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1.) What is the study of the
earth’s surface and physical
A. Topography
B. Geology
C. Geography
D. Cartography
TOPOGRAPHY- focuses on
earth’s surface.
GEOGRAPHY- study of
GEOLOGY- study of the
processes by which the earth
is shaped and changed.
CARTOGRAPHY- study of
map making.
2.) What continent is
known as the “cradle of
A. Africa
B. America
C. Asia
D. Europe
3.) The first civilization was made
possible because it was situated
between two rivers that made the
land fertile. What are these
A. Amazon, Nile
B. Yangtze, Huang Ho
C. Mesopotamia
D. Yangtze
4.) What river is also known
as “China’s sorrow”?
A. Irrawaday
B. Huang Ho
C. Mekong
D. Yangtze
5.) The Indus river
gave____place its name.
A. India
B. Indochina
C. Indo-Malay Islands
D. Indonesia
6.) What body of water was
very important for the
development of the Ancient
Greek civilization?
A. Tibet river
B. Mediterranean Sea
C. Atlantic Ocean
D. Aegean Sea
7.) What body of water
borders Europe, Africa, and
A. Black Sea
B. Indian Ocean
C. Mediterranean Sea
D. Pacific Ocean
8.) Greenwhich, England is
designated as the _____in
determining absolute
A. Equator
B. Prime Meridian
C. Tropic of Cancer
D. Tropic of Capricorn
9.) What mountains are used
to divide Asia and Europe?

A. Andes
B. Himalayas
C. Pyrenees
D. Ural Mountains
10.) What is the largest Island
in the world?
A. Australia
B. Greenland
C. Indonesia
D. Madagascar
11.) Which country is NOT a
member of the ASEAN?
A. Cambodia
B. Laos
C. Singapore
D. Taiwan
12.) To which part of Asia
does the Arabian peninsula
A. West
B. Southeast
C. North
D. East
13.)The ____is considered as
the lowest point on earth.

A. Caspian Sea
B. Dead Sea
C. Lake Baikal
D. Red Sea
14.) The Earth is
approximately_____ percent
A. 10
B. 26
C. 50
D. 74
15.) As of 2011, the world’s
population reached______.
A. 5 billion
B. 7 billion
C. 10 billion
D. 12 billion
16.) Cape Horn is described a
sthe sailors’ graveyard because
of its frequent storms. In which
continent can we find this?
A. South America
B. Australia
C. Asia
D. Africa
17.) Which term refers to all life
zones-plants, animals, other
organisms, and the physical
environment in a particular area?

A. Tundra
B. Savanna
C. Rainforests
D. Ecosystems
18.) What artificial waterway
allows water transportation from
Europe to enter Asia without
going around Africa?

A. Erie Canal
B. Canal Grande
C. Panama Canal
D. Suez Canal
19.) It is the largest Muslim
Country in terms of
A. India
B. Indonesia
C. Iraq
D. Iran
20.) Which correctly
describes the topography of
the Philippines?
A. Short Coastline
B. Smooth Physical features
C. Rugged physical features
D. No plain, all mountains and
21.) This may have resulted
because the Philippines is an
A. Indolence
B. Low literacy
C. Multi-cultural diversity
D. Widespread poverty
22.) Being situated on the
Pacific Plate , the Philippines
is prone to____.
A. Drought
B. Earthquakes
C. Floods
D. Typhoons
23.) Because of its
geographic location, the
A. Is economically poor
B. Is not prone to calamities
C. Has low literacy rate
D. Has warm climate
24.) In terms of land area, the
Philippines is bigger
A. Japan
B. Malaysia
C. South Korea
D. Thailand
25.) As an effect of their
geography, in which of the
following do people travel
most by water.
A. Luzon
B. Mindanao
C. Visayas
D. Visayas and Mindanao
26.) The world : Nile
River; The
A. Agno River
B. Cagayan River
C. Rio Grande de Mindanao
D. Rio Grande de Papanga
27.) Which of the following is
NOT a major mountain found
in the Philippines?

A. Banahaw
B. Bulusan
C. Kitanglad
D. Pulag
28.) Sierra Madre, Cordillera,
an Caraballo are examples of
____ in the Philippines.

