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Presented by

Ahmad Nawawi,S.Pd
A caption is a short
explanation that accompanies
an article, photograph or
illustration. It appear upper or
below an image.
Source: www.reference.com
most printed material
that has pictures
Why are captions so important?
Imagine if you got this
picture without caption.
What do you think about

Three old men

They meet in Bali

Another guessing from picture

People look at headlines and pictures to decide
what they want to read in the newspaper. If a
picture grasps their attention, they will read the
caption. If the caption is interesting to them,
they will read the article.
Captions add color and make the newspaper
more interesting.
Captions also show may information about
picture situation.
1. Check the facts.
2. Describe something that is not obvious.
3. Do not start a caption with certain words. (Suggestion)
4. Identify the main people in the photo.
5. Be as specific as possible.
6. Label historical photos properly.
7. Use the present tense in captions.
8. Avoid humour when the photo isn’t intended to be humorous.
9. Remember to always include credits and citations. (Suggestion)
What is social function of caption
Describe about pictures
Giving specific information based on the photo’s
Example of a Good Caption


University of Indonesia's campus in Depok, West Java (Tribunnews/Herudin)
No full stop Citation
Are the following pictures captions?
Are the following pictures captions?
The following 3 slides are
examples of captions. Check them.
Are they good captions? Give your
(Look at nine rules before.)
One main distinction about homeschooling is
that there are no restrictions on learning nor
obligation to learn.(Shutterstock/-)
Want to take a selfie?: A man tries to feed an elephant named Panamtu in
the Gajah Mungkir Dam area in Wonogiri, Central Java, recently. In the
same area, female veterinarian Esthi Octavia Warahapsari was trampled
to death by an elephant after she took a selfie with the animal.(JP/Ganug
Nugroho Adi)
A dark history -- Maj. Gen. Soeharto briefs members of the Army’s Special Forces (RPKAD,
now Kopassus) prior to the removal of the bodies of the Army generals who were murdered
during an alleged coup attempt on Sept. 30, 1965, which was blamed on the now defunct
Indonesian Communist Party (PKI). As the most senior military officer available at the
time, Soeharto led all the operations to restore security and impose order in the aftermath
of the alleged attempt.(JP/30 Tahun Indonesia Merdeka/-)
Referring to the pictures above, complete the blanks with
suitable expressions. Then, play the roles.
Look for the picture or take a
picture to give a caption. Then,
write your own caption. Submit via
E mail, or tag in facebook,
Email: db.denbagus1@gmail.com
Fb/Igm: amad_nawawi@yahoo.co.id