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1 Please may I lend your pencil? Please may I borrow your pencil?
2 What colour the car? What is the colour of the car?
3 What you do? What are you doing?
4 Whose this book? Whose book is this?
5 That Mr Eddie car. That is Mr Eddie’s car.
6 What those books? What are those books?
7 She not talk now. She is not talking now.
8 What day today? What day is it today?
9 What day yesterday? What day was it yesterday?
10 What time you sleep? What time do you sleep?
11 Does she go home seven o’clock? Does she go home at seven o’clock?
12 Do not talk loud. Do not talk loudly.
13 Is he tall short? Is he tall or short?
14 I wait here, can or not? Can I wait here?
15 You paining in your leg? Have you got a pain in your leg?
16 Look at birds in sky. Look at the birds in the sky.
17 Are you in bathroom? Are you in the bathroom?
18 Teacher coming. The teacher is coming.
19 My mother is going to market. My mother is going to the market.
20 Tomorrow holiday? Is tomorrow a holiday?
21 How you go home? How are you going home?
22 How many books you have? How many books do you have?
23 Where the bus? Where is the bus?
24 Where my shoes? Where are my shoes?
25 He is hiding the door. He is hiding behind the door.
26 The dog jumping in the pond. The dog is jumping into the pond.
27 She buy the book for her brother. She is buying the book for her
28 They are going to swimming. They are going to swim.
29 This bag plastic. This bag is made of plastic.
30 What you have there? What do you have there?
31 This umbrella is my one. This umbrella is mine.
32 That watch is your one. That watch is yours.
33 It’s dark. Open the lights. It’s dark. switch on the lights.
34 Peter say, “Take out your shoes.” Peter says, “Take off your shoes.”
35 Now I am eight. Next year I nine. Now I am eight. Next year I will be
36 It early. We reach there soon. It is early. We will reach there soon.
37 When you come again? When will you come again?
38 If you hungry, you can eat now. If you are hungry, you can eat now.
39 If you coming tomorrow, I seeing If you come tomorrow, I will see you.
40 Yesterday she ill. Yesterday she was ill.
41 Who late just now? Who was late just now?
42 Why they not here yesterday? Why were they not here yesterday?
43 Who older, you or sister? Who is older, you or your sister?
44 Which is large, yours or my one? Which is larger, yours or mine/
45 She not locked the door last night. She did not lock the door last night.
46 Who tallest of three girls? Who is the tallest of the three girls?
47 Where you went just now? Where did you go just now?
48 Where you took the bus? Where did you take the bus?
49 You met him, yes or not? You met him, didn’t you?
50 I never bathed just now. I did not bathe just now.
51 Today hotter yesterday. Today is hotter than yesterday.
52 This bag is more heavier than that. This bag is heavier than that.
53 The shirt is clean. Who was it? The shirt is clean. Who has washed it?
54 He not here. Where he go? He is not here. Where has he gone?
55 Who leave the bag here? Who has left the bag here?
56 He not eat his dinner yet. He has not eaten his dinner yet.
57 He never saw an elephant. He has never seen an elephant.
58 He ever been here? Yes, he have. Has he ever been here? Yes, he has.
59 That’s enough. I not want more. That’s enough. I do not want any
60 Somebody have broke the lock. Somebody has broken the lock.
61 How heavy that parcel? How heavy is that parcel?
62 He not fat as Tom. He is not as fat as Tom.
63 What she? She nurse. What is she? She is a nurse.
64 Why you fell down just now? Why did you fall down just now?
65 Why she sick Wednesday? Why was she sick on Wednesday?
66 Why you no finish your work? Why have you not finished your
67 Why he not eat yet? Why has he not eaten yet?
68 How old father? How old is your father?
69 I already post letter. I have already posted the letter.
70 He not here. He go home. He is not here. He has gone home.
71 You already ate? Have you already eaten?
72 He already go to bed? Has he already gone to bed?
73 You wrote to your friend last Did you write to your friend last
week? week?
74 Please take that box next room. Please take that box to the next room.
75 Is he here? He come yet? Is he here? Has he come yet?
76 They not find the key yet. They have not found the key yet.
77 I sleep when you come. I was sleeping when you came.
78 You saw her yesterday? She Did you see her yesterday? She was
look for you. looking for you.
79 While he running, he fall down. While he was running, he fell down.
80 You see the show tomorrow? Are you going to see the show
81 He is walking across to bridge. He is walking across the bridge.
82 I can look window. I can look through the window.
83 I wait here till noon. I will wait here till noon.
84 You here until next week? Will you be here until next week?
85 He waiting till you came. He was waiting till you came.
86 It rain in morning sometimes. It sometimes rains in the morning.
87 He never tell me anything. He does not tell me anything.
88 You listen the news every day? Do you listen to the news every day?
89 She never late in school. She has never been late to school.
90 You home last night? Were you at home last night?
91 She here an hour. She was here an hour ago.
92 He not speak the English. He does not speak English.
93 He have the key? Yes, he have. Does he have the key? Yes, he has.
94 Where you went Sunday? Where did you go on Sunday?
95 Ask her what she want. Ask her what she wants.
96 Tell him no talking. Tell him not to talk.
97 That is back of chair. That is the back of the chair.
98 If it rain, we no go out. If it rains, we cannot go out.
99 Where you go last night? Where did you go last night?
100 The shops open Sunday. The shops are open on Sundays.
101 I bought the open one dollar only. I bought the pen for only a dollar.
102 Where you saw them? Where did you see them?
103 I went market to found her. I went to the market to find her.
104 When she left the house? When did she leave the house?
105 Anybody saw my key? Has anybody seen my key?
106 You tell her the news? Have you told her the news?
107 Anybody know where she now? Does anybody know where she is
108 They late. Nobody here. They are late. Nobody is here.
109 What you do the whole evening? What were you doing the whole
110 Who she talk to? Who was she talking to?
111 I like listen to music. I like listening to music.
112 You like dance? Do you like dancing?
113 Why you afraid him? Why are you afraid of him?
114 Can you do yourself? Can you do it yourself?
115 She has left week ago. She left a week ago.
116 Why you so late? You miss bus? Why are you so late? Did you miss the
4 bus?
117 He come in time to the show. He came on time for the show.
118 What you saw? Why not you tell What did you see? Why don’t you tell
me? me?
119 Who take my bag? Who has taken my bag?
SPM 2016
Directed Writing ENGLISH SCORE A+

