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Advent of A National Hero

Chapter 1
The Birth of a Hero
 Jose Rizal
 Jose Protacio Rizal
Mercado y Alonzo

 June 19, 1861

 Calamba, Laguna
 His mother almost died
during the delivery
because of his big head
 Baptized in the Catholic church

 On June 22, aged 3 days old

 Father Rufino Collantes (parish priest) – a Batangueño
 Father Pedro Casanas (ninong) – Rizal’ godfather – close friend of
Rizal’s family

 “Jose” his name was chosen by his mother who was a devotee of the
Christian saint San Jose (St. Joseph)

 Father Collates was impressed by the baby’s big head and told:
 “Take good care of this child, for someday he will become a great man.”
Age 11 Age 16
Rizal at 18 years old while a
Rizal in Madrid at the age of 25
student of medicine at the U.S.T
The Rizal’s Family
The Parents
Francisco Mercado Rizal
 Francisco, the father, was a
serious looking man of sturdy
build. He was born in Biñan,
Laguna on May 11, 1818.

 He studied Latin and Philosophy

at the College of San Jose in

 A tenant-farmer of the
Dominican-owned hacienda.

 Died in Manila on Jan. 5, 1898

at the age of 80.
Doña Teodora
 A vigorious and persevering
woman with a benevolent heart
and a likable personality.

 Born in Manila on Nov. 8, 1826.

 Educated at College of Santa

Rose, well known college for

 Died in Manila on Aug. 16,

1911 at the age of 85.
The Rizal Children
1. Saturnina (1850-1913)

 Eldest of the Rizal children.

 Became the wife of Manuel T.

Hidalgo of Tanawan, Batangas.

 Neneng
2. Paciano (1851-1930)

 The second child in the family

and Rizal's only brother.

 Died an old bachelor aged 79.

 He had two children (a boy and

a girl) by his mistress (Severina
3. Narcisa (1852-1939)

 Her pet name was Sisa

 Was married to Antonio Lopez

of Morong, Rizal.
4. Olimpia (1855-1887)

 Ypia was her pet name.

 Married to Silvestre Ubaldo.

 She died of childbirth in 1887.

5. Lucia (1857-1919)

 Was the wife of Mariano

Herbosa, who was a nephew of
father Casanas.

 Herbosa died of cholera and was

denied Christian burial because
he was a brother-in-law of Dr.
6. Maria (1859-1945)

 Biang was her nickname

 Became the wife of Daniel

Faustino Cruz of Biñan,
7. Jose (1861-1896)
 Thenational hero of the

 His nickname was Pepe

 In Dapitan, he lived with

Josephine Bracken , Irish girl
form Hong Kong.

 Had a son with her but died few

hours after birth.

 Named the son as Francisco.

8. Concepcion (1862-1865)

 Her pet name was Concha.

 She died of sickness at the age

of 3.

 Her death was Rizal’s first

sorrow in life.
9. Josefa (1865-1945)

 Her pet name was Panggoy

 She died an old maid at the age

of 80.
10. Trinidad (1868-1951)

 Trining was her pet name.

 She died also as an old maid in

1951 aged 83.
11. Soledad (1870-1929)

 The youngest Rizal child

 Pet name Choleng

 Became the wife of Pantaleon

 Sibling relationship among the Rizal children was affectionately

 As a little boy, Rizal play games with his sisters.

 When he grew to manhood, he called them Doña or Señora (if

married) and Señorita (if single).

 Paciano was a second father to him (10 years senior)

 He immortalized him in his first novel as the wise Pilosopo Tasio

Rizal’s Ancestry
 Rizal was a product of mixture of races both east and west.
 Negrito, Indonesian, Malay, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish

 His great-great grandfather (father side) was a Chinese Immigrant

named Domingo Lamco
 He was from Fukien city who arrived in Manila about 1690

 Doña Teodora’s family descended from Lakan Dula (King of


 His great-great maternal grandfather was of Japanese ancestry

The Surname Rizal
 The real surname of Rizal family was Mercado which was adopted
in 1731 by Domingo Lamco (paternal great-great grandfather of
Jose Rizal) who was a full blooded Chinese.

 The second surname – RIZAL – was given by a Spanish alcalde

mayor of Laguna, who was a family friend.
The Rizal Home
 Two storey building, rectangular
in shape

 Built in adobe stones and hard

wood and roofed with red tiles
 Describe by Rafael Palma

 Behind the house was a poultry

yard full of turkeys and chickens
and a big garden of tropical

 It was a happy home.

A Good Middle-Class Family
 The Rizal family belonged to the Principalia
 A town aristocracy in Spanish Philippines

 One of the distinguished families in Calamba, Laguna

 From the farms, which were rented from Dominican Order, they
harvested rice, corn and sugarcane.

 The owned a carriage, which was a status symbol of the illustrados

in Spanish Philippines

 A private library (the largest in Calamba which consisted of more

then 1,000 volumes.
Home Life of Rizals
 The Rizal family had a simple, contented, and happy life.
 Both parents never spoiled their children.
 They were strict parents and they trained their children to love God,
behave well, to be obedient, and to respect people especially old
 The believed in the maxim: “Spare the rod and spoil the child”
 They heard Mass in the town church particularly Sundays
 They prayed together daily at home then after the prayer all the
children kiss the hands of their parents.
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