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Utilizing PROS in a Fitness Regimen

Kierra Boylan
Purdue Global University
Progression, Regularity, Overload, and Specificity Principles

Progression: Difficulty of the Regularity: Each specific Overload: The workload is Specificity: Focused training to
exercise increases as the training exercise must be increased beyond the body’s attain or work towards set
body’s strength increases to worked on a consistent basis “norm” goals
maintain growth that reflects the set goals
How this can be achieved: How this can be achieved:
How this can be achieved: How this can be achieved: •Increase repetitions within a •Emphasize training in areas
•Increasing weight by 5-10% •Training should occur set that you want to see
after mastery between 3-5 times a week •Increase the amount of sets improvement
•Increasing resistance by 5-10% routinely •Increase resistance •Personalize the fitness regimen
after mastery •Consistent and sufficient rest •Decreasing rest periods to target improvement in the
•Gradually decrease rest and diet between sets desired way
intervals as the exercise
becomes easier
•Increasing frequency of
training tailored to meet fitness
goals as growth occurs
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Frequency Intensity Time Type

4-6 times a Primarily vigorous 5 hours a week at Lap swimming;
Aerobic week level of intensity, with moderate intensity or cardio-boxing class;
periods of moderate 2.5 hours a week at yoga; running; biking
intensity a 7-8 level of vigorous intensity.
vigorous intensity as Intervals of 60 minutes
Aerobic Fitness Prescription detailed by the at moderate intensity
Department of or 30 minute intervals
Health’s 2008 Physical at a vigorous intensity.
Activity Guidelines
• P- Progression: Decreasing time website
allotment for distance runs and
bike rides.
• R- Regularity: Perform this
prescription routinely for 6 weeks Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

• O- Overload: Increasing level of

Aerobic Boxing-cardio class: 5 30 minute Run: Briskly walk 10 miles of Yoga class: Rest and
intensity exerted throughout each minute warmup of light lap swim at for 5 minutes then biking at a 60-minute Recover
exercise once the body is running and shadow a 2 mile run at a moderate heated
boxing. Remaining 55 moderate vigorous intensity intensity yoga class
conditioned to the workouts minutes spent doing speed intensity (approx.. 25 (approx.. taken at a
drills and combination drills swimming minutes) 1.5 hours) studio; the
• S- Specificity: A set goal was to with 12 oz. gloves on the with class is a
increase cardiovascular punching bags, and one- freestyle, combination
on-one mitt work where an backstroke, of moderate
endurance, so once the body is instructor hold mitts and butterfly, and vigorous
conditioned to the fitness works on combinations, and breast activity
prescription, more aerobic activity speed, and form stroke in
should be introduced into a
regimen that elevates heart rate to
strengthen the heart
Frequency Intensity Time Type

Muscle 5 times a Using 70-80% 45-minute 5-day split muscle

Strengthening week of the weight intervals, 60 strengthening;
as the 1 rep seconds of working each of
max, rest between the following in
completing 4- each set separate sessions:
6 exercises chest and back,
training glutes, shoulders
Muscle Strengthening Prescription specific and traps, legs,
muscles for 3- biceps and
5 sets, each triceps, and core
set twice a week
• P- Progression: Weight used can be containing 8-
12 repititions
increased once mastery is attained
at a given weight
• R- Regularity: Perform this Monday Tuesday Wednesda Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
prescription routinely for 6 weeks y

• O- Overload: Using heavier weight Muscle Train Train glutes: Train Train legs: Train Rest and Rest
Strengthenin chest and Barbell Squat, shoulders Wide Stance biceps Recover and
that challenges the muscles at a g back: Weighted Split and upper Leg Press, and Recover
greater level (each day Bench Squat, traps: Dumbell Lunges, triceps:
should be 70- Press, Weighted Hip Shoulder Dumbell Step- Barbell
• S- Specificity: Focused training on 80% 1RM, 3-5 Pectoral Thrusts, Barbell Press, Front Ups, Leg Curls,
glutes, legs, and core to achieve sets with 8-12 Fly, Deadlift Raises with Extension Hammer
reps) Seated Core workout: Weight Core workout: Curls,
greater strength in those areas. Row, 30 sec of each Plate, 30 sec of each Weighted
Wide-Grip exercise: Weighted exercise: plank, Tricep
Lat Pull- plank, Lateral mountain Kickbacks,
Down mountain Raises climbers, Triceps
climbers, abdominal Pulldown,
abdominal bicycle/crunche Overhead
bicycle/crunc s, leg lifts/throw Cable
hes, leg downs Triceps
lifts/throw Extension
Frequency Intensity Time Type

Flexibility Before and Hold each 8-10 minutes Full body stretches
after each stretch for 30 for each with emphasis on
workout (4-7 seconds; workout stretching muscle
days a week); moderate session; 30 groups worked in
active intensity for minute strength training;
Flexibility Prescription flexibility active interval for dancing/yoga
exercise 1-2 flexibility active
times a week exercises flexibility
• P- Progression: Increased reach for exercise
a deeper stretch once mastery is
• R- Regularity: Perform this Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
prescription routinely for 6 weeks Quad stretch, standing hamstring stretch, chest and shoulder
• O- Overload: Hold stretching stretch, upper back stretch, biceps stretch, shoulder stretch, side
stretch, triceps stretch. Each session of stretching should be completed
position for a longer period of time
before and after each workout, and should take 4-5 minutes to
once stretching is mastered. complete (totaling to 8-10 minutes per workout)
Challenges can be presented in
yoga by trying new poses within the
body’s limits Flexibility Spend increased amount of time (2-3 minutes) before
and after strength training to emphasize stretching muscle
• S- Specificity: Stretching to improve groups worked that day
overall flexibility and assist in
muscle’s healing process; set
intentions in yoga class to improve
flexibility throughout the body

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