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Mwalana Jalal uddin Rumi (R.

Love is Reckless

Resource Person:
Ammara Maqsood Qadri
Mwalana Jalal uddin Rumi (R.A)
Born in the eastern shores of Persian Empire some 800
years ago and to be exact September 30, 1207.
Born in the city of Balkh and now Balkh is a city of
Afghanistan back there in those times Afghanistan was
not an independent country. It was only a part of the
great Persian Empire.
Mongols invaded the Central Asia, Rumi was a child at
that time, Rumi’s family had to flee. They traveled
westward and passing through many cities they
reached a city named Kunia’a which is in today’s
This is where he spent the rest of his life and he
ultimately died there.
Mwalana Jalal uddin Rumi (R.A)
• Rumi is called in the west only Rumi,
means Roman
• He got the name Jalal-ud-Din Muhammad
Rumi because of his connection of Kunia’a
• Kunia’a at that time was a part of the
Eastern Roman Empire
• Belonged to a Muslim Theologian family
• Theologian doctrines
• His father (Bahāʼ al-Dīn Valad) was called “the King of
Rumi dvocated unlimited tolerance, positive reasoning,
goodness, charity and awareness through love. His
peaceful and tolerant teaching has appealed to men of
all sects and creeds.
• He says:
Our mother is love!
Our father is love!
We are born from love!
We are love!
All loves constitute a bridge leading to the divine love.
To love human beings means to love GOD
Mwalana Jalal uddin Rumi (R.A)
• Theologian and preacher
• He had followers in Kunia’a or some
surrounding area.
• Was not exceptionally accomplished person
• Rumi tried to solve the problem of salvation
• Rumi was able to solve the problem of
salvation using the concept of love (Divine
Divine Love
• “The essence of God is love and The Sufi Path is
path of love. Love is to see what is good and
beautiful in everything. It is to learn from
everything, to see the gifts of God and the
generosity of God in everything. It is to be thankful
for all all God's bounties.
This is the first step on the road to the love of God.
This is just a seed of love. In time, the seed will
grow and become a tree and bear fruit. Then,
whoever tastes of that fruit will know what real love
is. It will be differently for those who have tasted to
tell of it to those who have not”.
Hadith Qudsi

“I was a HIdden Treasure,

and loved to be known intimately,
so I created the Heavens and the
Earth, so that they may come to
InTImaTely know me”.
Love of God & Mankind
All people are the children of God on earth