A. Mountain ranges
B. Plateaus
C. Valleys
D. Volcanoes
29.) Which is considered to be
the most active volcano in the
Philippines because it has
erupted may times in recorded
A. Banahaw
B. Hibok-hibok
C. Mayon
D. Taal
30.) Which province in the
western coast of Luzon is
virtually surrounded by sea
waters and has become the
center for big business and
development processing zones?
A. Bataan
B. Mindoro
C. Pampanga
D. Zambales
31.) Which of the following
does not belong to the
A. Tanon
B. Tablas
C. San Bernardino
D. Pagsanjan
32.) Which is the leading
mineral export of the
A. Iron
B. Copper
C. Coal
D. Chromite
33.) Which is the leading
agricultural export of the
A. Abaca
B. Copra
C. Fabric
D. Tobacco
34.) Which region is said to offer
limited economic opportunities
because it is a narrow strip of
land surrounded by mountain
ranges and sea?
A. Bicol Region
B. Cagayan Valley
C. Ilocos region
D. National Capital Region
35.) If you want to sea
underground caves and
rivers in the Philippines, you
should go to___.
A. Benguet
B. Cagayan
C. La Union
D. Palawan
36.) In which region can you
find the cities of Dagupan,
Laoag, San Carlos and San
A. I
37.) Which province in the
north is landlocked,
mountainous, and frequently
exposed to extensive
A. Batanes
B. Benguet
C. Cagayan
D. Isabela
38.) Which province in the
Cordillera Administrative Region
is Known for its rich natural
resources but hindered by
factors like tribal wars?
A. Abra
B. Ifugao
C. Kalinga
D. Mountain Province
39.) The Philippines consists of
islands and landlocked
provinces. Which is a landlocked
A. Isabela
B. Masbate
C. Mindoro Oriental
D. Romblon
40.) If the seven continents
were arranged from largest to
smallest, which order does
Australia fall?

A. 4th
B. 5th
C. 6th
D. 7th
41.) Which of the following in NOT a
major feature of Southeast Asian
a. Southeast Asia has an extremely long
b. Mountains and seas help to unite
Southeast Asia
c. Southeast Asia is a region of islands
and Peninsulas
d. Several important cities are located
near the river deltas
42.) Which of the following would
have the greatest effect on the
lives of
the Chinese people?

a. The mountains
b. The monsoons
c. The north wind
d. The Desert
43.) In which production
does India lead world?

a. Wheat
b. Tea
c. Spices
d. Jute
44.) Which best describes most of
Russia’s coastline?
a. It is very good for trade because it
is straight.
b. It is very good because it is the
longest in the world
c. It is not very useful because there
are not too many good ports
d. It is not very useful for trade
because it stays frozen part of the
45.) Why do much of the world’s
trade passes through the Middle

a. Because the people of the Middle

East are among the best traders.
b. Because the best harbors are
found in the Middle East
c. Because the Middle East
connects three continents
d. All of the above
46. The geographic position of Southeast
Asia has influenced its
development in what way?
a. It is set apart from the rest of the world.
b. It is a natural area for the development of
c. It has forced Southeast Asian countries to
conquer neighboring lands
d. It has made it an important trade center
between the Indian and
Pacific Oceans
47.) Which of the following statement is
true about Chinese geography?

a. The mountains of China are along the

east coast.
b. Geography has in part isolated China
from the world.
c. The Rivers of China are navigable for
only a short distance.
d. Geography has had little to do with
China’s unique development.
48.) Which of the following statements
about India’s geography is NOT true?

a. Southern India is a land of

mountains, forest and jungles
b. The Deccan was isolated China from
most of India by geography.
c. Mountain pass through the Himalayas
have helped migrations into India.
d. The rivers of India play only a small
role in the lives of the people.
49.) What climate is most of
Russia known for?

a. Tropical
b. Continental
c. Temperate
d. Humid
50.) What does the Suez Canal

a. Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific

b. Atlantic Ocean with the Black Sea
c. Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea
d. Mediterranean Sea with the Black
51.) If you went from Hanoi to
Saigon, you would probably travel
in which

a. North
b. South
c. East
d. West
52.) As a person travels west in
China what will he most likely
to find?

