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Looking to start your own

cryptocurrency brokerage or

Introduction You aren’t the only one! We say this

because the overall cryptocurrency
market is projected to reach USD 1.4
billion by the year 2024.
The blockchain system on which cryptocurrency is built has piqued the interest of
many, especially the Millenials.

They’re reshaping the entire financial trend because cryptocurrency offers something
traditional banks cannot - The heightened transactional security, fraud protection, low
fees, growing acceptance, and decentralized systems.

In addition, those who don’t have access to banks can rely on cryptocurrency to
exchange and cash in almost immediately.

Such is the power of Blockchain ensuring growth ahead and dominating our
But, what does it actually take to start your own cryptocurrency exchange or
become a cryptocurrency broker?

Before we get started….

Are you going to launch a Cryptocurrency Exchange? or a Cryptocurrency

Brokerage (Trading solutions)?

People often confuse the two. Though the process of setting up might be the
same, the functionality is not.
A traditional Crypto Currency Exchange is
similar to Stock Exchange Trading, where a
user can buy or sell based on the current
market price of the cryptocurrency.

What is a The exchange will act as a middle-man and

Cryptocurrency will charge a small fee for each exchange or
Exchange? Some traders exchange FIAT Currency (like
USD or EUR) for Cryptocurrency, while others
exchange between two Cryptocurrencies.
With the Crypto Brokerage, your funds are
traded through a dealer’s network, as
opposed to the central exchange and this is
also known as Over the Counter (OTC)
What is a
Cryptocurrency This brokerage finds sellers or buyers who
individually hold a large pool of

Brokerage? cryptocurrencies and pair them for sale.

This is more flexible and more convenient

with a settlement period that is generally
faster than that of a crypto exchange.
Now let’s look at the steps to get started...
Step 1

Getting a License
● Once you’ve finalized the regions you would like to operate in, please ensure
that you have understood the regulations in each of those regions and obtained
the necessary licenses.

● The idea of cryptocurrencies still does not go well with a lot of countries, the list
of countries you will have to license yourself in won’t be very long. Regardless, it
is imperative that you have a legal expert who has covered this for you.
Step 2

Crypto CRM & Back-Office

● An efficient CRM is the backbone of a business. Be it a cryptocurrency exchange
or brokerage, you absolutely must have a robust CRM. One that is designed for
your business and allows for seamless communication and integration with
various other tools that will be a part of your business.

● Similarly, a unified back-office that can communicate with your CRM, crypto
trading platforms, and the trader’s room is a must-have. This ensures the entire
process, right from customer on-boarding to everyday operations run smoothly.
Step 3
Trader’s Room / Client Cabinet
● Trader’s Room aka Client Cabinet is a platform where customers can manage their
trading accounts at ease.

● A good client cabinet must have the following features -

i) Clean and user-friendly interface
ii) Simple onboarding process
iii) Payment integration (For withdrawals & deposits)
iv) E-Wallets
v) CRM integration
vi) Trading history and comprehensive reports
Step 4
● In order to gain the trust of potential customers in a way that they feel
comfortable to engage with your exchange, you must showcase sufficient

● Partnering with a crypto liquidity provider who is able to offer deep liquidity pool
is a good option for starters.

● Most importantly, choose a provider who will charge you a flat fee and not
based on trade volumes.
Step 5
ICO funding (ICO and Token Creation)
● Optional Step: Launch an ICO platform to create your own coins. You can have your
tokens created on an existing platform such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Partner with a
technology provider who can create the ICO platform as well as the tokens.

● This acts as a fundraising platform to attract investors who may be interested to buy
into your offering.

● Choose a provider who can create a multi-currency ICO platform to ensure your
future investors can either pay with fiat currency or with pre-existing digital tokens like
ether, bitcoin or altcoin.
Step 6

Finding the Right Technology Provider

● Your ideal technology provider is one that provides you with turnkey cryptocurrency
solutions that are designed to your requirement and are pretty much plug & play.

● Choose a provider that can offer Whitelabel Crypto Solutions, the ones that specialize
in developing custom cryptocurrency exchange solutions.

● This will save you a lot of time and money ensuring fast deployment in a fraction of
the cost.
Step 7
Implementing Payment Solutions
● You need to establish institutional relationships with a Payment Service Provider to
have the payment gateway integrated into your Crypto Trader’s Room / Client

● Therefore, you must use one that is trustworthy and is capable of hosting online
payments where the speed of transactions, clearance, and settlement of funds is not

● Also, a payment solution with a low transaction rate will offer more traders to your
platform. Some solution providers may have hidden fees that you have to watch out
for before you sign a contract with any payment processor.
Step 8

● Given that cryptocurrency is a major target for hackers and that the number of cyber-
attacks and data breaches are increasing day by day, implementing the best security
practices and technology is an integral component of ensuring that your crypto
business is safe and secure.
Step 9

Going Live & Beta Testing

● Now that you have found the right technology provider, figured out your payment
solutions, and taken care of security, it is time to test your site to its full range and
explore every aspect of it to ensure that there are no flaws in the system before you
onboard your first customer.
Step 9

Marketing & PR
● Though we mentioned that we won’t be covering the regular steps that go into setting
up every business, we would like to add a quick note to stress the importance of
marketing and PR in a cryptocurrency business.

● Though most exchanges might not initially have a marketing budget and use a social
media approach, it is advisable that you do some digital marketing outside of social
media to be able to build yourself as a brand and put yourself out there with the help
of the Public Relation experts in the industry.
Step 9

Ongoing Operations
● Once you have successfully launched and are up and running, it is important to
continue having a strategic approach to your day to day activities while maintaining
ongoing compliance.

● We stress again on the importance of following regulations not only in the jurisdictions
that you operate in, but also in all the regions that your traders are based in.
A crypto brokerage solution
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Conclusion do more!

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start your own crypto brokerage or
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