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F1C1 18 008
Class B
pollutants resource monitoring

Risk Water
assessment policies
Water pollution is a severe worlwide
problem that urgently requires concepts
for monitoring and implementation plans
deriving solution.

Every day, 2 liquid sewage, industrial and agricultural

waste are discharged into the world’s water.
The aim of this challenge is to find out the causes
of air pollution and the methods that are carried
out to deal with emerging pollution in order to
create an overall protection of ecological
communities in the aquatic environment and
human health
What is EPs?

Occurrence of EPs can reesult

from point (mainly urban and
industry) or diffuse
(agriculture) pollution.
Emerging pollutants (Eps) are
defined as synthetic or naturally
occurring chemicals that are not
commonly monitored in the
environment but which have the
potential to enter the environment
and cause known or suspected
adverse ecological and (or) human
health effects.
Different types of EPs with widely varying
physical/chemical properties exist:

1. organic substances which can be subdivided in PBTs (persistent

bioaccumulative and toxic substances such as POPs) and more polar
substances (e.g. pesticides, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals)

2. inorganic compounds (e.g. trace metals) and

3. particulate contaminants such as nanoparticles and microplastics

do challenges for do challenges related
to the modeling of
monitoring fate of pollutants that
programs appear

do challenges
do challenges for
water resources related to risk
management and assessment tools
1. Chemical 2. Properties and
analysis and behavior of
screening emerging pollutants

3. Multi compartment
monitoring at river
basin scale
pollution that occurs in the environment, especially
waters, is one of the most complex problems in the
world. this is related to the protection of the entire
ecological community in the aquatic environment and
human health. so that a solution or method is needed
from the managers of water resources through a
combination of regulations and management steps
regarding the use / EP emissions to the environment,
and their occurrence in the environment that is
fundamental to achieving efficient water resource