a. Mountains and desert

b. Densely populated cities
c. Large agricultural areas
d. Dry loess plains
53.) The earliest civilization
of India was located in the
valley what river?

a. Ganges River
b. Indus river
c. Brahmaputra river
d. Godavari River
54.) Where are the great
forests of Russia found?

a. Tundra
b. Taiga
c. Steppe
d. Desert
55.) Most of the land of the
Middle East is

a. Jungle
b. Steppe
c. Desert
d. Savanna
56.Saigon is located to the
east of what country?

a. Hanoi
b. Rangoon
c. Manila
d. Djakarta
57. The most densely populated
areas of China are found in
what area?

a. Near industrial areas

b. In the river valleys
c. in the western mountains
d. on the southern plateau
58. Which of the following does
NOT affect the climate?

a. Cold winds from central Asia

b. The wide range of latitude
c. The monsoon winds from the
d. The warm ocean currents
along the coast
59. Why were the Mongols able to
invade Russia easily?
a. The Russian had an excellent
b. Many Russians welcomed the
c. The Mongols had the help of
other nations
d. There were no barriers in the
steppe to stop them
60.) Only 15% of the land of the
Middle East is suitable for
farming. 85%
is unsuitable for what reason?

a. It is too dry
b. It is too hilly
c. There are too many factories
d. None of these
61. What activities can make significant
improvements in students’
communicative effectiveness and using
the world atlas and geography culture,
in those students can build up written

a. Case study method

b. Concept formation activities
c. Print-based activities
d. on-line activities
62. What teaching strategy is best to use when you like to
the use of matrix headings as a model to guide the
transformation of
a. The teacher must first distribute to the class a summary
report or
descriptive report.
b. The teacher may provide a visual aid when possible to
abstract concepts.
c. The teacher may use a concept development strategy.
d. The teacher may identify a concept for the observers.
63.) What teaching technique is used when you
select or create learning
supports or an alternative of providing time to
conduct research on the
topic, problem, assertion, or question? This
technique requires you to
arrange the chairs so that there is a small circle
for the student who
will actively discuss and a large outer circle for
the observers.
a. Case study
b. Fishbowl
c. dueling documents
d. on line
64. What strategy will you use to examine
unique events, issues or a
pressing problem that can be real,
fictional or hypothetical? This
strategy can also be used to describe
the drivers group of people,
cultures, ethnic groups and languages?
a. Gallery walk
b. Synaptic
c. Case studies
d. Concept formation
65. What game to play when the Social
Science teacher explains the two
documents that are competing to tell
the story of the past and the task
is to decide which documents should
win the game?
a. Dueling documents
b. Debriefing
c. gallery walk
d. KWL
66. This is the largest of all the
continents. It covers nearly 1/3 of
the world’s land surface. This
continent gave the world its
civilizations and major religions.
a. Europe
b. Asia
c. Africa
d. North America
67. This country is known as the
"world’s melting pot" and "land of
refugees" for having history of
successive migration.

a. Canada
b. Australia
c. United States
d. Great Britain
68. This is often called as the
"eternal city" for having been
the seat
of power during ancient and
modern period.
a. Paris
b. Milan
c. Brussels
d. Rome
69. Melanesia refers to the "black
islands" who’s inhabitants are
generally short with dark skin and
frizzy hair. Which of the following
does NOT belong to the
Melanesia group of islands?
a. Papua New Guinea
b. Solomon Islands
c. Vanuatu
d. Tuvalu
70. This is a doctrine in geography
which states that nature is
passive and man is active who is
free to change his environment.

a. Marxist
b. Possibilism
c. Feminist Geography
d. Critical Geography
71. This is often called as "land of
emeralds" because it has 90% of the
world’s supply of emeralds. This
country is the only nation with
coastlines washed by both the
Caribbean Sea and the Pacific
a. Colombia
b. Brazil
c. Ecuador
d. Bolivia
72. This is the least developed and
poorest country in Central America.
This country’s name originated from
Spanish word for "depths". This is
also known as the "Banana
a. Honduras
b. Guatemala
c. Nicaragua
d. El Salvador
73. Why is Africa often called "Dark
Continent" until the 19th century?

