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1. Jakia Akter Mitu (1611010001)
2. Joynab Chowdhury Sunnah (1611010012)
3. Sazda Rahman (1611010024)
4. Afsana begum (1611010026)
5. Nadia Begum (1611010027)
6. Rima Begum Asa (1611010038)

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 The natural environment encompasses all living and
non-living things occurring naturally on Earth or some
region thereof. It is an environment that encompasses
the interaction of all living species.

 The underlying aim of the study is to present an

overview of the natural environment. This assignment
is able to cover about the layers, factors and issues of
What Is Environment
 “Environment is sum total of water, air and land
interrelationships among themselves and also with
the human being, other living organisms and

 It includes all the physical and biological

surrounding and their interactions.
Classification Of Environment
The two major classifications of
environment are:

 Physical Environment:
External physical factors
like Air, Water, and Land
etc. This is also called the
Abiotic Environment.

 Living Environment: All

living organisms around us
e.g. plants, animals, and
microorganisms. This is
also called the Biotic
Earth Environment Can Subdivided Into The
Following Four Segments


 It is the thin layer of air

that surrounds the
earth. It protects us from
the harmful rays &
scorching heat of the
sun. It consists of
number of gases, dust &
water vapors.

 Plant & animal kingdom

together make the
Biosphere or the living
world. It is the narrow
zone of the earth where
land, water and air
interact with each other
to support life.

 The domain of water

is known as
hydrosphere. It
comprises of various
sources of water
rivers, lakes, seas,
ocean etc. It is very
essential for all living

 It is the solid crust or

the hard top layer of
the earth. It is made up
of rocks & minerals &
is covered wit soil. It
has various landforms
such as mountains,
plateaus, plains etc. It
provides us land,
forests, grasslands &
Environmental Factors
Environmental factors are external forces either living
or non-living that affect the life of the organisms.
Broadly the environmental factors are classified as:

Climate factors:
 Light, temperature, precipitation
and atmospheric humidity.

Edaphic factors:
 Related to soil condition.
Physiographic Factors:
 Topographic elevation

Biotic Factors:
 Living (plants and
Environmental Issues
• Environmental issues are the unwanted situation that
happens due to the adverse human activities posing
negative effect on biotic things

• Population

• Pollution

• Polar Sea Ice Loss

• Destruction Of Rain Forest

• Natural calamities
 Climate change

 Loss of biodiversity
Environmental issues in Bangladesh
Pollution is one of the main environmental issue in
Bangladesh. Environmental degradation and
depletion of natural resources are often observed in
Bangladesh due to poverty, over-population and lack
of awareness on the subject. It is manifested by
deforestation, destruction of wetlands, depletion of
soil nutrients, etc. Natural calamities like floods,
cyclones and tidal-bores also result in severe socio-
economic and environmental damage. Waterborne
diseases such as cholera are a serious threat to public
health in Bangladesh.
The following attempts can be made to solve the problem of
environmental issues:
 Prevent pollution.
 Reduce waste.
 Use water, energy and other resources efficiently.
 Manage the use of natural resources prudently.
 Maintain the diversity of life.
 Protect and respect the world's natural, cultural, indigenous and
historical heritage.
 Support environmental education and training.
 Deforestation should be stopped and Forestry should be
The environment is essential to every species in the
world and humans need to acknowledge that their
activities are destroying our necessity .We need to do
our job of spreading awareness of environmental
issues so that we can limit the negative impact the
humans have. This could potentially save thousands of
plants and animals. It is duty of all governments and
people to efforts for the preservation and improvement
of environment for the benefit of all people and their