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• This project is all about MAPRO foods which has a vast range of products such as crushes, squash,
toppings, jams, honey etc.
• MAPRO is one of the leading brand in this sector which has a great history of producing beverages of
high-quality materials.
• The owner of MAPRO is mr. kishore vora. the headquarters are located in wai maharashtra.
• MAPRO falls under the industry sector which is a food processing company.
• MAPRO has also got an award in 8th annual rebrand 100 global award in 2012 for rebranding and
positioning them higher.
• I have also provided a swot analysis which shows the strengths, weaknesses, opportuninty & threats of
the company
• Panchgani-based MAPRO foods is a small company, but dreams like a big one. it started as small-scale
jam unit, after government officials who wanted to promote food processing industries in the region gave
pharmacist and businessman kishore vora a fruit processing license. vora began by making sourcing: says
vora.10 kg batches of strawberry and raspberry jam in a tiny room equipped with a kerosene stove and a
pot. word-of-mouth popularity prompted him to move to a bigger production facility. he started
experimenting to make other fruit-based products. the high fruit juice content of MAPRO'S crushes and
squashes - 45 per cent, compared to 25 per cent for rivals kissan and mala's -made them instant hits. we
came up with fruit crushes because there was a demand for fruit-based milk additives. since panchgani
accounts for over 70 per cent of the country's strawberry production, we were able to forge exclusive
partnerships with farmers.
• Started the first self-owned factory in 1989 and then set up state-of-the-art cold storage at Wai, in
2005, which is capable of precooling 20 MT of fresh fruits and produce chocolate. Its food park is
open for all guests looking for delicious treats.


The company has grown organically over the last five decades with sustain profitability. Known for
its quality and innovation, Mapro has been built on its founder’s philosophy of developing products
that are wholesome, nutritious, value-for-money, and imaginative.
• Low operational costs.
• Presence of established distribution networks in both urban and rural areas.
• Presence of well-known brands in fmcg sector.
• Lower scope of investing in technology and achieving economies of scale, especially in small sectors.
• Low exports levels.
• "ME-TOOʺ products, which illegally mimic the labels of the established brands. these products narrow
the scope of fmcg products in rural and semi-urban market.
• Untapped rural market, changing life style.
• Rising income levels, i.e. increase in purchasing power of consumers.
• Large domestic market with more population of median age 25.

• Removal of import restrictions resulting in replacing of domestic brands.
• Tax and regulatory structure.
• Rural demand is cyclical in nature and also depends upon monsoon.
Mapro foods has a flat organizational structure where management and employees work hand-in-hand. lunch is cooked in the common
canteen for one and all, including guests, who all eat the simple, sumptuous and wholesome meal together. employees who have put in a
number of years of service are recognized and felicitated. the education of children of employees is encouraged and supported and
employees’ families are included in all celebrations.

mapro has successfully led the socio-economic upliftment of people in this region. besides men, women have had the means of earning
a livelihood too, and there is a focus on education of the younger generation.

the development of the village of gureghar, comprising around 70 families, between 1971 and 1985, is a case-study in itself. it started
out with 12 persons working as permanent employees at the gureghar fruit processing unit, with the rest into subsistence farming. but
for them too, there was hope. they had continuous and sustained income with a ready market at their doorstep. they started growing
strawberries, with technical guidance from mapro, and today the region has the highest produce of strawberries in all of india, one of the
major catalysts for the manifold increase in tourist inflow over time.

all these achievements have been through sustainable means, keeping the region’s ecology in mind. gureghar boasts of being one of the
first villages to have 100% sanitation with every house having their own biogas plant.