a. It is a land of mystery and

b. Its peoples are all black and dark
c. Its forest are impenetrable
d. Its notorious for diseases
74. This is the third largest continent. It
is home of megacities like Mexico
City, New York and Los Angeles. Its
highest point is Mt. McKinley and
lowest point is the Death Valley.

a. South America
b. North America
c. Caribbean
d. Oceania
75. This is the second largest
continent, home of the largest
desert and was also believed to
be the birthplace of humanity.
a. Africa
b. North America
c. South America
d. Asia
76. This is the best
manifestation of the cultural
landscape of Islam.

a. Pagodas
b. Mosques
c. Stupas
d. Bazaar
77. This is the largest city in
Africa which is also often
called "city
of victory".
a. Cairo
b. Pretoria
c. Addis Ababa
d. Mogadishu
78. This is popularly called as
"Empty Quarter". This is one of
largest true deserts in the world
which has no settlement and no
vegetation at all.
a. Rub Al Khali
b. Sahara
c. Nubian
d. Libyan
79. This is the heart of the Mayan
civilization. It is most populous
country in Central America and
half of the populations are Mayan
a. Honduras
b. Costa Rica
c. Guatemala
d. Mexico
80. This is the 6th largest country in
the world in terms of land area.
In fact, it is the only nation that is
a continent, but it has the
highest rate of skin cancer in the
a. India
b. Australia
c. USA
d. Canada
81. This is how we call the
location is based on the use
of longitudes
and latitudes.
a. Nominal
b. Relative
c. Astronomical
d. Absolute
82. This literary means "land
without people". This country
became independent in 1990 and
has one of the highest sand
dunes in the world.
a. Angola
b. Ghana
c. Namibia
d. Senegal
83. The name of "Far East" is a
misnomer being coined by
western geographers and
European mariners. This region
refers to
a. India, Pakistan
b. Russia, Kazakhstan
c. Saudi Arabia, Jordan
d. China, Korea, Japan
84. Paradise Lost, that’s the story
of this country which was rocked
by 66 nuclear blast by the United
States from 1946-1958.

a. Nauru
b. Vanuatu
c. Marshall Is.
d. Tonga
85. The April 1986 Chernobyl
explosion is the world’s worst
nuclear disaster wherein 3 people
were killed in the initial explosion.
Chernobyl is located in
a. Ukraine
b. Russia
c. Latvia
d. Lithuania
86. The Prime Meridian
passes through
a. London
b. Rome`
c. Samoa
d. Warsaw
87. This country assumed full
sovereignty over a strategic
canal from
the United States on
December 31, 1999.
a. Solomon Island
b. Panama
c. Egypt
d. Colombia
88. "Rainbow Warrior", the flagship of
the Greenpeace Organization was
bombed and sunk in Auckland by
French secret agents due to the
former’s nuclear testing. Where is
a. Australia
b. New Zealand
c. Guam
d. Japan
89. This often called a "heaven of
peace" in Central America. This
country had led the way in forest
conservation and demilitarization.

a. Nicaragua
b. Costa Rica
c. El Salvador
d. Honduras
90. This is the second most
populated country in the world.
This nation still practices caste
determination, child bride, dowry
system and girl-child infanticide
especially in the rural areas.
a. China
b. India
c. Canada
d. Pakistan
91. During the Vietnam war, wide areas of
forest and mangroves were
sprayed with this herbicide which contains
dioxin, a high toxic compound. This dioxin
later was responsible for fetal deformities.
What do you call this dioxin?
a. Agent Orange
b. Uranium
c. Formalin
d. all of the above
92. This is one of the world’s leading
oil producers. The country has the
highest per capital income in Latin
America, though its national wealth
is very unevenly distributed. This
country helped in the founding of
a. Mexico
b. Brazil
c. Venezuela
d. Ecuador
93. This is the only Portuguese
– speaking country in a
a. Mexico
b. Aruba
c. Nicaragua
d. Brazil
94. This literally means
"Opposite the Arctic". This is
the 5th largest
landmass and the least
a. Africa
b. North Pole
c. South Pacific
d. Antarctica
95. In 1989, it became the very first
country to sanction homosexual
marriage and to give homosexuals
most of the legal rights accorded to
a. Germany
b. Finland
c. Netherland
d. Denmark
96. Western Asia, also called the
Middle East includes the
following countries EXCEPT…

