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RA 9262: Anti –VAWC Act
Effective March 27, 2004
A special law protecting women and their
children from all forms of abuse
Criminal statute
Civil action – Temporary & Permanent
Protection Order
With remedy of Barangay (village)
Protection Order
“Violence Against Women
and Children” (Definition)
act or a series of acts
committed by ANY PERSON
 against a woman (wife, former wife, woman with
sexual or dating relationship, woman with common
 or against her child (legitimate or illegitimate)
Act/s result in or is likely to result in PHYSICAL,
SEXUAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL harm or suffering, or
ECONOMIC abuse, including THREAT of such acts
battery, assault, coercion, harassment or arbitrary
deprivation of liberty.
“Dating Relationship”
It is a situation wherein the parties live as
husband and wife without the benefit of
 or are romantically involved over time and
on a continuing basis during the course of
the relationship.
Types of Violence

Types of Violence Covered
- Acts which include bodily or physical harm.
Types of Violence Covered
- Acts which are sexual in nature,
Types of Violence Covered
- acts or omissions causing or likely to cause mental
or emotional suffering of the victim

Types of Violence Covered
- acts that make or attempt to make a woman
financially dependent
Sec. 5 Acts of VAWC

Causing, threatening, attempting to cause

physical harm
Placing the woman or her child in fear of
imminent physical harm
Attempting or compelling the woman or her
child to engage in conduct which they have
a right to desist from
Sec. 5 Acts of VAWC

depriving or threatening to deprive the

woman or her child of custody or access to
her family
depriving them of financial support;
insufficient financial support
Sec. 5 Acts of VAWC

Depriving or threatening to deprive the

woman or her child of a legal right
Preventing the woman from engaging in
any legitimate profession, occupation,
business or activity, or controlling her own
money or properties or solely controlling
conjugal or common assets
Sec. 5 Acts of VAWC

Causing or attempting to cause the woman

or her child to engage in any sexual
activity..., by force or threat, physical harm,
intimidation directed against the woman, her
child, or immediate family
Sec. 5 Acts of VAWC

Engaging in knowing or reckless conduct,

personally or through another, that alarms or
causes substantial emotional or
psychological distress including:
- (1) stalking
- (2)entering or remaining in the property
Sec. 5 Acts of VAWC

Causing mental or emotional anguish,

public ridicule, humiliation including
repeated verbal and emotional abuse
denial of financial support or custody of
minor children or denial of access to the
woman’s child
Kinds of Protection Orders
Barangay Protection Order – 15 days;
not extendible
Temporary Protection Order – 30 days
+ (shall be renewed by court)
Permanent Protection Order
Barangay Protection Order
issued by the Punong Barangay ordering
the perpetrator to desist from committing
acts under Section 5 (a) and (b) of this Act
shall issue the protection order to the
applicant on the date of filing after ex
parte determination of the basis of the
Temporary Protection Order
Issued by the Court on the day of filing
Ex parte ; Priority over all other cases
Effective for 30 days; extendible
Stay away order, temporary custody and
support to woman and/or her children, use of
community/conjugal property
Bond to Keep the Peace
Enforceable anywhere in the country
No mediation; no conciliation
Permanent Protection Order
issued after notice and hearing
custody, support to the woman and/or her
respondent to leave the residence
with Bond to Keep the Peace
Who may file a Petition for
Protection Orders?
a) The offended party;
b) The parents or guardians of the offended party;
c) The ascendants, descendants or collateral relatives within the fourth
civil degree of consanguinity or affinity;
d) Officers or social workers of the DSWD or social workers of local
government units (LGUs);
e) Police officers, preferably those in charge of women and children’s
f) Punong Barangay or Barangay Kagawad;
g) Lawyer, counselor, therapist or healthcare provider of the petitioner;
h) At least two (2) concerned responsible citizens of the city or
municipality where the violence against women and their children occurred
and who has personal knowledge of the offense committed.
What are Girls Made of?