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• Answer the following questions:

1. The essence of the life of Jose Rizal is marked by the ____ that existed during his
2. Unlike countries in Europe, the Philippines in the 19th century was largely what?
3. The elite class that exploited the masses.
4. They occupied the apex of the pyramidical social structure.
5. Spain governed the Philippines through this ministry.
6. The governor general was very powerful because he is the king’s ________
7. The governor general is being assisted by ______
8. The civil governors during the Spanish occupation
9. The gobernadorcillo ruled the town government called _____
10. What position did the alferez administer?
11. The main cause of the weakness of the administrative system under the Spanish
12. It complicates the situation of abuses and oppression.
13. Most corrupt branch of Spanish government.
14. They inevitably occupied a dominant position in the Philippine educational
15. The friars were against the teaching of this subject.