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 Nationalism

 The Propaganda Movement

 The Rise and Fall of La Solidaridad

 La Liga Filipina
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It refers to a political ideology that involves
love for one’s country and people.

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The Opening of the
Philippines to World Trade

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Opening of Suez Canal
Mediterranean Sea

November 17, 1869


Red Sea

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The Formation of an
Influential Middle Class

Middle Class

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Political Reforms Under
Governor-General Carlos Maria de
la Torre

June 23, 1869

- Carlos Maria de la Torre introduced

many reforms in the Philippines which
were welcomed by Filipinos and the
native clergies.

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The Trial and Execution of
- The execution of these priests
awakened Filipino nationalism.

Padre Mariano Gomez

Padre Jose Burgos
Padre Jacinto Zamora

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Jose Rizal

Mariano Ponce

Marcelo H. del Pilar

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Philippines Spain

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Propaganda Movement
Core Goals of the Movement

 Assimilation of the Philippines as a regular province of Spain.

 Development in the Philippine economy.

 Promotion of human rights especially the freedoms of speech and of

the press.

 Secularization of parishes.

 Equality between the Spaniards and the Filipinos.

 Reforms in the government and education system.

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“without 1872, there would be no
Plaridel, Jaena, or Sanciongco; nor
would the brave and generous
Filipino colonies in Europe have
existed. Without 1872, Rizal would
now have been a Jesuit and instead
of writing Noli Me Tangere would
have written the opposite.
Observing the injustices and
cruelties fired my young imagination
Jose Rizal and I pledge to dedicate myself to
La Solidaridad avenge someday those victims.
With this idea, I have studied and
this can be discerned in all my works
and writings. God will give me the
opportunity someday to keep my
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Piping Laong
Dilat Plaridel Laan
Kalipulako Jomapa Diego
Dimasalang Laura Taga-Ilog
Plaridel Naning Diego Laan Taga-Ilog Jomapa
Piping Kalipulako Laura
Dilat Dimasalang

Marcelo H. Mariano Graciano Jose Rizal Antonio Jose Maria

del Pilar Ponce Lopez Luna Panganiban
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Objectives of La Solidaridad
 To advocate liberal ideas for the progress of the Philippines.

 To discuss all problems which deal with the general interest of the
nation, seeking solutions that are purely national and democratic.

 To describe the true condition of the Filipino people under the rule of
the Spanish government.

 To expose the oppression of the Spanish government officials and

clergies to the Filipino people.

 To encourage the Filipino people to unite for change.

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 Jose Rizal launched another reform movement after his return on July
3, 1892. It was founded in Doroteo Onjunco’s house at No. 176 Ilaya
St. Tondo, Manila.

 Unus Instar Omnium (One Like All) – motto of the La Liga Filipina

 Filipino reformists who attended the meeting:

Pedro Serrano Laktaw, Domingo Franco, Jose A. Ramos, Ambrosio Salvador,

Bonifacio Arevalo, Deodato Arellano, Ambrosio Flores, Agustin de la Rosa,
Moises Salvador, Luis Villareal, Faustino Villaroel, Mariano Crisostomo,
Estanislao Legaspi, Teodoro Plata, Andres Bonifacio, Apolinario Mabini, Juan

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 To unite the whole archipelago into one compact, vigorous, and
homogenous body.

 To have a mutual protection for all in every want and necessity.

 To establish defense against violence and injustice.

 To study and apply the needed reforms in the Philippines.

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Organizational Structure
 It was governed by Supreme Council that had a national jurisdiction
which was composed of a president, a secretary, a treasurer, and a

 It also had a Provincial Council and Popular Council.

 Officers of the Supreme Council

 Ambrosio Salvador – President

 Deodato Arellano – Secretary
 Bonifacio Arevalo – Treasurer
 Agustin de la Rosa – Fiscal

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Duties of the Members
 To obey the orders of the Supreme Council.

 To help in recruiting new members.

 To keep in strictest secrecy the decisions of the movement’s


 To have a symbolic name which he cannot change until he becomes

president of his council.

 To report to the fiscal anything that he may hear which affects the

 To behave well as befits a good Filipino.

 To help fellow members in all ways.

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