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BATCH NO. :- N - 34
What is FSSS?
• It is a relay logic system which governs the
boiler operation at all resigms.

• Furnace Safeguard and Supervisory System,

popularly called as FSSS, continuously monitors
the operations related to fuel admission and
some other vital parts to ensure safety of Boiler.
Need for FSSS
• Generally furnace oil or any kind of fuel is
susceptible to explosion hazards. Majority of
explosion occurs during start up, shut down, and
low load operation.
• There are many steps that must be followed by
the operator to admit fuel in the furnace safely
and properly.
• If left to the judgment of the operator, there is a
high probability of error.
• In High capacity Boilers, where fuel input rate is
very high, major furnace explosions can result
from the ignition of unburnt fuel accumulated in 1
or 2 seconds.
• Human reaction time to such situations is
inadequate. Considering these facts proper
burner management system called as FSSS is
installed in the Boilers.
• The system is either Electro-mechanical relay
based (most of the 210MW old units) or
Programmable Logic Controllers based in the
new units.
• The logic is functionally divided into
1. Unit Logic.

2. Elevation Logic.

3. Corner Logic.
1. Unit Logic
• It supervises the overall furnace condition
by monitoring all critical parameters of fuel
firing systems and also supervises furnace
• If there is likelihood of dangerous
conditions, it trips the Boiler.
2. Elevation Logic
• Startup and stopping actions for the
elevation are carried out through the
elevation logic.
• Input to this logic is from operators for
start and stop condition of elevation and
also trip condition from Unit Logic.
• It also provides essential trip commands
for Corner Logic.
3. Corner Logic
• It Control and supervises the corner of
valves i.e. Oil Valves, Atomizing Valves,
Scavenge Valves.
• However trip signals from Unit Logic or
Elevation Logic overrides the command
from Corner Logic.
Functions of FSSS
1. Furnace Purge Supervision.
2. Igniter Control.
3. Warm up / Heavy Oil Fuel Control.
4. Pulverizer Control.
5. Secondary Air Damper Control.
6. Flame Scanner Intelligence.
7. Boiler Protection.
Why Furnace Purge?
1. To remove unburnt fuel particles from the

2. To provide furnace with air rich

atmosphere for subsequent light-up.