b. Iran

c. Afghanistan

d. Iraq
C is the correct answer. Afghanistan is
located in South Asia. Option A. B and D
are all located in Western Asia.
97. Of the following, which
country holds for the lowest
temperature on earth?
a. Mongolia

b. Siberia

c. Nepal

d. Tibet
98. Of the following, which country
holds for the lowest temperature
on earth?

a. Mongolia

b. Siberia

c. Nepal

d. Tibet
B is the correct answer. Located in the
heart of Siberia, the village
of Oymyakon in Russia is widely
considered to be the coldest inhabited
place on Earth. A temperature of −90 °F
(−67.7 °C) was recorded there back in
1933 — the lowest recorded temperature
for any permanently inhabited spot in the
99. Which is the cradle of the
world’s great religions?


b. Africa

c. Asia

d. North America
C is the correct answer. The world’s five
biggest religions began in Asia. The
Middle East is the birthplace of Judaism,
Christianity, and Islam. India is the
ancient home of Hinduism and Buddhism
100. Of the following, who was
the Venetian traveler and
merchant whose accounts stirred
Europeans interest to explore
the East?
a.Henry the Navigator
b. Vasco de Gama
c. Marco Polo
d. Amerigo Vespucci
 C.Marco Polo is the correct Answer.
Venetian merchant and adventurer
Marco Polo traveled from Europe to
Asia from 1271 to 1295. He wrote Il
Milione, known in English as The
Travels of Marco Polo.
101. Where do devotees to Sto.
Nino flock in January for its “ Ati-

A. Aklan C. Tagbilaran

B.Tacloban D. Cebu
A is the correct answer.
Tacloban- Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival (
Tagbilara-Sandugo Festival
Cebu- Sinulog Festival
102. Which place in
CALABARZON was named “
Special Science and Nature City”
of the Philippines?

a.Los Banos c.Pagsanjan

b.Tagaytay d. Kawit
Los Banos is the correct answer. Signed on
August 7, 2000: Designating and declaring
the municipality of Los Baños, Laguna as a
special science and nature city of the
Tagaytay is a tourist spot because of the Taal
Pagsanjan is known for its Pagsanjan Falls
Kawit is the site where Pres. Aguinaldo
proclaimed Philippine Independence on
June 12, 1989.
103. What is the Bukidnon
Plateau known for?

a.Strawberry plantation
b.Banana Plantation
d. Pineapple Plantation
D.Pineapple Plantation is the correct
Strawberry Plantation is in Benguet
Banana Plantation is Davao Del Norte
Orchidarium is found in Manila
104. Why is Waling-waling
considered the “ Queen of the
Philippines Orchid”?

a. It blooms rarely and when it

blooms, it lasts.
b. It is the most colorful orchid.
c. It is the most fragrant orchid.
d. It is the rarest and most expensive
105. Which one serves as the
rice granary in the northeast
a.Cagayan Valley
b.Nueva Ecija
c. Cordillera Administrative
d. Ilocos Region
b.Nueva Ecija is the correct answer.(
Makabayan. Kapiligirang Pilipino 4 pg.
Cagayan Valley is the corn granary of
the Philippines.
106. Which CORRECTLY describe/s the
I. The topography of the Philippines is not
monotonous in the sense that it it rugged
II. The coastline is long and rugged.
III. The word “ applies to its flora and
IV. Its climate is warm but some elevated
parts of the country are cool.

a.I, III, and IV C. I, II, III and IV

b.I, II and IV D. II, III and IV
107. Which characteristics are common to
underdeveloped regions of the country?

