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Work Success Boot

Work Success Boot Camp is composed of five sessions.
every sessions talks about a different material. Andre Abi
Aawad and Rana Melki were required to implement this

Rana Discussed The Problems that Graduates Are

Facing In Making A resume. More Than Fifteen People
Had The Wrong Idea About How To Prepare A Resume.
She Taught Us:
• Content Of The CV
• The Way Of Writing
• How To Write A Letter
• How To Use Different Action Verbs
Rana Explained How
To Prepare For A Job
•Your Qualifications
•Your Career Goals
•Your Work Experience
•Your Education
Andre Abi Aawad Is Known As
The Energy Man. He Is A Very
Positive Person and Spreads
Positive Vibes to All The People
Surrounding Him. He Pushes
You to your limits and helps you
to achieve your goal.
Work on your values
and apply them in your

How to show your

personal brand.

Andre taught us a lot of

things that will help us in Establish relationship.
the future:

Don’t be scared and

always learn to ask and

Presentation Skills.
 Follow one purpose until you succeed.
If you are happy you will succeed what
you do.
EYE: Exercise your experience.

“Be positive. No Excuses. Put a goal

Very ambitious and follow it”.