today, statistics reveal 100% employment in the village, with none under poverty line, and 100% literacy with a 0% dropout rate.
mapro’s vision does truly extend beyond business.
Mapro foods, the mahabaleshwar-based makers of squashes, jams and confectioneries is looking for a pan-national presence for its products. the 25-year-
old brand, primarily known in the western region, is targeting the northern and southern regions of the country. under this, 16 cities in the north and 10
cities in the south will soon start stocking mapro brand products.
mapro foods ceo mayur vora told fe that the focus is now on the northern and southern regions after establishing a presence in cities like mumbai, pune
and ahmedabad. the strategy adopted by the company is to focus on cities offering high potential. that is why it is more bullish on its foray into the
northern and southern regions rather than penetrate into the hinterland of maharashtra. in the north, we are beginning with delhi and will subsequently
take our products to cities like kanpur, lucknow and those in punjab. the foray in the southern market will begin in six months, where initially we are
targeting 10 cities, mr vora said.
the company is in the process of establishing a sales force to monitor the spread in these regions. the strategy is to have a single distributor for each city
to ensure product placement in the supermarkets, shopping malls, dry fruit shops and general grocery stores. in order to track the movement of products
from the distributor to the retailer, mapro is putting in place an online module which will enable the sales force to feed daily sales trends and figures. a
single distributor for the city and its vicinity enables us to exercise better control over the inventory and also ensures better accountability, mr vora added.
on brand-building activities, mr vora said the company will concentrate on point-of-sales promotion rather than embark on a grandiose brand-building
activity involving print and electronic media. he said mapro as a brand was small to sustain a large-scale media blitz. that is why the initiatives have been
restricted to point-of-sale promos. since mahabaleshwar is a premier hill station in maharashtra, attracting tourists by the thousands, brand-building is
conducted through free tasting counters for jams, crushes, syrups, squashes and confectionery, he added. footfalls at our factory premises enables us to
promote our brand through word-of-mouth which to a large extent has been instrumental in our success in the western region, mr vora said. mapro foods
has a turnover of rs 10 crore and is looking at a 50 per cent growth annually, according to mr vora. the company plans to increase its manufacturing
capacity by adding around 5,000 tonnage to the existing 2,000 tonnage capacity at mahabaleshwar.


As a marketing intern i was the promoter of the company . i was assigned two tasks which included taking
orders from the shopkeepers & sales & promotion activity.
Following are the points which are the objectives of the work assigned & important to the company.
• To spread new product’s awareness in the market through sales & promotion.
• To increase mapro products sales in the market.
• To know how the supply chain of mapro products is been executed in the market at various schemes and
• To distribute free samples to people in order to know the buying behaviour for mapro products.
• Being new to this field it was a very different atmosphere around me.
• Time management played a very essential role.
• Travelling from one place to another place was the biggest challenge.
• Handling customers and explaining them about the products.
• Convincing the customers to try the product during the sampling activity was also the biggest
• Building trust of people towards the product.
• Competing with other interns.
• Working in different locations with having different type of public response.
• Visiting as many shops during the field work and taking their orders.
• Studied about the market conditions and demand for the mapro products.
• Interacted with new people and how to approach them for trying the products.
• Because of this project my confidence to interact & covincing skills increased.
• Mapro company has to come up with new products so that company can attract more customers
and retain existing customers.
• More advertising is required to increase the brand recognition which will promote more selling of
the products.
• Most of the customers were satisfied with the taste of the mapro products.
• Most of the customers were satisfied but changes are required according to the changing scenario
as advertisement has a great impact in the working of the company.
• Price can be comparatively lowered making it feasible for the middle-class people to purchase the
• Promotions and promotional offers should be taken up in order to gain customers attention.
• Hygiene levels are up to the mark. there is no scope for spoilage on account of unhygienic

A. New knowledge acquired

• I learned about how the actual market functions.
• How the shopkeepers purchases the products from the company in various schemes in order to sale
the products further in the market.
• How the products are been distributed to the shopkeepers by the distributor at the given time.
• Learned about the field work and interacting with new people & company conducts sales &
B. How this experience impacts your career ambitions.
• As a marketing person field work plays a vital role for expansion of the knowledge and experience on
the ground level. So it will help me in future as I will be flexible to do the field work on the basis of
my experience.
C. Whether you found the need for additional academic studies in any area.

D. If a given choice you would like to work in your host organisation

• Maybe if the working conditions are good enough.

E. Lasting/mentoring relationship built in the host organisation

• The relationship with my colleague who was originally a promoter of MAPRO was very great.
He helped me the most during the whole internship. The overall relationship with the company
and the staff was good and the response I got at the end of the internship was also very good.