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Fruit-Zone India Ltd.

Marketing Research | IM-25

Inductive Research Methodology - Packaging

Group 3:
Neeraj Singh - 1802127 Prarit Agarwal – 1802153
Rachit Khanna – 1802158 Miral Parikh – 1802140
Shatrunjay Pundir - 1802188 Kautilya Parmar – 1802141
Which form would consumers prefer – Can, Tetra
paks or Bottle?
Inductive Research

• Also known as the “Bottom-Up


• It is an approach in which we
move from specific
observations to broader
generalizations and theories.
• Insights from the retailers & vendors were:
• Consumers prefer to buy tetra packs rather
than bottles
• Coconut water, a similar product, is being
Observations sold in bottles (Hence it would be good to
launch tetra packs to launch with a
and Data from differentiation in the market)
• Consumers prefer Real in pack juices for
the case 500ml quantity (Hence, not just 100 &
200ml packages, but also 500ml packaging
can be launched for family usage)
• Consumers feel that it is not possible to
preserve sugarcane juice for long
Tetra paks have benefit over cans and bottles in terms of
logistics expenses (So it would be easy to control the
price of the product as it is available at cheap rates in
Other Tetra paks can have new and fresh packages (As
Secondary mentioned in the case that people enjoy the experience
in which it is made, so attractive packaging can lure the
Research customers to buy this product. This is possible only with
tetra packs and not with bottles)

Tetra paks increase the shelf life of the products by

retaining the nutritive value for longer (consumers have a
presumption that it can not be preserved for long, hence
tetra packs can be helpful in this case)
• Q1. What is your preferred size of packaging for
sugar cane juice? 200, 300, 500 or 1000 ml?
• Q2. Which is your preferred packaging for
sugarcane juice: Can, Tetra Pak or PET bottle
• Q3. You are environmentally conscious. Agree or
Questionnaire for Disagree
Hypothesis • Q4. Do you know which of the following
packaging is more environmentally friendly: can,
tetra pak or PET bottle?
• Q5. How often do you make a conscious decision
of buying an environmentally friendly product?

• So, based on research performed by the IMI and the

secondary research done by us, we propose that
Tetra packs are preferred packaging material for
sugarcane juice and will have higher acceptance
in market