F4 BI (1ST SEPT 2019)

Section A: Directed Writing
[35 marks]
[Time suggested: 45 minutes]
A fire broke out in the school canteen. As the Head Prefect of the school,
you have been asked to write a report to the principal about the incident.

Use the notes below to write your report.

• Fire at the canteen

• Recess
• Gas leak
• Minor explosion
• Fire alarm
• Inform teacher
• Fire extinguisher
• Gather at assembly point
• Fire brigade and ambulance
• Workers injured

Suggestions on what to do in case of fire:

• Suggestion 1
• Suggestion 2

When writing the letter, you should remember to:

• address the report to the principal
• Provide a title
• Use all the notes given
• Give your own suggestions when needed
SPM SBP 2016


A Fire Broke Out

Witten by Lee
Last Friday, during recess time, a fire broke out in the school canteen. This

fire broke out due to the carelessness by one of the workers in school canteen.

She forgot to check the gas before using it and caused the leaking of gas. The

odour of leaking of gas was shelled by a group of students. Without hesitation,

they informed the teacher who was on duty in canteen, Madam Tan.

Out of the blue, a minor expansion happened at one of the stall in canteen.

Madam Tan saw this incidence, she played her role without any hesitate and

gave an instruction to the students in canteen to gather at the assembly point.

The ringing of fire alarm could be heard in the whole school to inform the

students and teachers that a fire broke out in school canteen. “Ring…Ring…”

After a few minutes later, a fire brigade and an ambulance reached the

school. The fire-fighters quickly jump out from the fire brigade with fire

extinguisher and rushed to the school canteen to put off the fire which was

burning in a bright red flame. Many of black soot is emited out.

In a blink of eye, the fire was put off by the fire-fighters. Some workers

suffered minor injuries which had caused by the hot and bright flame in this

incident. They were given help by the doctor and nurses. For further checking

to ensure that they were under a safe condition, they were sent to the

hospital by ambulance. Fortunately, there was no any major injuries or death

caused in this incident.