“ Oh God! I bear witness that all Thy creatures are

“ Why this meaningless talk about the believer,
the kafir, the obedient, the sinner,
the rightly guided, the misdirected, the Muslim,
the pious, the infidel, the fire worshipper?
All are like beads in a rosary.” Abdul Quddus of
• Adopt the ways of God
• To reflect in one’s own thought and activity
the attributes of God.
• “ Higher spiritual life is nothing but service
of humanity, It is not (chanting) the rosary,
(remaining on the) prayer carpet or
(wearing) coarse garments.”Nizamuddin
• To identy service of God with the service
of man
Unity of Divine Revelation.
“Say: We make no difference between them
(prophets of God)”Quran:3:78
“All these religions and faiths are branches
of the same tree,They have sprouted from
one and the same root.” Shah Niaz Ahmad
“Learn from the eyes the way to
develop,unity and oneness.The two eyes
appear different
but their vision is one.”
• Sufism, mystical Islamic belief and
practice in which Muslims seek to find the
truth of divine love and knowledge through
direct personal experience of God. It
consists of a variety of mystical paths that
are designed to ascertain the nature of
humanity and of God and to facilitate the
experience of the presence of divine love
and wisdom in the world
Rumi and Shams-ud-Din Tabrez
• Suddenly, something huge happened to him
• A little known sufi met him whose name was
Shams-ud-Din Tabrez, who used to travel across
the middle-east, came to Kunia’a and he met Rumi
• Rumi and Shams remained together for two years,
thus they had many long meetings, they
established a very close friendship and they
became soul mates.
• Thus, the Rumi we know today is after meeting
• Rumi is a product of the friendship with Shams
Fame of Rumi and Shams
• Something monumental happened by the
meeting between Rumi and Shams.
• Rumi completely changed after meeting
with Tabrez
• It was a complete revolution
• Rumi was not a poet till he met Shams ud
Din Tabrez
• Neither Rumi and Shams were famous at
the time
Mystical Journey
• Rumi became a convert after the meeting with Shams
• He undertook a journey to find God
• His mystical legacy is in the form of a number of books
• But his masterpiece is in the form of Masnavi which
means a couplet
• It was in the form of two volumes, thus he called it a
Masnavi or a couplet
• He completed that book in twelve years and wrote
about 50,000 verses in that book.
• Started working in his mid 50’s
• Masnavi is in poetic form
Rumi’s Masnavi and the Holy
• Rumi was triggered into poetry
• He was not a poet before he met the Shams
• Masnavi is full of Quranic references
• It is very similar to the Holy Quran with just
one exception that it is in Persian.
• The most central concept he uses in Masnavi
is, Love
• Thus, he is a preacher of the religion of love
• Rumi articulated his spiritual teachings in
Rumi’s Religion of Love
• Rumi actually creates a religion that is love
• Rumi has given a full description of this
love as being a religion.
• He calls that love is religion and calls the
religion as love.
• Means religion is not without love
• Thus, the idea of God can’t be the
romantic involvement.
Rumi’s Name is Synonymous with
• Rumi’s name became synonymous with
• Rumi is love Himself
• It is not a sort of love that can be found in
Romeo and Juliet
• Romance is the limited form of love
• His concept of love is very distinctive,
elegant, and existentialist philosophy
Love and Romance
• Romance is lost, it does not remain long, it
disappears with the passage of time.
• Love is sacrifice
• Romance means to get, to achieve
• Romance is a minimized form of love
Measurement of Love
• Love is about friendship
• It is not only the bodily connection
• Appearance can arise romance
• Love is reckless of appearance
• The meeting of souls is the production of love
• Body and love
• Love springs of the meeting emotions and
spirits, gifts of love may be the pain and
Love and Sacrifice
• Love calls for sacrifice
• The price of love is sacrifice
• It is the first call of love, call of sacrifice
• Most of the people fail even at the first
stage of love
Love and Selflessness
• Essence of love is outside
• Other, the other one
• It keeps asking for the other one
• It keeps calling the other one
• It needs the other one
• It forget the self
• Therefore love is selfless
• It is selflessness
Lover and Calculators
• Spirituals and Philosophers
• Love’s mind
• Ego
• Lovers never think of return
• Love is to give away all
• There is Love-Courage relationship
• Timid people are not good candidates of
Unity and Harmony
• The union of the lover and the beloved
• The primary function of love is to unite
Praise the king of love, fused thousands of
particles with love,
• Love has given us this abundance in
which we love
• Think about the people fighting for
Far-sightedness of the Lovers
• People who are in love always see the
best in others.
• They do not see them with defects, they
never look at their defects. They keep an
eye on their qualities only and not the
Valid Path to God
• A man who loves God is not obsessed
with the theological correctness.
• He loves God and is full of godly
• He considers himself the follower of the
religion of love
• Before that he was a man of religion and
now he is a man of love
Religion of Love and Masnavi
• Deen man az ishq zind-e-boodan ast ,
zindagi zan jon na man, nang-e-man ast
• My religion is to live through love, life
through this body is shame,
Difference of Religion
• According to Rumi there is no difference
between religions until and unless they
leads to God
• It leads to God and helps in
becoming godly
• That is a valid path to God
• Millat-e-Ishq az hamen Din ha juda ast
ao shughandan millat-o-mazhab khuda ast

Love’s creed is separated from all religions.

The creed and religion of lovers is God

Love’s God is different from all gods.

