shape
instead of a large round/bowl shape.
Joy (Red Velvet)

Bora (SISTAR) Nayoung (PRISTIN) Yura (Girl’s Day)

Where is the indentation at the belly button?
Sooyoung Goo Hara (KARA)

Yura (Girll’s Day)

Hyomin (T-ARA)
Krystal (f(x)) Yujeong (Brave Girls)

Jungwha &
Soljin (EXID)

Nari (Wa$$up)
Their shoulder-hips ratio cause them to have to have bodies shapes like tube or a T. Their pelvises have a more rectangular
form than a soft rounder appearance.
SinB (GFRIEND) Yeonwoo (MOMOLAND) Jimin (BTS)

Square Bodies.

Men's bodies are more angular and have harsher lines when they are muscular or leaner causing an absence of soft
curves in the pelvic region (it’s the complete opposite for Jimin from ¨boy¨ group BTS, picture far right)
Not only because of its more rectangular pelvis, a man tends to flatness both in the stomach and the buttocks.
Clothing Choices
Like they do with their hair,
they hide their masculine
traits behind certain
Anything bottom who is
either high waisted or
flared out/larger is a
primary choice.


Moonbyul (MAMAMOO) Krystal (f(x))

• It’s to emulate female
• Since a man’s waist starts
below the belly button,
wearing a tight garments
above or at the belly
button will give an
illusion of a curved/flared
out appearance .
• As if the smallest point of
the torso was higher.
It’s trickery!

They still don’t

have any form of
real of curve. (T
body shape)
Also their wide
shoulders and
other male traits
are still there.
Yura (Girl’s Day) Soljin (9MUSES) Jennie (BLACKPINK)
Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Nayeon (TWICE) Jimin (AOA)

• Because of their bodies have any form of curves, it’s not uncommon to see them
use breast or hip/pelvic padding.
In many dances performed
by “female“ idols, they often
flare out, twist or tilt to the
side (like on the picture on
the left) their lower
back/buttocks to fake a
curvy appearance.

The soloist Hyolyn portraited

on both pictures, still has a
straight torso with no
indentation at the waist line.
(male trait.)
ChoA (AOA) Soyou (SISTAR) Momo (TWICE)
Long & Strong Arms
Yein (Lovelyz) Kim Se Jeon (Gugudan) JooE (MOMOLAND)

Females often have long arms. Sometimes they are bulky & muscular (male trait).
Momo (TWICE)

Taeyeon (SNSD)
Red Velvet
It is widely known that, on average, men are
stronger than women. A big part of the
difference is based on the amount of
muscle each gender has in their bodies.
That is, men are stronger simply because
they are typically larger; most of the reason
for greater strength is larger muscles.

Goo Hara Kim Sejeong (Gugudan) & Eunkwang (BTOB)

A male’s arms are always longer than the arms of a female when held to the body, so if you measure a
woman's arms dangling from the side, the crotch should stop inside the palms of her hands
For a man, his crotch should stop above his wrist or at the wrist.
Shoulder Blades.
• A woman’s shoulder blades
are smaller, closer together,
more angled and protruding
facing each other and closer to
the spine

• While a man’s shoulder blades

are bigger, further apart from
each other, not angled and
protruding but flatter and not
closer to the spine,
CL Tiffany (SNSD)
Bambam (GOT7)

This a screenshot from the variety show Stage K(JTBC). Fans from all around the world are invited to dance on their favorite song from Korean celebrities.
The image above show a Red Velvet member standing next to a group of female who danced with them.
Look at the difference in body shape and the strong masculine energy the Korean idol is exuding next to them.
Many “female“ celebrities
are praised for their
slim/skinny bodies.
Female fans look at them
like a goal to achieve when
they are in fact looking at
males with dresses and
make up.
Their fans hurt themselves
(physically and
psychologically) while trying
to obtain a similar figure.
It is impossible for a female
to obtain the skinny body of
a man. Regardless how much
she starve herself.




• Ok, you are free to
disagree with what I’m
saying. Then it confirm
that idols are pushing
for gender fluidity
based on how they
present themselves if
they are the gender
they claim to be.
• I recommend you show
a pictures of your
favorite celebrities to
your relatives or anyone
who are not UNDER
• There is an 95.9% of
chance they will say all
the ¨boy¨ group look
like girls and ¨female¨
are too skinny and have
zero curve on their
Baekhyun (EXO)



E’Dawn & HyunA


• K-Pop is successfully casting a spell on the world, especially on the way we perceive the male/female
body and features.
• What is fat? What is skinny? What is dark? What is light? What is feminine? What is masculine?
• It’s influencing the minds of many and people defend the negative sides of the industry.
On my side, I can’t deny there is some
songs/artists I enjoy without guilt.

But this ride on the K-Pop train left me

exhausted… Things have become more and more
problematic and certain bad aspect of this media
more flagrant.

I’ve came to term that I don’t need this type of

toxicity in my life, especially when K-Pop started
influencing my reality, the way I see certain
people and how I invest my time.

For those who made it to end of the presentation

and disagree, I don’t hate you (chill)

V & Jimin (BTS) One thing is sure, K-Pop is more than just music.
• Making this
presentation was a
long and challenging
experience but it
clearly represents my
mind set/state as a
(soon to be ex) fan of
Korean pop. This is
my goodbye to the

Kris Wu
The most important thing
I’ve learned while I was
doing the research for this
presentation is: To Never
Give the benefit of the
doubt to the Devil.
It’s better if I label all
things concerning K-pop
not worth my attention
and precious time.

Jungkook (BTS)
(pause if needed…)

Few months ago, I’ve have made 2 videos about K-pop fans and their
Those are not presentation but voice-over with video montage.
If you want to, you can watch them on my channel.
(link in description…)
Let’s start a
Is there a 13th or 14th
reason why K-Pop is

http://www.judgementoverjamaica.com/watch.php?vid=c HERE’S





a-effect-korea-sexual-socialization-body-image/ HERE’S
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_string_(Kabb JOONMYEON ON
alah) A MINI CAR & MY
https://www.jesus-is- MEDIAGRAPHY IF




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