From this incident, we should be more awareness when a fire was broke

out around you. Here are some suggestions to do in case of fire. Firstly, we

should run to the assembly point or any other places which was open-

roofted. This can prevent more problems happened in the fire. Next of we

are caught in case of fire, try to find a cloth and wet it. You can cover up

yourself with the wet cloth to prevent the fire from approaching your body.

This is because of water can put off the fire. So, water and fire cannot be


I hope that the suggestions given by me was useable. Hence, when you

are trapped in a fire, do not feel afraid or panick. Try to find for help from the

other people.
SPM Directed Writing SPM TRIAL 2016
F4 BI (1ST SEPT 2019)
Section A: Directed Writing
[35 marks]
[Time suggested: 45 minutes]
The installation ceremony of your school prefects was held recently. Based on
the notes below, write a report to the Principal about the ceremony where the
prefects were appointed.

In your report, include the following:

• Venue
• Date and Time
• Guest invited –Chairman of the Parent-Teacher Association
• Criteria on being chosen as prefects
-Criterion 1-leadership
-Criterion 2 [give your own idea]
-Criterion 3 [give your own idea]
• Presentation of certificates of appointment
• Oath
• Speech by Head Prefect
• Give 2 other activities which were carried during the ceremony
-Activity 1 [ give your own idea]
- Activity 2 [ give your own idea ]

When writing the report, you must remember to :

• address your report to the Principal
• provide a title
• use all the notes given
• give your own ideas when needed
• include your name
Note:• include your name
For your report, you will receive up to 15 marks for the format and content points and up
to 20 marks for the quality of your writing. Kedah

我 们 的 核 心 是 品 质 , 我 们 的 使 命 是 教 育 10
Directed Writing ENGLISH
English SCORE A+

KEDAH 2016

To : The Principal, SMK Super

From : Secretary of the Prefect Board, SMK Super

Installation Ceremony Of The Prefect Board 2016

On last Friday, 14 October 2016, the installation ceremony of

the prefect board was 进行 __________________ in our school hall. The
ceremony 开始 __________________at 8am sharp in the morning and was
carried out until 10.30am. We invited an esteemed guest, the Chairman of
the Parent-Teacher Association to launch the lovely ceremony.

As soon as the ceremony was officially launched, Mr. Clement, the

head discipline teacher of our school gave a speech regarding the criteria
on being chosen as prefects. In fact, all the new prefects who were chosen
to join the board must fulfil the criteria. Firstly, they must be equipped with
leadership qualities such as patience and commitment. They must be
patient especially when they have to deal with 问题学生
____________________________. After all, patience is a virtue.

Next, they must also be responsible. Mr. Clement stated that prefects
are the 榜样 ________________ of other students in the school. Therefore,
they have to 培养责任感 _____________________________
_________in order to set stellar examples for other students to follow. Of
course, an exemplary prefect must also have good time management skills.
时间不等人 _________________________________________________.
Since a prefect must stay back after school hours to carry out their duties,
they must be able to balance their time well and they must not 忽略学业

After Mr. Clement’s speech, there was a presentation of certificates

of appointment to all the freshly recruited prefects. Then, all of

我 们 的 核 心 是 品 质 , 我 们 的 使 命 是 教 育 11
Directed Writing ENGLISH
English SCORE A+

the junior prefects must 宣誓 ____________________. Of course, the

installation ceremony was incomplete without a speech by our very own
Head Prefect, Susan Chan from 5A. She gave some 劝告 ________________
_____________ to the juniors in regards of their new roles. She also
mentioned that they are most welcomed to ask for help from their seniors. In
order for the Prefect Board to continue thriving, she highly suggested all the
juniors 给予配合 _______________________________________.

There were two activities conducted in this ceremony. Since all the
juniors barely knew each other yet, we implemented some games to help
them to get along. These games were perfect for an 破冰__________
___________because all of them became really close. Lastly, we watched a
video about the upsides and perks of being a prefect in our school. This video
really boosted the juniors’ confidence for joining our prefect board and they
promised to work hard in a bid to perform well.

In a nutshell, this installation ceremony was smooth-sailing and a

roaring success.

Reported by, 17 October 2016

Secretary of the Prefect Board,
SMK Super.

