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Introduction to

Contact Center
BPO (Business Process
 is the contracting of a specific
business process/task, such as
customer service, to a third party
service provider (a Contact Center
Company or a BPO Company).
BPO (Business Process
 It is implemented as a cost-
saving measure for tasks that a
company requires does not
depend upon to maintain their
position in the market place.
Outsourcing is an agreement in
which one company hires another
company to be responsible for a
planned or existing activity that is
or could be done internally, and
sometimes involves transferring
employees and assets from one
firm to another.
BPO is typically
categorized into:
 back office
front office
Contact Center (Call
 Is the service provider
of an outsourced
business task/process.
Contact centers and call
centers are both centers for
customer service, and the two
terms are often used
interchangeably, but a contact
center supports more services
than a typical call center.
Contact centers
offer omnichannel
customer support,
including email, chat,
voice over IP (VoIP) and
website support.
A call center typically
uses phones as the main
channel of
communication and can
handle a mass volume of
Contact Center
Representative (Call
Center Agent)
 Is the person who handles
incoming and outgoing customer
calls for an outsourced business
Business Process Outsourcing Diagram

Sales SAMSUNG Marketing
(First Party)

Service AEGIS
(Third Party)
First Party Company
(eg. Samsung), has
four major business
process to attend to.
Since “Customer Service” is
not a core business, such
business process was
delegated to a third party
company known as the BPO
Company or a Contact Center
(eg. Aegis).
The Contact Center will
then be the one to
perform Customer
Service business process
on behalf of the First Party
Without the business
outsourcing process, if a
customer calls Samsung
to complain, Samsung will
answer and handle the
With the business
outsourcing process,
the call will be
received and handled
by Aegis instead.
Discuss briefly.
1. What is the role of the BPO
Company or the Contact
Center in the whole Business
Process Outsourcing
2. Look for a business establishment/
institution in your locality and perform the
a. List down at least 5 business process
existing in the business establishment.
b. Identify a business process that can be
outsourced. To whom should this be
outsourced to?