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Science and Technology Contribution during

her Presidency (1986-1992)

• To assist the DOST in the
fulfillment of the latter’s mandate.
• To ensure the work’s plans and the
recommendations to promote the
1. A ready access to Science and
Technology development and other
2. A wide understanding and
acceptance of science and
Technology in contributing to
socio-economic gains.
3. Development of a more effective
mechanism of transfer of
technologies to workers and users.
The development of this task force have
came up with the first Science And
Technology Master Plan(STMP) that helps the
administration in achieving a recognition of
the Philippines being a newly industrialized
country status in the year 2000. It also helps
in increasing the budget allocation for science
and technology. This task force also led to
the jump-start of the progress between
public and private sector in the Area of
Philippine Research and Development.
• To provide a free public secondary
education to all qualified citizens
and to promote quality educations
at all levels.
• To implement “Science for the
Masses Program” in the education
system who aimed at scientific and
technological literacy among
It increased the literacy rate of
Filipino students in the year 2000 in
the area of science and technology.
It also helped government in
promoting awareness and the correct
benefit of science and technology in
the Philippines and at the same time,
increased the number of students
• To support and encourage local
scientific and technological efforts
that address national and local
• To promote development of local
capability in Science and
• To support and encourage public and
private sector partnership.
• To be more effective and responsive
to the scientific and technological
needs of the country.
• To provide central direction,
leadership and coordination of
scientific and technological efforts
and to ensure that the results
therefrom are geared and utilized in
areas of maximum economic and social
benefits for the people.
The organizational structure of
the government even its agencies
and instrumentalities have been
more effective and efficient in the
delivery of public services in terms
of science and technology. More
technological facilities have been
improved and opened especially in
the production area as well as for
research and development.