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This is Google

Drive. It stores all

the documents
you have made

If you click on
these boxes it will
take you to all the
other Google apps
that they have.
When you first get
Google Drive, these
icons will appear on
your desktop. Use
these to create new
Google Docs.

Google Sheets = Excel

Google Docs = Word
Google Slides =
Power point

There is no save
button with any of
the Google Docs,
Sheets or Slides as it
saves automatically.
When you go into
Google Sheets, it will
show all the Sheets
you have created to

To create a new Sheet

click on the ‘+’
It will create a new
spreadsheet. It works
a lot like Excel.

Changing font, size,

highlighting etc… is all
When you go into
Google Slides, it will
show all the Slides
you have created to

To create a new Slide

click on the ‘+’
Slides works like
Power point, you
need to choose a
theme first then
make your
presentation as
When you go into
Google Docs, it will
show all the Docs you
have created to date.

To create a new Sheet

click on the ‘+’
It will create a new
document. It works a
lot like Word.

Changing font, size,

highlighting etc… is all
To share a document
click ‘Share’

This will allow you to

work on the
document with other
people at the same
When you click
‘Share’ it
automatically makes
you rename your
Once you have
renamed your
document, it will
come up with the
‘Share’ box.

Type in the email

address of the person
you want to share
with here
Make sure it says
‘Can edit’ otherwise
the other person can
only read the

Click ‘Send’. They will

get an email with a
link to the document.
To share with
someone but not give
them editing rights,
click on ‘Get
shareable link’.

It tells you who the

document is shared
with here.
Copy this link and
paste it into an email.
That way the person
you are emailing can
view the document
but cannot change it
in anyway. (As long as
you keep the ‘can
view’ function only)
To make a survey,
create a new Sheet.

Click on ‘Insert’ then

Rename your survey
then you start to add
questions etc…

If you mouse over the

‘Untitled question’ it
should shade in grey,
then click on the first
symbol on the left,
that will allow you to
edit the question.

Click ‘Add item’ to

add more
types of questions
Click on the arrow
next to ‘Add item’
and choose the type
of question you want
to add.

How to add videos is

explained later
When you have
added in the next
question you need to
add in a ‘Question

Can change the type

of question by
clicking the box next
to ‘Question Type’

If it is a ‘text’
question there will be
no answer options

When you have

finished the question
click ‘Done’
For multiple choice
and checkboxes, click
on the faded out box
to add in an answer.

Click ‘Done’ when

you are finished
To insert a video into
the survey click the
arrow next to ‘Add

Click on ‘video’
It will pop up with
this box. You can
either search for a
specific video or
paste the URL into
the box (next slide)

To search for the

video type in this box,
then click the
magnifying glass. It
will search all of
Youtube so
remember to be very
specific with the type
of video you want. It
is probably easier to
paste in the URL or
the video you want
(next slide)
Click on ‘URL’.

Paste in the web

address here, if you
have the right URL
then the video will
pop up here. If it is
the wrong URL then
there will be no
preview video so go
back and check the
web address.

When you have got

the right video click
After you have
pressed ‘Select’ your
video will appear in
the survey.

You can change the

video by clicking on
‘Change video’

Give the video a title,

then scroll down and
add in the question
(and answer) just like
in the previous slides.
Click on ‘Change
theme’ to make the
survey pretty.

A tab will appear on

the right hand side
with all the themes,
remember to scroll
down for more

When you have

finished choosing
your theme, you
need to make sure
you click back on ‘Edit
Questions’ to be able
to send the survey.
When you have
finished with all the
questions click on
‘Send form’

Do not click on
‘Publish and show a
public link to form
‘Short URL’ makes the When you have
web address shorter clicked ‘Send form’
(see next slide) this box will pop up.
You can either share
the link to the survey
with Google+,
Facebook or Twitter
or put in the email
address of the people
you want to complete
the survey.

The best way to share

is via email
(especially if sharing
with students)

Click ‘Done’ when

you have finished
Short URL makes the
web address much
shorter and easier to

It also allows you to

embed the form
To send the survey
via email, type in the
email address of the
person you want to
send it to (you can
send to multiple
people at a time)

If you want to send a

specific message with
the survey click here.

Then click ‘Send’

When everyone has
done the survey, go
back into it (either
through Google
Drive, or the Google
Sheets icon on your

Click on ‘Responses’
Then ‘Accepting
Responses’ this will
stop people from
doing the survey after
the end date.
Now you are no
longer accepting
responses to the
survey, under
‘Responses’ it will say
‘Not accepting

Under ‘Responses’,
click on ‘Summary of
responses’ and it will
open a Google Sheet
with all the survey
questions, responses
and the time the
survey was
completed for each
person who did the
survey. Google
surveys are
anonymous so you
won’t know who did
the survey, just when
it was done.
This is what the
summary of
responses will look

To get the tables and

a more concise view
of the results click on

Then ‘Show summary

of responses’
This is what the
summary of
responses will look

Clicking on ‘Publish
analytics’ will let
everyone who
responded to the
survey see the
results. (I wouldn’t
recommend doing
Sign in to Youtube
using the Languages

Ask Michelle for the

log on and password
if you don’t know it.
Once you have signed
in there will be a blue
square box.

Click on it, then click

on ‘Creator Studio’ to
see the list of videos
you have uploaded
and to edit uploaded
Here are all the
videos you have
uploaded. Click ‘View
all’ to see all the
videos, otherwise it
just shows the most

To edit a video, click

You will see this
screen when you click
changes brightness,
contrast etc…
Audio adds music
into the video
Annotations adds
Subtitles and CC adds
subtitles (see slide
(I wouldn’t
recommend changing
anything about the
video except maybe
the subtitles)

‘Advanced settings’
allows you to alter
various things about
the video (see next
I would recommend
unchecking ‘Allow
comments’ and
‘Users can view
ratings for this video’
but other than that
don’t change any of
the other settings.
Click on ‘Subtitles and

Click ‘Add subtitles

and CC’
It will come up with
either ‘English’ or
‘English (United
Kingdom)’ but you
can search for
another language
It will then pop up
with the different
options you can use
to add subtitles.

‘Upload a file’
uploads a prewritten
transcript of the
‘Transcribe and set
timings’ = you type or
paste the transcript in
and then the timing
of the subtitles is
automatically set
‘Create new subtitles
of CC’ is you have
type in the transcript
as you watch the
To upload a new
video, click ‘Upload’
and it will take you to
this screen.

To upload your video,

open up D:Drive and
click and drag the
video you want to
upload to this box.
When uploading the
video, you will see
this screen.

When the video has

finished uploading
and processing click
‘Done’ (the ‘Publish’
button will be
replaced with

Make sure you

change ‘Public’ to
‘Unlisted’. If you
choose ‘Private’ you
can’t share/embed
the video so it needs
to be ‘Unlisted’
Scroll down and
uncheck ‘All
comments’ and
‘Users can view
ratings for this video’.

Don’t change
anything else.
This website is the
link to your video. But
until the video is
published the link
won’t work.