我 们 的 核 心 是 品 质 , 我 们 的 使 命 是 教 育 12
What happens when you turn a deaf ear to your elders?
Flipped open her weighty eyelids, reluctantly, Jane woke up and the broad day
light outside jolted her a dreadful thought. “What is the time now?” her heart
skipped a beat upon seeing the alarm clock on the bedside table. Gasping in horror
with the truth she realised, she stormed towards the bathroom like a speeding
bullet from a revolver. By the time she was changing into her uniform, she was still
traumatised by the fact that it was seven in the morning. She could hardly believe
her eyes!
“You should really have a sense of urgency, take things seriously before
something is too late.” Walking towards the dining room hurriedly, the stern voice
of her mother drifted into her ears as she unceremoniously wolfed down / gobbled
up her breakfast of ham sandwiches. Shaking her head helplessly, she had always
wanted Jane to be more mature in handling things instead of rushing here and
there aimlessly due to her failure on time management. Looking at her, tucking in
everything ravenously, white hot anger started to lick her inside. She glared at Jane
furiously while Jane was taking her last portion of milk before dashing off to
school. As a mother, she would always take a good care of her and remind her
everything for the sake of hers. “Remember to bring an umbrella along, its going to
have a downpour soon.” The initial clear blue sky seemed to be slowly
overwhelmed by ominous clouds, indicating an impending downpour soon.
However, the piece of sound advice seemed to be left unattended by Jane. She just
simply turned a deaf ear, “don’t you think that I’m way too smart for this?” as the
sarcastic remarks ended, Jane left hurriedly, leaving her mother speechless on the
Slamming the door behind her forcefully, she tried to vent her anger out before
she reached her school. Despite of her anger, hesitation gradually crept all over her
as she stole glances at the sky while making her way to school. The sun glared
down at her tremendously from the sky as though it was reprimanding her for her
disobedience and disrespect just now. Again, she took no notice on the changes of
the sky as she walked on. The clear blue sky had completely conquered by
menacing dark clouds in just a blink of an eye. Her footsteps that broke the
pregnant silence was no longer alone, accompanied by roars of thunder
incessantly. Occasionally, streaks of lightning pierced through the sky, providing
brief lights in the of darkness. The wind that blew past her with undiminished
intensity petrified her as she could see the trees along the road started to give in to
the power of nature. 13
A host of golden daffodils, beside a lake, were fluttering and dancing wildly
in the strong winds, screaming life a banshee. “Could you do something
right?” Jane thought bitterly, searching for an alternative as she had no
umbrella along. Her instinct told her that she had no choice but to kick off
taking her to her heels before it was too late. At the same juncture, beads of
rain started to be off from its string in torrents, hitting the ground ferociously,
forming ripples across the lakes and puddles on the road. She quickened her
pace frantically for a shelter, only to fall like an old tree giving way in a storm.
“Ouch!” she cried in pain due to the fall, scarlet blood oozed out from her
wounded areas profusely. Excruciating pain caused by the sudden friction on
her palms and knew spread through tremendously at the moment she fell
down. Tears started to stream down her face, leaving a vivid track upon till it
had mixed with the drops of rain water unknowingly. Sitting on the road in
rain, she made her best endeavour to stand up yet the never-give-up rain,
with the piercing pain on her limbs, made her failed again and again. As if the
world had come to a complete standstill, she was oblivious to the surrounding
as she drifted into the world of endless remorse. Fortunately, a good
Samaritan came to her rescue sending her back home upon seeing her lying
on the pavement helplessly.
The door bell rang in the early morning shocked Jane’s mother and what
she was not expect the next was that Jane showed up at the front door like a
drowned mouse with the help of a stranger. Worse still, she even noticed her
injured limbs covering with mud and blood. Hurriedly, Jane was brought to
change into dry clothes and clean her wounds after walking the kind-hearted
out. While the wounds were handling, jane filled her mother in on the
incident thoroughly. “Now, have you learnt your lesson?” her mother
reprimanded sternly. “yes, mummy, I should have listen to your advice earlier
and I now give you my words that I would never turn a deaf ear to your advice
ever again. I’m truly sorry for being rude to you this morning.” Said Jane in her
deepest regret, her eyes remained downcast and her eyes were brimming
with tears. Flashing Jane a warm-hearted smile, Jane’s mother was glad that
she had learnt her lesson and she had just experienced some minor cuts and
bruises. A sigh of relief was slowly breathed as she was applying ointment
onto her wounds.
Write a story about how a proud girl learnt to be humble. Begin your story
with: “Being the only child in her family, Stacy’s parents pampered her by
giving anything she asked for…”

Being the only child in her family, Stacy’s parents pampered by giving
anything she asked for. When she whimpered, 20 toys would appear in front
of her face in a lightning speed. When she coughed, she would be rushed to
the nearest clinic. At the age of 13, she had already been to many countries
including Japan, China, Korea, England, Switzerland and few more. Everyone
had to listen to her demands or she will throw a tantrum. When her parents
finally realized that Stacy was seriously spoiled, it was a little too late and
nothing could be done to change her behavior upside down.