Negation of Other Religions
• The religion of love is not the negation of any
religion of the world
• Like Christianity, Buddhaism, Judaism, etc.
• The religion of love is a higher spiritual state
• One could reach that spiritual state in any
other religious tradition also
• Embrace the religion of love
• It is not a new religion but it is a different
appreciation of any of the authentic religions
of the world.
Difference between Humanity and
Other Things
• What makes us human
• Is it the ability to walk on feet and work
with hands
• Is it the ability of making and using tools
has made us human
• Those who cannot love are deficient in
Holy Qura’n:
• God explicitly states that the existence of people from
different faiths and opinions is something that we have to
acknowledge and welcome heartily, for this is how He created
and predestined humankind in this world:
• “We have appointed a law and a practice for every one of
you. Had God willed, He would have made you a single
community, but He wanted to test you regarding what has
come to you. So compete with each other in doing
good. Every one of you will return to God and He will inform
you regarding the things about which you differed.” (Surat al-
Ma’ida, 48)
• In acknowledgment of this fact, Muslims have an inner love
and compassion for people of all faiths, races and nations, for
they consider them as the manifestations of God in this world
and treat them with an heartfelt respect and love. This is the
very basis of communities administered by Islamic morality.
• O Lord’ you dropped an Iota of love into
Adam’s heart
from his heart to others thus proceeds the
• That iota was enough to create all the love
bonds that we have experienced through
all history, time and space.
• Thus, we can’t imagine of the full quantity
of that divine love
Source of Love
• God is the source of love
• The iota comes from God, thus all love
comes from God.
• Capability of love is there in each and
every human being.
• It may be dormant, it may be sleeping
• It needs to awakened
Love and Spirituality
• Love and spirituality are intertwined in Rumi’s teachings
• In Masnavi, Rumi uses the words God and Love inter-
• Rumi uses the words of God and Love as the synonyms.
• He really experiences God as love
• To become godly means that God is yours.
• To get closer to God means there is no distance or separation
between you and the God.
• The more we have love in our hearts we are closer to God
• You cannot be spiritual without love
• It is possible for some person to be religious but it is not
possible to be spiritual
Love and Spirituality
• Without love nobody can be spiritual
• We often find person who are very religious
• Thus we experience that the people who go
to mosques much can be religious but not
• What happens when there is lack of love?
• Lack of love takes us away from spirituality
• Thus we lack the ultimate goodliness due to
the lack of love
Love is reckless

‫الابالی عشق باشد‬

Love is reckless–not reason. ‫الابالی عشق باشد نی خرد‬
Reason searches for a profit. ‫عقل آن جوید کز آن سودی‬
Love comes on fiercely, scorching, ‫برد‬
melting all form, shameless. ‫ترک تاز و تن گداز و بی حیا‬
But in despair, sturdy as a millstone.
Stone-faced, loyal, selfless.
‫آسیاب‬ ‫زیر‬ ‫سنگ‬ ‫چون‬ ‫بال‬ ‫در‬
Love is love because it’s killed all self- ‫سخت رویی که ندارد هیچ‬
regard. ‫پشت‬
Love gambles itself away. It doesn’t ‫بهره جویی را درون خویس‬
look for payment. ‫کشت‬
It receives everything it needs
from beyond
‫ نباشد مزد جو‬،‫پاک می بازد‬
The absolute gives us life for no reason.‫آنچنان که پاک می گیرد زهو‬
The lover gives it back again just the‫می دهد حق هستیش بی علتی‬
same. ‫می سپارد باز بی علت فتی‬
For true devotion is giving–without
Love is reckless–not reason.
‫(الابالی عشق‬love is brave, bold, reckless, rash,
not shy, need not to keep in mind the people
view and their thinking)
{Majzoob, absorbed, captivated, nothingness,
selfless, they want no entity, no identity,}
‫( باشد نی‬but not)
‫( خرد‬wisdom, mind, intellect, reason)
{Gherd k pass khaber k siwa kch ur nia tera
elaj nazar k siwa kch ur nai}
Be khater kod para aatish e namro mai ishaq
Aqal mehwe tamashe labe bam abi
Reason searches for a profit.
• ‫(عقل آن جوید‬wisdom and reason search, seek, find,
struggle, strive)
• ‫( کز آن‬for which)
• ‫( سودی برد‬profit gain, the profit in which there is no loss,
interest system)
• utilitarian approach like Bacon,
• wakia meraj,
• Mian Muhmmad Bakhsh.. Eeman salamt her koi
mangda ty ishq salamat koi,
• if you apply only reason in Islam you can not find the
true essence of Islam and Eeman,
• musliman wo ha to jo Allah ko manta ha moman wo ha
jo Allah ke manta ha
• Hazrat Moses and Hazrat Khazar AS
Love comes on fiercely, scorching,
melting all form, shameless. or
Consuming herself, unabashed.
‫(ترک تاز‬as fierce as] a Turk, assault forcefully,)
Love haunts a man powerfully, specified his actions and
purified his feelings
‫(و تن گداز‬body-melting, even stone hearted melt like ice
before love,)
love is personified
‫( و بی حیا‬without modesty, shameless, one directional, not
bother the thinking of the people)
(The Companion do not let the drops of water of
Ablution (Wazu) fall on the earth)
love is used as female, means tender soft and sweet not
masculine like harsh and hard)
But in despair, sturdy as a
• ‫ در بال‬in troubles, in hopeless
• ‫ چون سنگ زیر آسیاب‬intoxicated,
haunted by the some
responsibilities for doing well and
behaving well…. La takna to
minrahma tillah..
hard surfaced and straightforward