I. Lack of infrastructure
II. Preserved natural resources
III. Lack of access to technologies, markets
and credits

a.I, II and III c. II and III

b.I and III d. I and II
Underdeveloped Area-
Characterized by the
predominant absence of utility
system or networks, especially
water supply, roads and power.
108. Which province is identified with the
treacherous mountain trail which
occasionally damaged by landslides
during the rainy season consequently
interrupting the delivery of fresh vegetable
supply to the lowlands including Manila?

a. Mt. Province
c. Benguet
d. Ifugao
C. Benguet is the correct answer.
Benguet is the “ Salad Bowl of the
Mt. Province is the Weaver
Paradise of the Philippines
Ifugao is known for Rice Terraces
109. Which province is helped
developed by the advent of local
and international tourist who go
surfing in Siargao island?

a. Misamis Oriental
b.Agusan del Sur
c.Surigao del Sur
d.Surigao del Norte
D.Surigao del Norte is the correct
Misamis Oriental is known for its
White Water Rafting
Agusan del Sur is a landlock
Surigao del Norte is also a surfing
place. But not as good as the
Cloud 9 waves of Siargao.
110. Which province in the Cordillera
Administrative Region is known for its
rich natural resources but its
development is somehow hampered
by several factors including tribal

a.Mt. Province c. Kalinga

b.Abra d. Apayao
111. What make/s Central Plain, the
“rice granary” of the country?

a.Rio Grande de Pampanga and Agno

b.Agno Grande
c.Pantabangan Dam
d.Rio Grande de Pampanga
D.is the correct answer. “ Ilog
Pampanga ang nagsisilbing
patubigan ng mga sakahan sa
Pampanga, Nueva Ecija at
Bulacan”. ( Batayang Aklat
Makabayan 4 pg. 44)
Agno Grande is in Pangasinan.
112. As preserved in Bisayan tradition,
which islands was brought by ten
Malay datus from Borneo who left
Borneo with their families due to
discontentment under tyrannical rule of
Sultan Makatunaw?

a.Panay c. Cebu
b.Masbate d. Bohol
 Panay is the correct answer. Led by
Datu Puti, the Borneans landed in
the island of Panay and bought the
lowlands from the Ati king named
Marikudo in exchange for one gold
saduk(native hat) and long gold
necklace for Queen
113.) Constantinople, the capital
of Byzantine Empire is now
a. Islamabad
b. Istanbul
c. Tehran
d. Baghdad
 Istanbul- former Constantinople became
a capital of the Roman Empire in

 Islamabad-Capital of Pakistan.

 Baghdad-Capital of Iraq.

 Tehran- Capital of Iran.

114.) Of the following, which
country lies on the vast Eurasian
plain that starts from Europe and
reaches the boarder of China?
a. Sweden
b. Finland
c. Iceland
d. Russia
 Witha total Land area of
17,075,200 sq km, Russia
sprawls across eastern Europe
and northern Asia.
115.) The following are found in
Eastern Europe EXCEPT…
a. Poland
b. Hungry
c. Netherlands
d. Serbia
 All other country is located on Eastern
Europe, Except The Netherlands which is
found in Northwester Europe.
116.) Of the following, which is the
second largest continent,
covering one fifth of all earth’s
land surface?
a. Africa
b. Asia
c. Antartica
d. Australia
 Asia,- largest of continent,. it covers an
estimated 44,391,000 sq km
(17,139,000 sq mi), or about 30
percent of the world’s total land
 Africa,-second largest continents,
covering 23 percent of the
world’s total land.
 Antarctica- fifth largest continent.

 Australia -smallest continent in the world.

117.) Of the following African
countries, which was called the
“Land of Gold” because of the
great flow of gold?
a. Mali
b. Nigeria
c. Egypt
d. Ghana
 Ghana is known historically for its
gold mines, and the country the
world’s top gold producers. Ghana
mined 60,000 kg (132,280 lb) of gold
in 2004. The Ashanti Goldfields
Corporation manages the richest
deposit at Obuasi in the Ashanti
118.) The following are
archipelago EXCEPT….
a. Japan
b. Philippines
c. Indonesia
d. Korea
 Archipelago is a group or chain
of islands. Philippines,Japan and
Indonesia are composed of many
Islands Except Korea.
119. Which island was the scene of the
first landing of US troops when they
recaptured the Philippines from the
The correct answer is option B – Leyte. The
American forces under Gen. MacArthur landed in
Leyte in October 1944.
120. If Bukidnon – Lanao area is a
plateau, Zamboanga is more of a/an

The correct answer is option D.
Zamboanga is more of a peninsula, it is also
referred as Zamboanga peninsula. The city
occupies a slender coastal strip backed by
mountains and is protected from the elements
by the bulk of Basilan Island in Basilan Strait.
121. Rice, the staple food of Filipinos,
come mainly from __________.