Stacy behaved the same way in school. She treated her classmates as if
they were her servants and ordered them around. As a result, no one wants
to befriend her. She did not think it was a big deal, she even despised them
and acted as if she was being placed a class above everyone else. To her, they
were all commoners. She never got asked to join them at the mall or for a
pizza sleepover party. She was fifteen and changing fast, emotionally and
physically. She craved a soulmate to talk and giggle with, she wanted to
belong to a group and have a nick-name that was affectionate.

As usual, the bell rang signaling the end of a dreadfully long school day.
Stacy was waiting for her driver to pick her up in front of the school gate.
Everyone else was chattering boisterously around her, she was the odd one
out, as usual. As she was sinking deep in her thoughts, a snatch thief crept up
behind her and snatched her branded bag away. She yelled at the top of her
lungs as she thundered down the pavement in pursuit of the perpetrator. She
tripped and fell. Unlike her expectations, no kind Samaritans propelled
forward at a throbbing pace and chased the thief down the streets. Everyone’s
eyes were on her but no one helped her up, even the security guards turned
away and sneered.

Stacy’s throat was constricting as the reality of her deplorable sate sank in.
Eventually salty tears stung her tongue and she could no longer hold back
her tears. Her shoulders jerked convulsively as she broke down. She knew
she existed and breathed. Yet, she meant nothing to anyone. It looked like
she was despair over the fact that she lost her favourite bag, but she knew it
was because she could not bear being lonely and helpless anymore. She was
still on the floor when a long and slender hand held out towards her, she
looked up. It was her class teacher, Miss Wendy. Sobbing, Stacy told her
about what happened. Miss Wendy then went on to comfort her and
advised her to start to change her attitude towards her friends, teachers,
janitors, security guards, her driver and her parents. She also gave her a few
other tips and said she would assist her as long as she is willing to change for
the better.

The next day, Stacy walked into the school compound with a bright smile
on her face. She greeted the security guards and addressed the janitors
politely. Stacy also gathered up her courage and stood in front of her class to
apologise to everyone for her arrogant behavior, she also vowed to make a
change since that day onwards. Everyone’s jaws dropped when they saw the
‘new’ Stacy but they gradually accepted her. A few days later, Stacy began to
have someone to eat with her in the canteen and was being invited to join in
a groupwork. For the first time of her life, she experienced sleepover, party
and camping. She finally had someone to share her problems and happiness.
It dawned upon her how life had changed once she put away her pride. Stacy
finally realized the importance of being a humble person and swore that
arrogant Stacy would never return.

