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How to

Close a Sale
Things to consider about the close
• No close means no commission
– If you don’t close, you don’t get paid. Selling the
product is where the value proposition is made,
closing the deal is where the agreement is made.
• No close means no exchange
– When you don’t attempt to close, you aren’t
attempting to actually get your offer into the
hands of your customer.
Selling and Closing
• Selling requires you to sell features, options,
and get emotional involvement.
• The close requires persistence and logic to
make sense of getting your customer make a
• The bridge is something that is intended to
reconcile or form a connection between two
Common bridges
• “Have you seen enough to make a decision?”
• “What do you like about what you have seen
up to this point?”
• “Up to this point, what problems do you see us
helping out with?”
• “Have you seen enough to make sense of the
Trial Close
• This is like a test to see the level of ownership
a client has taken. This is near the end of the
demonstration and gives you an idea of what
they are thinking about with your product or
• Also known as assumption close
Sample trial closes
• “Hey, it looks like you really like this, is that
• “If you took this home, would you be proud to
own this?”
• “Do you prefer the larger or smaller version?
• “How would this look in your new apartment?”
6 Sales Closing Techniques and
Why they Work
~Adam Wiggins~
Now or Never Close
• Salespeople make an offer that includes a special
benefit that prompts immediate purchase.
– “This is the last one at this price.”
– “We’ve got a 20% discount just for customers who sign up today.”
– “If you commit to buy now, I can fast track you to the front of the
implementation queue.”

This technique creates a sense of urgency and can help overcome

inertia when a prospect wants to buy – but for some reason is not
pulling the trigger.
Summary Close
• Reiterate the items the customer is hopefully
purchasing (stressing the value and benefits) in an
effort to get the prospect to sign.
– So we have here a 72” UHD Smart TV, lifetime comprehensive
warranty, and our free delivery and installation service. When
would be the best time to deliver?

By summarizing previously agreed-upon points into one impressive

package, you are helping prospects visualize what they are truly
getting out of the deal.
Sharp Angle Close
• Prospects often ask for price reductions or ad-ons
because they know they have the upper hand – and
they also know you expect it. (Get approval from your sales
– Could you add on a few extra house of on-boarding at a
discounted rate?
• “Sure. But if I do that for you, will you sign the contract today?”

It’s likely they won’t be expecting this response – first, because you
agreed to their request, and second, because you have proposed
closing today.
Question Close
• Effective salespeople focus on closing a sale as soon
as a conversation with a prospect begins. Through a
series of questions, they develop desire in the client
and eliminate every objection to purchase.
– In your opinion, does what I am offering solve your

The question allows you to discover whether the prospect is sold on

your product while keeping the door open for further selling.
Assumptive Close
• What's important here is to closely monitor your
prospect's interest, engagement, and objections
throughout. After a call or meeting, ask, "Did this
presentation align with your expectations?"
• If you've just provided them with new information
about your product or service, ask, "Does this sound
like something that would be valuable to your company? Does
this meet a specific need or pain point?"

By keeping your ear to the ground -- and assuming good intent from the
start -- you'll bring an authority and direction to your sales process that
wouldn't be there otherwise.
Take-Away Close
• If they're balking on price, remove a feature or
service and present the discounted offer to them.
It's likely, they'll be thinking about the part you
removed rather than the discounted price.
– We can offer the educational tour package at P12,000
instead of P14,000 but the package will no longer include
the daily buffet breakfast and the Enchanted Kingdom Day
Pass with unlimited pass on all rides.