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 Nowadays, college students are entering a small job that can

help them earn money while also studying. They are called as
working students.
 The reason why some sudents decided to do both working and
studying is to help them meet their financial needs. Because
tuition fees and other education related expenses have
increased in the past few decades, many students
work simply because they have to.
 As a college student and a worker of an institution or a
company, it is hard to manage those things together because
of the difficulties to balance one another.
 Also, one reason why they give almost all their time in their
job is because the need to pay for their school expenses.
They also enter this kind of situation to acquire the ability to
manage time.
 Participants of the Study The participants of this study is
the college working students on Sta. Rosa Laguna SY 2018 -
2019. This study will focus on 15 participants.
 Data gathering procedure After the problem was identified,
the researchers searched for the related literature and
studies in order to give foundation on the researcher’s
topic. Based on these related sources, the statement of the
problem was constructed of which then, became the basis
for the construction of the research questionnaire.
Answered questionnaires then, will be gather, responses
coded and will be subject to the appropriate statistical
computation for reliability. These students name will then
be deleted from the list of the total population so as not to
include them again in the selection of the sample
 The student workers loves what they're doing
because they enjoy the environment of their work
and they also said that it is their passion.
 The student workers can use their experience as
advantage in the future.
 The working students have effective strategies
and techniques to handled their time.
 Most of the working students improve their
personalities especially their patience.
 The working students love their work because of
the fulfillment and unexplainable happiness they
felt every time they work and studying
 The researchers recommend that the working
students must manage their time properly.
They must weigh their time in work and
school for them to be able to balance their
 The researchers recommend that the working
students must work on their eating and
sleeping schedules. Because of their time
will be consumed, they must have a proper
planning about their health.