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Thesis Writing Guides

Research Proposal
Chapter 1
Background of the study
1 Cite the
reason why 2
you have
chosen the Cite the problematic situation which
topic of your prompted you to conduct the study
study. from , that is,
, to zero in on
the local setting of the study.
Support your discussion with
legal basis relevant to your

4 Pertinent statistical data

should support your
Make your presentation emphatic and
explosive. It should create an impact on
the reader of your research. It should
prod your reader to go on and find out
what is good is there in your research.
Statement of the
• Make a general statement of your • The Problems must jibe with the
problem. paradigm, conceptual framework,
hypothesis, methodology and
• Cite the specific problems in logical research instrument.
and sequential order as they appear
in your paradigm.
• Proposed measures if any.
Significance of the
• Name those who are to benefit from
the study – people, institutions,
agencies. • Do not fail to include the researchers
as beneficiaries and what they are
• Cite how they will benefit from the expected to benefit from the results
findings of the research. of the inquiry.
Scope and Limitations
of the Study
• What weakness or limitations of the
• Define the scope of your study, study do you anticipate?
the parameters or boundaries
of the investigation, the • How are you going to handle them
variables include and the so that they do not become the
respondents involved. bottlenecks of investigation?
• Look for a core theory with which
to anchor your study. The core
theory should relate to your
dependent variables. • Your theoretical framework
should be a well-knit
presentation on which to hinge
• Have other supporting theories. your study.
The supporting theories should
be related to your independent
• Your conceptual framework should • Describe how your variables will
be hinged on your theoretical relate to each other.
framework. The theories cited should
be clearly explained and
operationalized in this portion
• The paradigm, which is schematic • The hypotheses to be tested should
illustration of the conceptual be clearly explained in this portion.
framework, should be discussed
comprehensively to encompass the
parameters of investigation.
• The paradigm should illustrate or
concretize the conceptual
framework. • Write the figure number under the
whole paradigm and label it.
• The variables should be
appropriately placed in their
corresponding boxes. The use of
solid lines will clarify which variables
are to be correlated.
• The null hypothesizes should • The null hypotheses should jibe
be clearly stated. Using the null with the number of variables to
hypotheses will aid in rejecting be studied.
or accepting it.
Definition of Terms

• Key terms or phrases used in • Arrange them alphabetically.

the study should be defined
operationally or how these are
taken to mean in your study.
Research Presentation End