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Normal Distribution

Types of Data

Continuous Data – Variable Data Discrete Data – Attribute Data

 Thickness of metal plate
 Ball bearing life  Employee /Customer satisfaction rating
 Amplitude of Vibration  Performance Appraisal rating
 Efficiency of Nanomaterial  Defect in rivets, welding, other process
 Productivity of Manufacturing system  No. of persons attending training program
 Noise level  No. of candidates admitted in ME program
 Specific gravity / weight
 Flow rate
 Temperature
 Humidity
 Pressure
 Cost
Normal Distribution
Types of Data

Continuous Data – Variable Data Discrete Data – Attribute Data

Binomial data
 Normal Distribution  Accept / Reject
0/1 Binomial Distribution
 Weibull or Exponential Distribution  Pass / Fail

Count data
 Defects in welding
Poisson’s Distribution
 No. of students
Normal Distribution
Also called

Gaussian Curve

Bell Shaped Curve

Normal Distribution
Normal Distribution
Normal Distribution
Procedure for z-calculation

Normal Distribution
Numerical example – 1

The mean ID of a sample of 200 washers produced by a machine is 0.502 inches and the S.D.
is 0.005 inches. The purpose for which these washers are intended allows a maximum
tolerance in diameter of 0.496 to 0.508 inches, owhtewise the washers are considered as
defective. Determine percentage of washers assuming diameter Normally Distributed
Normal Distribution
Numerical example – 2

The quantity of engine oil in the engine have a normal distribution with mean of 500ml and
S.D. of 5ml. What percentage of engine oil will fall :

a) Below 498ml
b) Above 504ml
c) Below 498ml and above 504ml
d) Beween 498ml and 504ml
Normal Distribution
Numerical example – 3

The power consumption is normally distributed with mean of 40kWh and standard deviation of
8kWh. If data of 300days is collected, how many days would power consumption be less than

How many days would have consumption in excess of 48kWh?

Normal Distribution
Numerical example – 4

The shelf life of resin for wind turbine manufacturing is normally distributed with mean
90days and S.D. 3days.

What fraction of the resin bottles are likely to be good upto 100days?