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Computer in

Everyday Life
Lecture 6
Computer at Work

 Many different types of computer systems are

used according to the type of business.
 They are linked to make a network.
 The software which is used:
 Word process.
 Spreadsheets.
 Database.
 Graphics and presentation programs.
 E-mail and communications programs.
 And other programs.

Computers and People

 When Computers Might be More

Appropriate than People
 Fast and accurate.
 In easily automated tasks.
 Dangerousareas such as chemical
 Available 24 hours.
 They are good for combining, storing 3

and retrieving data.

Computers and People

 When People Might be More

Appropriate than Computers
 In tasks that need to imagine and thinking
and creativity.
 Tasks that can not be performed through
the instructions.
 Human Prefer to work in tasks that do not
repeat or that need to be humane
Computer Use
 Computer play an important role in societies.
 Computer use leads to:

1. The eliminate repetitive tasks.

2. Providing greater efficiency and reliability in the processing
of information.
3. Getting a large amount of information from the internet in
your home.
4. Doing your tasks quickly and easily from the home like
making reservations.
5. Working from home by the use of telecommunication.
Computer Applications in

 Management Information Systems (MIS)

 Decision Support System (DSS)
 Insurance Companies
 Banks
 Use computer to enable customers to access
their accounts via ATM machines.
 Pay bills and move money between accounts.
 Services available 24 hours.
 Hotels and Flight companies
Computer Applications in
Governmental Institutions
 The performance of Governmental Institutions
can be improved through the use of computers,
which can save, search and sort a large amount
of data.

Computer in Hospitals

 Computers are used in Hospitals for

the following purposes:
 Storing records of patients.
 Computers can be used to help Organize
doctor’s daily schedules.
 Computers are a source of information for
the doctors.
 Computers can also guide ambulance cars
to reach patients very quickly.
 In medical researches.
Computer in Education

 Computers are used in universities,

collages, training, research and
 For administration:
 The software used is (word process,
spreadsheets, database, desktop publishing).
 For class room:
 The software used is (educational packages,
multimedia authoring, internet and e-mail,
presentation and graphics packages).

Computer in Education

 Computer Based Training (CBT):

 Uses interactive programs and modern
multimedia computers to enable people to
acquire skills and knowledge.
 Advantages of (CBT):
 More convenient, more practical and less
expensive than traditional method.
 It allows distance learning.
 Disadvantages of (CBT):
 No possibility of students interact with each .
 Hardware or software problems
Computer and Industry Field

 Artificial Intelligence (AI):

It is a part of Computer Science which aims to design
intelligent computer systems to help in solving
problems. One of these systems is Robot.


 In Telecommuting, one works at

home and communicates with the
office by phone, fax and
computer. Another term for
telecommuting is Telework.
 Help to ease traffic.
 Extend employment opportunities to
more people.
 Flexibility of working hours.

E- Commerce
 E- Commerce is buying or selling
via the internet.
 Advantages of E- Commerce:
 Is available 24 hours 7 days a week.
 Savetime in receiving the product
(when you buy software).
 Disadvantages of E- Commerce:
 You cannot preview the product or
touch it.
 People still do not trust paying over 13
the internet.