生字 Normal vocabs 1119 vocabs
1. 出生富裕 rich

2. 赚不多钱--够吃够 Earn little money

3. 相反(性格) different

4. 妒忌 Dislike
5. 男神 Handsome boy

6. 同意 agree

7. 深呼吸 breathing

8. 救 help
9. 挣扎
10.穿上我最好的服装 Wearing my best cloth

11.发现我 Saw me
12.不耐烦地看了他一 Stare at him
眼 impatiently
13. 反映过来 respond

14.看着四周围 Looking around

16.恶魔打败了天使 The demon defeat the

17. 事情·的来龙去脉 The truth

18. 无法接受事实 I could not accept the

19.他的妈妈每天都在 His mother cries every
哭 day
20. 发生大改变 A big change happened
Fenton, an indeed perfect embodiment among all the male species in my
class. Despite of being _______________________________, he had
incredibly high intelligence quotient that would make the
__________________ in every examination as well.
________________________________, his handsome appearance would
even outstand every boy that he had met.__________________, although we
were cousins, I was totally the ______________ presence of him. I was born in
a _________________________. Since the demise of my father, my mom had
to work two jobs in a row in order to __________________.
_______________, I would never be the apple in every teacher’s eyes for my
_____________________ as well as my plain-looking face. My jealousy
towards him intensified and it had caused the rivalry between us inevitably.
“Nicole, Timothy and Rayson, would you like to come over to my place for a
dip in the swimming pool this coming Saturday?” During recess, a familiar yet
annoying voice appeared when I was ____________________________with
my friends. They, in the state of extreme __________________ nodded their
heads eagerly as a ___________________________for his invitation. Majority
took the count, since Nicole and Timothy had given the green light, I had no
choice but to agree with the suggestion reluctantly. “That’s great! Can’t wait to
see you all soon!” I was literally ______________________________.
________________________to calm myself down, I walked away.
_____________________________and it was Saturday, the day that I
should attend for Fenton’s invitation. _________________________for the
gathering yet I supposed it was still rather begrudging compared to the other.
Standing at the front gate, I could easily spot the presence of Fenton,
with Nicole and Timothy at the porch.

From that moment, there was an inner voice persuading me to leave before he could
sense me. However,____________________________________, Fenton spotted me. As
though my hesitation had been sensed, he greeted me warmly and gestured in the
direction of the pool. On the way there, Fenton gently asked, “I was wondering if –“ “Shut
up, Fenton!”_________________________________________, I demanded him to keep
his mouth shut and joined the others. Fenton, on the other hand, stood riveted to the
ground with his mouth agape like a statue for my unexpected reaction.
“How dare he asking me questions? A fat chances!” I was in the train of thought, thinking
about the scenario just now. Right at this moment, a loud scream jolted me back to the
“Help! Help me! I’ve got a muscle cramp!”
It was Fenton. In the pool, he was struggling, thrashing his arms frantically in order to
get help from us. Yet, the more he kicked, the deeper he sank into the water. Nicole and
Timothy had gone for the icy cold refreshment that the maid had prepared in the kitchen.
There was no one there except the drowning one and me. ________________________
______________, he was trying to look for a saviour to come to his rescue desperately.
Then, his eyes met mine.
____________________________________ for his eyesight, with a tiny spark of hope
ignited upon seeing me. Should I help him? In my mind, there were a demon and angel
fighting hard for the answer. Nevertheless, all the unpleasant moments appeared in my
mind all of sudden, engulfing me with the intensifying sense of jealousy. Soon,
____________________and started taking control of my body. Coldly, I stood aside the
pool and watched Fenton sinking to the bottom of the pool in disappointment. As Nicole
and Timothy discovered the state of affairs, it was too late for them to do anything on
their motionless and unconscious friend.
________________________to Fenton’s family in the three months’ time. His
parents, everyday ever since the ordeal, were still keeping their fingers crossed to pray
for the Almighty’s intervention hoping fervently that their only son would wake up from
his coma. Tears were the mere companion his mother had whenever she visited him,
giving nothing as response for every question asked. One day, from the gloominess
clouded on his father’s face and sorrowful appearance, it dawned on me that he had left.
Due to my jealousy, I had caused the demise of the only son from a family and a good
friend of others.___________________________________________________________.
It was me. it was all my fault.

Write a story ending with: "... Now I realise the value of a true friend."
We sat behind a desk, Professor Painswick yelling at us.
“Do you understand what you have to do?” she screamed at us, the chandelier吊灯 practically几乎
shaking with the vibration of her voice.

“Yes, professor,” we answered dully 很沉地 as I was staring down at my feet.

We had turned the library upside down 弄翻 图书馆 in a fight this afternoon. I was looking for books
when a whole pile of them fell on top of me. It turned out that Lewis had pushed them and he grinned at me
from above as I struggled to free myself from the books. When he had got down, in a rage愤怒下 I
smashed him into a bookshelf and it came tumbling down轰然倒塌. The other bookshelves too went down
like skittles九柱戏 as we watched in horror 害怕地看着 . The other students had run out in panic.

We were caught red-handed现场被捉 by the librarian, Professor Chong, who later ordered us to clean and
tidy up the entire=whole library as a punishment.

“And remember boys, no help allowed,” she grinned 露牙齿地笑 as she slammed the door behind her.
We stared at the massivepile of books大堆的书 underneath下 and around the bookshelves.

"Why did you try to bury me under a pile of books?" I yelled at Lewis.

“You‘re too serious, Trent. Learn to let loose a little,” he grinned just as the door was flung甩到 open. Our
friends, Sally and Rachel stood in the doorway and stared at the scene around us.

