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I am not who I think I am
I am not who you I think I
I am who I think you think I
• Physical Self refers to the body, this
marvelous container and complex, finely
tuned, machine with which we interface
with our environment and fellow beings.

• The Physical Self is the concrete

dimension, the tangible aspect of the
person that can be directly observed and
What is body image and
Body image is both the Self-esteem is how you
mental picture you have value and respect yourself
of your own body and as a person. Self-esteem
how you see yourself affects how you take care
when you look in a mirror. of yourself, emotionally,
physically and spiritually.

Body image and self-esteem directly influence

one another. When you have healthy body
image, you feel comfortable about your body
and know how to care for it.
Why Are Self-Esteem Important?
• Self-esteem is important because feeling
good about yourself can affect your
mental health and how you behave.

• People with high self-esteem know

themselves well. They’re realistic and find
friends that like and appreciate them for
who they are. People with high self-
esteem usually feel more in control of
their lives and know their own strengths
and weaknesses.
Self-esteem gives you the:
• Courage to try new things
• Power to believe in yourself
• Confidence to make healthy choices for your mind
and body now and throughout your life
Why does body image matter?
Feeling badly about your body can affect your self-
esteem and change your behaviour in unhelpful ways.
For example, you might:
• avoid social situations
• not speak your mind to avoid calling attention to
• not feel confident about expressing your uniqueness
• avoid activities, like sports, that expose your body
What Influences a Person’s
Self-Esteem and Body Image?
• Puberty and Development
• Society
• Families and School
• Peer pressure
• Bullying
How do I know if I have a healthy
body image and self-esteem?
• You see and think of yourself as a whole
person, not a collection of specific body
• You accept and celebrate the uniqueness
of your natural body shape and size.
• You understand that a person’s physical
appearance says very little about their
character and value as a person.
• You feel comfortable and confident in your
body, and avoid worrying about food,
weight, and counting calories.
How do I know if I have
a negative body image?
• You focus on your body’s weight and perceived flaws.
• You feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about your
• You are convinced you would be happier or “better” if
you were thin.
• You believe that only other people are attractive.
• You exercise to lose weight or to “make up” for calories
that you’ve eaten
Ways you can improve your body
image and learn to love yourself

• Stop comparing yourself to others.

• Focus on what you have the power to change.
• Dress as if you're where you want to be.
• Surround yourself with beauty.
• Practice self-care
• Build a support system.
• Treat your body with respect.
• Treat yourself as you do others.
• Treat eating as something special.
• Resist the pressure to judge yourself and others based
on weight, shape, or size.

love your amazing

“Bychoosing HEALTHY over SKINNY you
are choosing SELF-LOVE over SELF-


- Steve Maraboli