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-Speech choir or verse choir operates like

a music choir minus the music.

-Instead of singing, speech choir perform
spoken-word pieces.
- It is a powerful art that is experiencing a
- brings out the beauty of harmony and
unison, hence providing speakers and
listeners alike with an experience that is
both exciting and intense in the
interpretation of literary piece.
A. Conventional Speech Choir
- Has no use of costumes, nor props, nor choreography. The
choir simply speaks or reads a literary piece.

B. Theatrical Speech Choir

- The reverse of the conventional speech choir
A speech choir is typically the same size
as a singing choir having anywhere from
12-100 members or more
Selections are typically poems or
poetic passage such as from Greek
dramas or Shakespeare’s plays.
Choreography of movement is not necessary
component for speech choir.
Many successful competition choirs recite their
pieces while standing in place with their hands
at their sides, attention directed solely at the
Costumes can be as simple as matching
outfits or robes, such as a vocal choir
would wear, or elaborate theatrical garb.
The ability to combine successfully the light,
medium, and dark voices in the choir.
The ability to communicate through voice,
reactions to thoughts or emotions.
The ability to add or subtract whole sections,
banks, smaller groups, or solo speakers to
increase or diminish the power of richness of
the sound to better express the meaning.
The variations of the voice on the
musical scale.
Ability to use volume, force or
loudness as emphasis in appropriate
places to better express feeling and
Refers to the rate of speed at
which a reading progresses.
The ability to successfully organize and position
the choir on stage for performance effect.
Ability to stage entrances and exits which enhance
the mood of the performance.
1. Speech choirs shall be comprised of twelve (12) to (25) class members.
2. Members of the choirs shall wear and use costumes, props, and other
whenever appropriate to improve the choral interpretation of the
3. Dangerous stunts shall be prohibited. The board of judges reserves the
right to discontinue presentations whenever posing danger to risks to
the members of the team, the judges, and the audience.
4. Upon submission of the results to the committee, judges’ decision shall
be considered final and irrevocable.
5. Only three (3) speech choirs shall be awarded as Champion, 1st Runner-
Up, and 2nd Runner-Up.
a) Overall Interpretation(40%). The speech choir invokes thoughts and feelings and
initiates a shared experience with the audience through superior dynamics,
unique techniques, and expressive interpretations of the lines.
b) Mastery and Delivery (40%). The speech choir demonstrates mastery of the piece
by maintaining vocal unison, stage poise, eye contact , and other verbal and
nonverbal effects.
c) Costume and Props (10%). The speech choir wears costumes and uses props
indispensable in the interpretation of the piece and shared experience between
the choir and the audience.
d) Audience Impact (10%). The speech choir succeeds in engaging the audience in
the shared experience, hence communicating the message of the literary piece.