B.Central Plain of Luzon
D.Ilocos Region
The correct answer is option
B, Central Plain of Luzon. It is
referred too as the “rice granary
and Rice Bowl of the Philippines”.
The other options produces rice
also but not as much as Central
Luzon do.
122. Which is known as the
“tuna country”?

D.General Santos
 Option A – the “Cashew Capital of the Philippines”,
produces 90 percent of the total cashew
production of the country.
 Option B – Davao’s main products are abaca
(Manila hemp), coconuts, fruit, pearls, rice, and
 Option C – Mindoro’s chief agricultural crops are
coconuts and rice and they also supply tuna in
the country but not as many as General Santos
 Option D is the correct answer. They produce
most of the country’s tuna supply and they also
export tuna.
123. Which province has an underground
river, green surroundings and white
beaches, which lure tourists to come most
especially during dry season?

D.Davao Oriental
Option A is the correct
answer. It where the famous
underground river and Boracay,
which is known for its white sand
beach, is located. Puerto Galera in
east Mindoro is the famous tourist
destination with many beach and
entertainment facilities. Bohol is
known for the Chocolate Hills.
124. Is the Philippines self –sufficient in
its energy resource?
A. No, while the country has several domestic
energy resources, these are insufficient to meet
its energy needs.
B. Yes, the country has enough geothermal
resources and hydroelectric resources.
C. No, the country remains dependent on imported
D. Yes, the country has a variety of domestic
energy resources.
125. Tourists from the city bring home
otap, dried mangoes, and dried fish
such as danggit for pasalubong.
Which is referred to?
Option C is the correct answer. Cebu is
widely known because of their danggit for
pasalubong. Option A – Davao is known
for Durian products as pasalubong such as
Durian Candy, Option C – Iloilo pasalubong s
are commonly buttersccoths, bisocho,
pinagsugbo, and barquillos and Option D –
Tacloban pasalubongs are commonly binagol,
chocolate moron, pastillas and sagmani
126. Which is the correct
arrangement according to area
from the largest to smallest?
A.Luzon, Palawan, Mindanao
B.Luzon, Mindanao, Samar
C.Luzon, Samar, Mindanao
D.Luzon, Mindanao, Palawan
The correct answer is
option C. Luzon is 105, 708
sq. km., Mindanao is 95, 587
sq. km., Samar is 13, 100
sq. km. while Palawan is 11,
800 sq. km.
127. Which statement is true of

A. It is here where the highest

mountain is located.
B. It is the second biggest island in the
C. It is the third largest island in the
D. It is the biggest island in the country.
The correct answer is option D.
Option A and B pertains to Mindanao, while
option C pertains to Samar.
128. Cuneiform writing is for
the Sumerians’ as
___________ is for the

A. Stone seal
B. Hieroglyphics
C. Ziggurats
D. Papyrus
 Option A is the answer because ,
In September of 1954, the United States,
France, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, the
Philippines, Thailand and Pakistan formed the
Southeast Asia Treaty Organization, or SEATO.
The purpose of the organization was to
prevent communism from gaining ground in the
region. Although called the “Southeast Asia Treaty
Organization,” only two Southeast Asian countries
became members.
 C – UNESCO( United Nation )
 D – WTO ( World Trade Organization)
130. Which issue caused for
estrangement of the relation
between the Philippines and
Malaysia in the past?
A. Terrorist issue
B. The founding of MAPHILINDO
C. Shaping of the federation of
D. The Philippines claim of Sabah
12.) Of the following, which is
known as the land between the
rivers, Tigris and Euphrates?
a. Egypt
b. Mesopotamia
c. Persia
d. India
MESOPOTAMIA- Ancient region located
between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers
in modern Iraq and Syria. It was the site of
several early urban civilizations, including