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Understanding Meaning of Songs

Michelle Mei Diana C

A song is a single (and often
standalone) work of music intended
to be sung by the human voice with
distinct and fixed pitches and
patterns using sound and silence and
a variety of forms that often include
the repetition of sections.

Song have been an amusing

companion for human beings for
as long as or even longer than
we can speak. Songs are highly
expressive. Songs are abundant in
themes and expressions which
will echo in the learner’s heart.

Songs are used to express feeling and idea in an

entertaining world. Songs can be used to deliver social
criticism. The moral values are hidden in the lyrics.

To entertain the listeners.

To teach moral value through the lyrics of the songs.

To provide a way of managing the realitionship between our

public and private emotional life.

To express personal feeling and cultural values.

To give someone to not only shares their emotions with others, but also to have
an emotional connection that just can’t be experienced in any other way.

Intro Verse Chorus of Refrain

• The introduction • It is the section of the • A chorus is the
establishes melodic, song structure that most repeated
harmonic, and/or tells the story. This is section, so it’s the
rhythmic related to the exposition, easiest remembered.
the main body of describing the scene A chorus is the
song or the person, or an summary of the
emotion. song’s story.
Break Bridge Outro or Coda
• A break is actually • This is the part of • This is the end of
a brief “rest” or the song that the road for the
“pause” for the shifts. It can song. It can repeat
core melody suddenly change the intro, chorus, or
within a song used tempo, or volume, a refrain as an
to add further or outro, or a bridge
dimension and instrumentation with an
excitement. instrumental solo.

Below are some forms of song’s structure


1. Words in songs.
• Songs are similar to poems. There are beautiful words in songs
and poems. Some of the words are new for us. To help us
understand the songs, we need to know the meanings of the
difficult words.

2. Synonyms and antonyms.

• Singing and reading the lyrics of songs will help up enrich
vocabulary by trying to find the synonym and antonym of the
difficult words.
3. Rhymes of the songs.
• Learning the rhymes of the songs will help us learning how
to pronounce the words. Pronunciation is an important
aspect to learn when we learn a language. If we miss
pronounce words, other will not understand what we are
4.The feelings of the singer.
• Songs and the lyrics show how the singers feel. Songs can
suggest happiness, sadness, ignorance, care, hopes, love,
friendship, and others.
Contoh soal.
1. It is the section of the song structure that tells the story. Is definition of...
A. Intro
B. Rhyme
C. Verse
D. Bridge
E. Coda
Karena, verse adalah bagian dari lagu yang berisi tentang cerita

2. What is generic structure of song...

A. Intro-Verse-Chorus-Break-Bridge-Coda
B. Verse-Bridge
C. Coda
D. Verse-Intro-Coda-Chorus-Bridge-Break
E. Intro-verse-Chorus-Borow-Brake-Coda
Karena, struktur umum dari lagu terdiri dari 6 komponen diatas.
3. This is social function of song, except...
A. To entertain the listeners
B. To give a description of something
C. To teach moral value through the lyrics
D. To express personal feeling and cultural values
E. To provide a way of managing the relationship between our public and private
emotional life
Karena, memberikan deskripsi untuk sesuatu adalah fungsi dari teks deskripsi.

4. This is language features of song, except...

A. Words in a song
B. Synonym and Antonym
C. Rhymes of song
D. The feeling of the singer
E. Chorus of refrain
Karena, chorus of refrain termasuk kedalam general structure of songs.
5. Songs and the lyrics can show how the singers feel. Is the
definition of...
 Coda
 Words of song
 Lyrics
 Singer's feeling
 Rhymes of songs
Karena, lagu bisa mempengaruhi kesenangan, kesedihan,
kebencian, harapan dll dr seorang penyanyi.