“Wow, what a wreck破坏!” Sally giggled咯咯笑 as they walked into the room.

"Yeah, and we have until dinner to clean it all up. That leaves us around three hours," I said.
“That‘s why we’re here,” she said and started to pick up the books. “She didn‘t say that we can’t help you,
did she? Professor Chong has always been strict about the cleanliness and tidiness of her library. And you
boys are not at all helpful about them,” Rachel said as she started to sort out 分类 a pile of books. We
stood there, unaware of 不知道 what to do and Rachel looked up from her pile of books.

“Well, aren‘t you going to help us?” she asked and we quickly got to work. Lewis and I cooperated to put
the bookshelves back to their upright positions. Then, we helped the girls with the books. After we had
sorted out the books according to their numbers and alphabets, Sally arranged them neatly back on their
shelves. After nearly three hours, we lay sprawled趴 on the chairs, glancing around our work. All the books
had been arranged neatly on their shelves and the girls had even vacuumed the library and cleaned the

“Girls,” I muttered 悄悄说 and Lewis nodded in agreement点头表示同意 . Sally and Rachel flung
themselves on the chairs next to us and sighed.

“Finally, we‘re done,” Rachel said, yawning打哈欠 and stretching 伸腰. Suddenly, we heard footsteps
coming from the hallway. “You girls had better disappear,” I said and they ran and hid behind a bookshelf
at the back. The professor walked into the library and glanced看了一眼 around.

“Nice job,” she said and we sighed in relief. “Now you‘d better get out of my sight,” she snarled 大喊 and
pointed towards the door. While we were running out, we heard her muttering to herself about teenage
boys who were finally able to do a proper job.

“That‘s a miracle,” Sally said as she and Rachel caught up with us, after they had exited via通过 the back
door. "Thanks a lot," I said and they smiled at us. "Let's go for a drink," Lewis suggested. As we were
walking down the hallway, I could not help but think, "Now I realise the value of a true friend." 20
Write a story beginning with: "It had been raining all day ..."

It had been raining all day and I was feeling bored that evening. As the single child of
my family, I had no one to play with. My mother was ironing烫 clothes downstairs and my
father was away at work.

To relieve my boredom为了解闷, I sneaked溜进 into my father‘s study, which was

normally locked. I was not supposed不应该 to go there but I was lucky that evening because
my father had forgotten to lock it that morning. As an 11-year-old boy, I was inquisitive and
curious好奇 . I opened the drawers in the study and looked inside. In one of the drawers, I saw
a file with my name on it.

There were newspaper cuttings in the file. Upon looking at the cuttings剪报, I was
astonished惊讶 to see news reports about me. The reports stated that I was abducted绑架 when
I was three years of age. There were also pictures of my biological亲生 mother and I.
“The parents that I am staying with now aren‘t my real parents?” I mumbled喃喃自语 to
myself in disbelief不敢相信 and surprise. "How could this be?“

Full of curiosity好奇心的怂恿下, I took the news reports and showed it to my mother.

On seeing the reports, she seemed petrified石化. She started to weep哭泣 and beg乞求 for my
forgiveness. It was also at that time that my father came back from work. When he learnt that I
had discovered the truth, he apologised to me and admitted承认 that he kidnapped me when I
was aged three.
“Being an infertile couple不孕夫妇, you mother and I had always longed for a son,” my father
explained. “Eight years ago, I saw you playing alone in the playground and couldn‘t resist抵抗
the temptation诱惑 to abduct拐 you and make you ours.“

I was in tears and dumbfounded傻眼. My parents then started packing their belongings.
In the middle of the night, they took me to my real parents' home. Then, they left as they did not
wish to be caught by the police.

"My son! Where have you been all these years? Who kidnapped you?" cried my mother,
when she saw me.Crying happy tears, she was able to recognise认得 me the instant she saw me.
I told her everything. She was overjoyed太开心 to have me back and hugged me tightly. The
rest of the family was happy to be reunited团圆 with me as well. Apart from my father, I had an
older sister and a younger brother. As I was only three years old when I left them, my memory
of them was vague模糊. Nevertheless, I could still feel the love and warmth of my real family
and I was delighted to go back to where I belonged.

