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Casablanca, Morocco

Claudio Mantero, Horários do Funchal

Legacy of CIVITAS Plus: the Tourist Kit

Horários do Funchal
• Is very active in urban and interurban mobility
initiatives, participating in a wide range of different
European, National and worldwide projects within the
DGTREN, INTERREG, Intelligent Energy Europe, and

• Funchal is a small city of 100.000 of permanent
• 1.5 million people (mostly Europeans) converge on
Funchal for relaxation and leisure.
• They take back to their home cities the
experience of the sustainable mobility offered
by Horários do Funchal. Therefore the
influence that a public transport operator can
exert on the wider European city environment
is considerable. 2
CIVITAS FORUM 2014 • Casablanca, Morocco • Claudio Mantero
From a supportive action to a flagship

With CIVITAS-MIMOSA, Funchal has launched

the Green Line, including:
• Refurbishment of bus stops
• New accesses to public beaches
• Fresh bus design
• New communication supports like
– Bluethooth at bus stops,
– on-street multimedia kiosks,
– and a package of tickets designed to meet
tourist needs – the Tourist Kit

Initially foreseen as a supportive action of the

Green Line, the Tourist Kit turned out to be one
of the most transfer-worthy actions ever
developed in CIVITAS
CIVITAS FORUM 2014 • Casablanca, Morocco • Claudio Mantero
The Tourist Kit service

December 2012 April 2013 Summer 2014

• Focus on services that provide added value for tourists

• Idea of real-life experiences not fake and artificial
• To sell destinations and events rather than just transport services.
• Examples of this are highlighted in the next slide.
CIVITAS FORUM 2014 • Casablanca, Morocco • Claudio Mantero
New pillars of the tourism-wise strategy at a

Sustainable touristic guide

- We’ve produced the first tourism and mobility guide
tailored specifically to PT fans.
- This guide will be printed and handed over at the
hotels with which the PT Operator has set
agreements, but it will also have a downloadable
version so than everyone can carry it with them

Audio Trip app.

- This is becoming tourists’ favourite application to
move around Madeira in a sustainable way
- It provides valuable tips and history lessons as the
busses wind their way through the mountains and
forest of Madeira

CIVITAS FORUM 2014 • Casablanca, Morocco • Claudio Mantero
Successes and less successful outcomes

Tourist Kit has been successful in:

• Reducing traffic & noise for tourists/citizens
• Replacing hotel courtesy bus by public bus line
• Making tourists ‘Local Champions of Sustainable
• Creating a mind-shift among hotel managers

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

1 day ticket 8.393 10.747 16.027 13.327 13.857
Kit Turista 1 day 2.545 3.712 3.648 3.544
Kit Turista (%) 24% 23% 27% 26%
3 day ticket 2.677 2.740 3.528 2.959 2.714
Kit Turista 3 days 480 660 765 499
peso do Kit Turista (%) 18% 19% 26% 18%
5 day ticket 2.286 2.844 3.549 2.717 2.762
Kit Turista 4 days 383 650 550 440
peso do Kit Turista (%) 13% 18% 20% 16%
7 day ticket 2.657
Kit Turista 7 days 15
peso do Kit Turista (%) 13% 18% 20% 1%
CIVITAS FORUM 2014 • Casablanca, Morocco • Claudio Mantero
Successes and less successful outcomes


Tourist Kit has been slightly decreasing its sales

(-10% in the last 2 years).

Reasons can be found in:

• the global shortage of PT users (-5% in the last 2 years)
• growing competiveness of transport-related services that offer high commissions

<Event> • <Date> • <Location> • <Speaker>
Tourist Kit triggers

Behavioural change was possible thanks to an multilevel approach that seek to fit the
motivational needs of all three target groups: i) hotel directors; ii) receptionists; iii)
and finally tourists

• How did we persuade Hotel directors to join forces with us?

We highlight the financial advantages for their hotels
Propose tailored solutions meeting their commercial interests
We give support to merchandising and hotel promotion

• How did we persuade receptionists to sell Tourist Kit

We offer them discounts (gifts) based upon their selling dynamics

• How did we persuade tourists to purchase Tourist Kit

We offer them the chance to purchase the ticket in their own hotel, a place where they
feel more confident on purchasing goods because staff speaks fluently their language
We offer them a free map (hard copy) of the whole PT network
We provide them with new mobile apps that can help them move around with ease
<Event> • <Date> • <Location> • <Speaker>
Food for though

• Debate to which extend can public There is more to motivation than carrots and sticks!
authorities stimulate vending channels which
require high level of discounts and strong
commercial impulse
2011 2012 2013
Ticket revenues 29.568,00 € 35.332,00 € 31.277,45 €
Hotel discount 1.009,36 € 1.240,92 € 1.058,78 €
Discount (% ) 3,4% 3,5% 3,4%
Average daily ticket sold 14 14 12

• Regulation and public service:

- which level of discounts can a public body
give away and what are the limits to it (e.g. is
it reasonable to give more “carrots” to tourists
than to residents?)
CIVITAS FORUM 2014 • Casablanca, Morocco • Claudio Mantero
Thank you!

Claudio Mantero

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