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Research Project

Topic: Women Education

Submitted to: Dr. Nausheen Kamran
Submitted by: Ayesha Hameed
Nagina Khanum
Sehrish Hameed

Semester: MBA (Final)

Government College Women University
Introduction of Education:

Education is very extremely important for every one (Both men and
women).it is the only way we can differentiate between human beings
and animals.
Education is important for everyone because it tells us how to live in
society it teaches us manners.
In past women did not allow to get education to all. They were not
allowed to come out their houses.
Now in 21th century both men and women have equal rights to get
Importance of women education:

Education is most powerful way of empowering girls and women and

protecting them from infringement of their human rights investing in girls
and women education. Save lives, the lives of their families and
communities. It is a smart investment. A beautiful line says by someone
“if we educate a boy we educate one person if we educate a girl we
educate a family and a whole nation”
By getting education girls gain greater knowledge, skills, self confidence
and their own life problem might have chance to get healthier and
happier life by promoting girl’s education.
Education has been important to development of human society. It is not
only the individual knowledge information and understanding but also a
entire approach and change.
Education considerable commected to women’s ability to form
community relationship on the basis of equality with others to gain good
self-esteem education can allow women to participate in politics
Quaid-E-Azam Said:

‘’The all pakistan educational conference” at

karachi on 27th November 1947
“Education does not merely mean academic education and even that of a
very poor type. What we have to do is to mobilize our people and build
up a character of our future generation”
Mother’s education on a child:

Children of well educated women are found to high spirited,more

confident,active self supporting, free from fear and other psychological
problems facing in our society.
Educated women apparently look, well ordered, glad and satisfied.
Less educated mother’s; children of less educated mother’s are found
reserved, lack of confidence, lack of mutual skills, low self respect, less
Current Female Education Scenario in

Literacy Ratio:

1. The overall literacy ratio in 46% in pakistan.

2. Female literacy ratio in 26% in pakistan.
Number of girl’s school:

There are 163000, public school in pakistan of which 40,000 cater to girl’s
Female Education Levels:

* 7 million girls under 10 go to primary school.

* 5.4 million between 10-14 attend secondary school.
* 3 million go to higher secondary.
* 0.5 million go to universities.
Reason behind the lower rate of women
education in pakistan:

1. Expensive Education
2. Early age marriage
3. Male power in society
4. Less jobs fields for women
5. Militants impact
1. Expensive Education:

Poor families facing costs problems of sending their children to school

Govt school, are more affordable than private school but they tuition and
registration charges and exam fees. Which is not affordable for poor
families so they refuse to send their girls to school.
2. Early age Marriage:

According to UNIVEF, pakistan has sixth highest number of absolute child

brides in word.
In pakistan 21% of girls marry before age 18 and 3% marry before age 15.
Some families are driven to marry off their daughters by poverty staying
in schools helps girls delay marriage and girls often are forced to leave
school as soon as they marry or even become engaged.
Many families insecure about their girls.
Types of insecurities are sexual harassment, kidnapping, crime and
domestic violence.
Families worry about large distance schools, distance increase the risks
and fears.
Many girls experienced sexual harassment on the way to school.
Girls sometimes hesitate to complain about harassment for their parents
honor and the solution will be to taken them out of school.
3. Male power in society

Pakistan is a society where men are seems powerful strong and women
are inferior lower than man.
women routinely forced serious restrictions and limitations about higher
level of education, job status and priority of men upon women. Higher
level of education is not only for men but also for women.
There is equal rights for both men and women according to islam.
4. Less jobs field for women:

Around the world finding a job is much tougher for women than it is for
The current global labour force participation rate for women is to 49%.
There is gender gap in earnings and wages women can’t do past times
jobs, heavy works, and there is no quality of jobs which women have
So there is lack of women jobs.
Sexual harassment while doing jobs is a major barrier to women’s access
to job opportunities.
5. Militants impact:

Taliban and other militant groups are having a disastrous impact on

education in pakistan. They repeatedly committed horrific attack on
pakistani schools.
In documents, attacks by taliban from January 2007 to October 2016 that
destroyed school buildings, Targeted teachers and students.
There attack have often been directed at female students and their
teacher and schools blocking girls access to education.
Taliban other militant groups are against women education that’s why
they attack on schools.
For many girls the loss was permanent and they did not return to school
even after the army displaced the taliban.
women Education According to

According to the teachings of islam, education is very important. After all

the first word of Quran commanded the believers “Read!” and this
commandment did not difference between male and female believers.
The first wife of prophet Muhammad (SAW) Khadeeja was a highly
educated and a successful businesswoman in her own rights.
The first Quranic revelation about education:
“Read in the name of your Lord who created,
created man from a clinging form. Read!
Your Lord is the Most Generous, Who taught
by means of the pen; taught man what he
did not know”
Let us now examine some hadith, authentic sayings of the prophet
“Seeking knowledge is mandatory for every Muslim.”
“He who has a slave-girl and teaches her good manners and improves
her education and then maunmits and marries her, will get a double
reward; and any slave who observes GOD’s right and his master’s
right will get a double reward.”
From the above Hadith we infer that education is not a rights but
a responsibility on every muslim male and female.
Conclusively the take away message is that islam promotes education
specially girls education.
Islam gives superiority to the person who seeks knowledge man or
women over the one who does not.
How to over come the barriers:
1. Govt. should provide an adequate standard of education, compulsory
and free of charge to all children.
2. The policy highlights some evidence based strategies identified by
(International Center For Research On Women) to delay or prevent child
* Empower girls with information, Skills and Support networks.
* Provide economic support and incentives to girls and their families.
* Educate the parents and communities members.
* Encourage girls to get high quality education.
By these evidence we have to end child marriages
3. Raise aspiration of girls and their parents.
Give proper value to women’s work.
Treating man and woman equally.
4. Stopping sexual harassment in work place. This is legal obligation.
There is a law that prohibit sexual harassment Federal
Antidiscrimination law
5. High security is needed in girls schools, collages and universities.