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1. It is an American popular musical style mainly for
piano, originating in the Afro-American communities
in St. Louis and New Orleans

A. Ragtime
B. Big Band
C. Bebop
D. Jazz rock
• Answer : A. Ragtime
2. It refers to a large ensemble originating in the
United States in the mid- 1920’s closely associated
with the Swing era with jazz elements

A. Bebop
B. Jazz Rock
C. Big Band
D. Ragtime
• Answer : C. Big Band
3. What is the other term for
A. Bep
B. Beb
C. Bob
D. Bop
• Answer :D. Bop
4. The term ____ refers to a love
song in a slightly pop or rock style
A. Big Band
B. Ballad
C. Jazz fusion
D. Country music
• Answer : B. Ballad
5. A fusion of Afro-American and Anglo- American
styles from the 19th century that deals with the anti-
heroes resisting authority

A. Blues Ballads
B. Pop and Rock Ballads
C. Pop Standard and Jazz Ballads
• Answer : A. Blues ballads
6. It was a hugely popular song form in the Unites
States during the late 1940’s to the 1950’s

A. Folk Music
B. Jazz Music
C. Ballads
D. Rock and Roll
• Answer: D. Rock and Roll
7. It pertains to rock music that was
more danceable
A. Disco
B. Discotheque
• Answer : disco
8. Venues for public dancing
• Answer : discos
9. He is called the “King of Pop”
• Answer: Michael Jackson
10. A stylized, highly rhythmic type
of music that usually includes rap
• Answer : hip hop
2 points
1. Regarded as the modern era of
Philippine ballads
• Answer: 1940s to 1950s
2. Often expresses the character of ethnic and
social groups, and sometimes of a nation
• Answer: folk music
3.Musical style of modern jazz that
emerged during World War II
• Answer: bebop
4. Music of the populace
• Answer : popular music
5. Gave rise to songs using a
colloquial language call Taglish
• Answer : Manila Sound
6. Combining classical performances
with popular pieces
• Answer : crossover performances
7.Known for unconventional practices such as
distorted guitar chords, oppressive lyrics, and defiant
• Answer : alternative music
8. He is an English singer,
songwriter, multi instrumentalist
• Answer : James Paul McCartney
9. Love Me Do, Standing There, Get Back, A
Hard Day’s Night are songs of what band?
• Answer : The Beatles
10. Who wrote Johnny B. Goode and
Roll Over Beethoven?
• Answer : Chuck Berry
• 3 points
1. The French word meaning a
library for phonograph records
• Answer : discotheque
2-3.The word is derived both from the medieval
French ______ and _______ which refers to a dancing
• Answer : chanson ballade and ballade
3-6. Give 3 venues where classical
performances are held
• Answers: CCP, PICC, Araneta, SM MOA
7. A series of 50 concerts that would have been held at
the The O2 arena at London prepared by Michael
Jackson at the time of his death
• Answer : This is It
8. When did folk music take a new
• Answer : 1960s & 1970s
9. Franks Sinatra is also known as
what? Give one
• Answers: Ol’ Blue Eyes, Chairman of the Board, The Voice
10. Among the country’s major classical
performers, who is the guitarist?
• Answer : Michael Dadap

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