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Process Flow for reporting & Investigating the HSE incidents

PM /CM /SM Unit Head


Client FIR in 24 Actual 3,4,5

DIR in 7 Days
Incident ownership

Client HSE Execution Hours IRC in 60 Days



1) High Potential or actual severity 4 or 5- Project Director /Unit Head /COO Immediate and Compulsory within 24 Hours
2) Medium Potential (Yellow) or actual severity 3-Manager/ SPM/PM/CM
3) Low potential (Blue) or actual severity0,1,2-Team Leader i.e. Site Manager / Project Engineer
4) Responsible supervisor will be Project Manager Mandatory within 7 Days

Process Flow for unreported HSE incidents
Non reporting of any *Total
Recordable Case

Based on incident investigation finding

Did any staff

Did the
No No Did the site
No Further action know? No
Yes Yes
No Further action
Corporate HSE reserves the right to fully
investigate any alleged non reporting incident. Yes
Where an alleged breach is considered to First offence:
represent Minor Misconduct it shall be reported to 1. Project Manager shall report to VP QHSE and First offence:
the Line Manager and HR for either Verbal or explain the reason for delay or non reporting of 1. Issue warning letter and penalty of not more
Written Warning. Where an alleged breach is incident. than 300 OMR on the Site Manager.
considered to represent a Major Misconduct it 2. VP QHSE shall brief CEO on the findings.
shall be reported to the Disciplinary Panel. Second offence: Second offence:
1. VP QHSE Shall send in a recommendation of final 1. Remove site manager from operations.
The “consequence” of non reporting should be
warning letter for all parties involved to VP HR as
proportionate to the “act or breach” that was not
an disciplinary action. Third offence:
Third offence: 1. Terminate contract.
1. Appraise CEO on the severity of misconduct and
Minor Misconduct: Major Misconduct: terminate the employment contract
1. First Offence: Depending upon the severity
Verbal Warning. of the offence the
2. Second Offence: Disciplinary Panel may
*Total Recordable Cases are injuries resulting in fatalities, permanent total disabilities, permanent
Written impose a Final Warning or
partial disabilities, lost workday cases, restricted work cases and medical treatment cases.
Warning. recommend Dismissal.

* Disciplinary Panel shall be headed by COO and the investigation panel will be constituted by VP-QHSE in consultation with VP HR .