‫سخت رویی‬harsh tempered, severe

• ‫ که ندارد‬not, never
• ‫ هیچ پشت‬go back, show timidity,
• Banda ishq shudi turke nasb kun
jami,,,kah der eeney rah falan abne
falan chezi neest
Having died of self-interest
• ‫بهره جویی‬in seeking profit, the profit which
gives benefit to others
• ‫را درون خویس کشت‬murdered herself ,
• mitha dy apni hasti ko agr kch mrtaba
chaye k dana khak mai mil kr gul o gulzar
bnta ha
she risks everything and asks for nothing
Love gambles away every gift God
• (its always a losing game to be a mother,
smoke screen)
،‫ پاک می بازد‬gambles for purity, cleanliness,
• ‫ نباشد مزد جو‬seeks nothing in return, gains
noting, kul kuj ni ker kuj ha ye…..
‫آنچنان که‬as far as it
• ‫ پاک می گیرد زهو‬receives clean from Him (take
pity on the people and in the end God would
take pity on you.)
Without cause God gave us Being

• (Ashraf ul mukhlok, Supreme Species)(being

is metaphor for blessings)
• ‫ می دهد‬give, bestow
• ‫ حق هستیش‬Allah Almighty
• ‫ بی علتی‬without cause
without cause, give it back again
• (Watu izzo manto sha watu zillo man
‫ می سپارد‬give it
• ‫ باز‬back
• ‫ بی علت‬without reason
• ‫ فتی‬beggar
Love is reckless, not reason.
Reason seeks a profit.
Love comes on strong,
Consuming herself,
Yet, in the midst of suffering,
Love proceeds like a millstone, hard surface
and straightforward.
Having died of self-interest,
She risks everything and
Asks for nothing.
Love gambles away every gift God bestows.
Without cause God gave
Us being; without cause, give it back
• One of the greatest attributes of God
• God does not calculate
• God is above reason
• God does not think
• He is Al-Hakeem
• All wisdom so does not need to think
• God is Love
• This poem is about love and sacrifice and
supremacy of love over intellect and
worldly pleasure.
• Love is the base of our Eman and religion,
• Love is the main cause of the existence of
the universe(Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H)
Ulty pao chalty hai dewananey
ishq…ankhain band kerty hai dedar k lie…
Willing Slaves
From deep within my heart
I always catch
The scent of my Beloved.
How can I help but
Follow that fragrance?
Last night I was walking through
Love’s garden
Where a glimmer of my soul
became a teeming river of light!
Laughing roses sprang up along the
Dazzling waters rolled past the thorns of being
With speed enough to elude the sword of death.
Every tree and blade of grass danced in the
But to an eye without this vision,
All seemed plain and ordinary.
Suddenly a great cypress shot up from the ground!
The whole garden roared with delight--
The jasmines exploded,
The broad-leafed trees clapped their hands.
Good Luck 
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