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Investopedia game is truly extremely educated for those
individuals who are concerned by stock exchange business, who
don't know how to work together on securities exchange so it
serves to those needy individuals who need to acquire escapade
their life. It is much the same as the true stock exchange place.
Where purchasers and dealers are purchasing and offering the
transaction by the measure of $100,000 dollar which is given by
investopedia amusement to encourage its learner.
This is a very interesting game for those who understand it.
In the start I wasn’t able to understand the game features but
when I understood I really enjoyed the work I done in the
Stock Exchange. It’s like sitting in Pakistan & trading in
New York market.
 Do not invest heavily in just one share; it might give you loss too.
 Do not buy share of companies which have low volume stocks.
 Instead of famous company, buy the share of non-famous
company’s they are the underdogs & gives huge profit.
 If you want to buy many or maximum share of a company, buy
them in division, don’t buy in one transaction.
 Some companies are very well repudiated; even if they are giving
you loss any day, have patience, the next day they will give profit.
 Risk will pay in shape of huge profit & sometime loss, but there is
no gain without risk. So take risk after careful calculation of the
past record of the company.
When I start playing this game I purchase shares of
some well repudiated and well-known companies,
some of them gave me profit & other put me into
the loss. In my opinion the best company in which
we should invest is Google.
The problem I faced in this game is the timing of Stock
market as its open at 7:30 PM PST. The other problem is the
commission system which I was unaware of, I sell some
shares at profit of 30$ and later I found out that the game has
a commission system of 20$ on buying & 20$ on selling,
which means at least 40$ profit means we have zero profit.
The another problem which I faced was the transaction
duration; it took 15 minutes to complete a transaction 7
during this 15 minute of time many time the share value
changes which cost me my profit & sometimes give me loss
as well.
Nobody is perfect; everyone makes & learns from
mistakes, I also made many mistakes in this game.
The mistake which I made in this game was, when I
used to buy the share I wait for the share to decrease
& once when it decrease I wait for it too decrease
more I don’t buy it but wait for it to decrease much
more which caused me loss many times because
sometime it gets reverse & instead of decreasing it
bounce back & increase then I had no choice but to
buy the share on high price.
I played with a simple & straight strategy. I used to
buy shares when there price were low, the time of fall
in the share market, at that time I buys the share and
later when the price boost up & start increasing, it
give me huge amount of profit. This strategy worked
most of the time but in some cases it didn’t work
because the share some time kept on decreasing &
does not increase which make me go to back foot.
Before joining this game I had no knowledge about
the trading of stocks or stock market. This game not
only gives me knowledge but also gave me
experience & now I am somewhat capable of trading
in stock market. I have plans to invest in Karachi
Stock Exchange in near future. I hope I will able to
see success in real time stock market.
My suggestion for the Investopedia game is to have
more reality like I am sitting in Pakistan (Karachi)
so I should be playing in KHI Stock market instead
of New York Stock market, that would be more
beneficial for a person to play his or her own stock
market, that would guide and give more experience
& also could help in understanding his or her own
city’s market as every market is different from other