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- Anand Kurian

-Presented By-
Anika Goel
Abhijeet Singh
Akshay Batra
Akshay Varma

Learning Circle Date: 24th August 2018

Topics Covered
• Steve Jobs
• Triple F Model
• Function and Functionality
• The Macintosh
• iTunes and the Ipod
• iPhone and iPad
• Apple’s Philosophy
• The Brand name and the Logo
• The mass production of art
Steve Jobs
• Transformed 6 industries:
 Personal computers
 Animated movies
 Music
 Phones
 Tablet computing
 Digital publishing
• He was a conduit for creative arts and cutting-edge
“ Tech companies don’t understand creativity. They don’t appreciate
intuitive thinking. I’m one of the few people who understands how
producing technology requires intuition and creativity, and how
producing something artistic takes real discipline.”
- Steve Jobs

Triple F Model
• Function:
What a product can do, tasks it can perform and how well it can
perform them.
• Functionality:
How the user gets it to perform those functions.
• Form:
Design of the product.

Function and Functionality
• Apple II:
 Primary launcher of personal computer industry.
 Micro computer product developed by Steve Wozniak.
 He developed circuit board and operating software.
 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak worked together.

The Macintosh
• Xerox Corporation showed its bitmapped Screen and made a
graphical representation possible .
• One of the biggest raids in chronicle industry.
• Introduction of single button mouse ($15/Per Piece).
• New features in mouse like dropping file by dragging the mouse
• Motivated engineers to make better product.
• Increased the booting speed of Macintosh by 28 sec faster.
• Apple taken the idea to totally new and different level.

Itunes (why it was created?)
• The other music apps were complicated.
• The apps were scored extremely poorly on functionality.
• Apple designed the new app itunes to make it simpler.

The Ipod (why it was created?)
• Itunes led the creation of ipod.
• Toshiba created a small 1.8 inch drive with a capacity of 5GB.
• Steve Jobs wanted a device with songs and functionality in just three
• Ease to use.
• Most of the apple devices does not have on/off switch options.

iPhone and iPad
• Life became easier with the invention of iPhone

• iPad was very easy to use. No instructions were needed to use it.

• iPod originated at Toshiba.

• Steve Jobs was obsessed over functionalities of any product

• Jobs wanted the device to be able to play a song in just 3 clicks.

• Stunning feature of iPod – it did not have a on-off switch

Apple’s Philosophy
• Empathy

• Focus

• Impute

The Brand name and the Logo
• Name of the company (Apple Computer) was suggested by Steve Jobs

• The name sounded fun, spirited and not intimidating.

• It later became Apple after removing the ‘computer’ from it’s name.

• The logo linked Apple to the tree of knowledge

The mass production of art
• Adopted Bauhaus Aesthetic.

• Jobs believed that there should be no distinction between fine art

and applied industrial design

• Power Mac G4 Cube (released in the early 21st century) was exhibited
in New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Minimal, yet playful
• Buddhism had a lot of influence in the design of the products.

• Jobs met Jony Ive who later became the chief design officer of Apple

• Was adamant that his products should look friendly.

• Ive believed that to be truly simple, you have to go really deep.

• Both Jobs and Ive believed that design is fundamental soul of a man made creation that ends up
expressing itself in successive outer layers.

• Jobs and Ive continued to make computers that are not intimidating
to the customer.

• It can be seen in the design of iMac. It had a handle that rested on

top of it.

Reverse Engineering

Creating Creating
innards innards

a shell

Fitting innards in innards in
the shell

Evolution of mac designs till now.

• At NEXT, Steve jobs very own company – he had his heart on a cube
design, only the circuit boards have to be reconstituted to fit in a tight
• Hartmut Esslinger, a German designer for Apple - directly selected
and hired by Jobs.

On the screen
• When Jobs dropped out of his college at Reed, he opted to attend
calligraphy classes, which helped overtaking all the competitors in
the industry.
• Designer fonts on a screen, a game changer.
• Introduction of shapes and rounded corner rectangles.

Why don’t you see it is important.
• Jobs inherited his love for pure craftmanship.
• He might not feel unusual over criticising the printed circuit board
inside Macintosh, because he had believed in a saying,
“ Quality is more important then quantity, no matter we sell only 10
pieces of Macintosh, but we’ll sell a device which must be better then
the previous standings.”

The Packaging.
• Mike Markkula had stressed that they needed to ‘impute’ (to
comprehend and accept that yes, people do judge a book by its
• Therefore, outer packaging determines the worthiness(quality over
price) of the product.
• Apple engineers and designers believed in Steve Job’s philosophy that
packaging can be expressed as a theatre that creates a story, which
can make or break the perception of the buyer about the product.

Reset and start over
• It is not just once when Jobs can ask to redesign everything from
• Results pays off in favour of Jobs.
• Pressed the Restart button and started over.

Backfire Design VS Engineering
• Conflicts between Designers and Engineers are very common in
• Designers in apple were given more decisional power because of
following reasons:-
I. Design and looks of the devices plays very important role for Steve Jobs .
II. He believed, end consumer should be satisfied and must buy apple with the
looks of its products, which has been apple’s Unique selling point (USP).
• But sometimes, there were minor hiccups,
for example
I. ipod nano
II. Iphone 4

The Stores
• Jobs believed that the store will become the most powerful physical
expression of the brand.
• This forecast never come true, but Apple stores become one of a kind
retail outlets as a matter of fact.
• Apple hired an architectural firm to design all of their Stores, and
Steve Jobs took most of the decisions.
• APPLE created an excitement over the store openings, same way as
they did for their product launches.

Summing up Steve Jobs.
• Fortune magazine has rated Steve Jobs as the greatest entrepreneur of
his time(despite, some can still argue).

• Steve Jobs was the first to recognise the importance of the technology
• His major contributions were not in the functions of the gadgets he
produced, but functionality and also the form of products he produced.
• He’s more of a quality driven person than just working around the



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