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Pendekatan Sistem Perjuangan Kelas

(Class-Struggle System Approach )



Karl Marx: “The Father of Communism”
Karl Marx (1818-1883)
• Humanist: wanted all
individuals to reach their full
human potential
• believed human make their
own history( history method)
• founder of the conflict theory
• influenced by the
consequences of the Industrial
Revolution on Europe
Definition of Class
• Classes are large groups of people differing from each other
i. by the position they hold in a given historical system social
ii. by their relations to means of production,
iii. by their role in social organization of labor
iv. by their methods of acquiring and the size of the share of
social wealth at their disposal
Definition of Class Struggle
• According to Bukrharin (1969)
in Historical Materialism, is a
struggle in which one class has
entered into action against the
other class.
• In class society, class struggle
occurs when there is a class
interest over the other class.
Two Main Social Class

Proletariat Bourgeoisie
(Labor or workers) (Capital or capitalists)
Two Main Social Class
• Proletariat (labor or workers) includes anyone who
earns their livelihood by selling their labor power and
being paid a wage or salary for their labor time.
• They have little choice but to work for capital, since
they typically have no independent way to survive.
Two Main Social Class
• Bourgeoisie (capital or capitalists) are those who
owned the means of production and were considered
the wealthy class in a capitalist society
• The income of the capitalists, therefore, is based on
their exploitation of the workers (proletariat).
When Class Struggle Happens ?
• Class struggle happens when the rich business owners (called
bourgeoisie) pay everyday workers (called proletariat), to make
things for them to sell. The workers have no say in their pay or
what things they make, since they can not live without a job or
• Karl Marx was angered that the workers were forced to work
without any say in the business. He believed that since the
workers make the things, they should say where they go and for
how much, instead of the rich owners. They had to work hard to
earn a living, while making the rich richer just doing simple
office work.
When Class Struggle Happens ?
• Since they had to earn money to buy food, and jobs were the
only things that give money, they had no choice but to work
for the rich who made the business. The rich became richer
while the worker hauled and lifted and did all of that hard
manual stuff no one really likes to do.
• Karl Marx thought that their labor limited their freedom. He
wanted the workers to unite and take over the business, so
that they could all be prosperous. He thought that the
common man deserved to run the business, and that the rich
were not better than the commoner.
• When money was created, everyone got their identical share
regardless of how much or little they worked. Each person
received equal pay, which Karl Marx saw as fair and just.
Is Class Struggle still relevant?
• Marx was describing a society 150
years ago but modern Marxists
believe his ideas to be broadly true
• Social classes are not as sharply
divided now but harsh inequalities
• He believes that the education
system is one of the main agents of
control, and an opportunities to
improve children situation