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KFC is the world largest and most well known chicken restaurant, with chain in more

than 10 thousand locations and worldwide in 80 countries.

KFC is part of YUM Brands Inc.

In 1997, KFC franchised with Gray Mecanza International and started work in Pakistan

After 10 years KFC has 45 outlets in Pakistan.

At the age of 40 as an operator of a service station in Corbin, Kentucky, Colonel
returned to his love of cooking and began to cook and serve food to hungry travelers
from his own living quarters.

The Colonel devised his recipe for fried chicken using a secret blend of 11 herbs and
spices the same blend of recipe is still used in KFC all over the world and is called the
“Original Recipe”.

Since 1950’s KFC has grown at a remarkable pace from one road side restaurant into
an internationally renowned restaurant chain and one of the largest chain of chicken
restaurants in the world
Mighty Zinger
Zinger burger
Fish zinger burger
Salsa twister
Chicken burger
Sub 60
Corn on the cob
Arabian spice
Chicken mania
Crispy chicken chunks
Hot and crispy soup
Brand Equity Weakness
KFC secret recipe of 11 herbs and species Lack of knowledge abut their customers
Very strong internationally Lack of relationship building with employees,
Strong Franchises all over the world customers and suppliers
Interactive relationship marketing Lack of focus on Research & Development
Ranks highest among all chicken restaurants KFC desserts portion is not as better as should be
Chains for its convenience and menu variety They only focus higher income level people
Largest multi-branded restaurant in the
world Threats
Opportunity Increasing inflation rates directly affect menu prices
They can open more outlets to get Supermarkets and new competitors
maximum market share Health Trend away from fried foods
They can open temporary outlets in peak Changing customer demands
season in the hill stations like naran, kaghan, Some international events badly affected the market of KFC in
swat etc. Pakistan like IRAQ and AFGHAN war and we know KFC is
They can capture more customers by American based.
decreasing the price of their products Current political situation is a big threat for KFC
Updating their restaurants, Balanced menu, Diseases like bird flu is the big threat for KFC
customer focus and Increase delivery