Six years have passed since the reunion with my family. Until today, the couple who
abducted me have not been caught. Even though they are not my biological parents, they treated
me like their own son. I still think of them occasionally偶尔, especially when it rains. I even
miss them and wonder how they are now.

PG 2
Examinations - Good or bad?

When asked if examinations are good or bad, the answers of different individuals 不一
样的人 will certainly differ不一样. Some people have the opinion that examinations are
good while the others disagree. From my point of view, examinations are good. I have
my own reasons for saying so.

The first reason is that examinations help student to identify their strengths and
weaknesses 强项和弱点 in certain subjects. After an exam, students will have a better
idea which subjects they are weak at. They can receive private tuition or put in more
efforts to improve their performance in the weaker subjects. From examination results,
teachers are able to identify the weaker students and assist them to do better.
Examinations also help to show a student‘s learning ability. For example, PT3
examination results help a school to decide which stream科系 students should be in for
their upper secondary education. Without PT3, the streaming of students would be much
more difficult.

The second reason is, examinations help students to manage their time properly. Most
students will study hard in order to pass their exams with flying colours. Since
examinations motivate students, they will spend more time on their studies and plan a
timetable. When students spend more time on their studies, they can avoid involving
themselves in unhealthy activities such as smoking, getting into bad company黑社会,
wandering游荡 in town, spending too much time on the Internet, playing too much
computer games and drinking alcohol.

With examinations, students will make wise use of their allowance津贴. They tend to
spend their pocket money on reference books so that they can increase their knowledge.
For instance, when a student purchases 买 books like the model essay books, they can
improve their essay-writing skills. Apart from that, students can also buy past year exam
paper workbooks or model exam paper workbooks for practising purposes, since
‘practice makes perfect’. This can also help them to get used to the exam format and
they will likely=probably 比较可能 sit for the exam with confidence.
Examinations are good because they are the driving force推动力 for students to study
hard. In return, they acquire knowledge获得知识 which comes in handy 带来方便
when they grow up and start working in the society. Without examinations, most students
will not really make an effort to study hard as there is no motivation for them to achieve

In a nutshell, although there are disadvantages for students to have examinations, the
benefits far outweigh超过 the disadvantages. Therefore, I strongly believe that
examinations are good.

What are the ways to cultivate reading habits among students?
It is a fact that students today do not read much compared to those in the past. Since reading
brings forth a lot of benefits such as to expand one’s knowledge增加知识 , improve one’s
language skills and boost one’s creativity, youngsters should be persuaded to develop a love of

What are the ways to help students cultivate reading habits? In my opinion, there a quite a
number of ways and stated below are some of the best.

Firstly, reading facilities have to be set up by the government so that students can have easier
access to reading materials. For example, a public library can be built opposite a school
compound复合. It can also be constructed in housing areas, especially those with large
populations. A wide selection of books, magazines and newspapers should be made available.
For visitors’ comfort, it is a good idea for a library to be equipped with facilities like air
conditioners and chairs and tables that are of high quality. It is also important for a library to
have an quiet environment which is conducive=comfortable 舒服 to reading and learning. The
adequate充足 facilities and the appropriate environment will undoubtedly 无可否认 attract
students to spend their leisure time in the library. With a wide selection of reading materials,
students are able to further expand their knowledge about what is taught in class as well as to
learn something which is excluded from their school syllabus教学大纲. This can help improve
their academic performance as most examination papers nowadays include HOTS (Higher
Order Thinking Skills) questions. In order to answer such questions well, students need to have
extra knowledge apart from what is being taught in school.

Secondly, parents play a vital role in shaping their children’s attitude 塑造态度 and interest.
It is advisable for parents to teach their children the advantages of reading. Parents can start off
by reading stories to their children in bed and buy books for them to read, besides bringing them
to libraries. It is also important that parents set a good example by reading frequently so as to let
their children follow. It is wise for parents to create a library or a study at home. Or, at least,
help their children start a collection of books, especially those that are about their interests.
Gradually逐渐, children get a library of books of their favourite topics and even authors. That
can certainly help nurture a love of reading in them 培养阅读的爱好.

Thirdly, students can also be encouraged to read when schools organise essay writing
competitions. Generous prizes that are up for grabs争夺 can be offered提供 so as to attract
more participants. Besides attractive prizes, winners will also have the opportunities to
represent their schools in interschool or even interstate competitions州赛 . Participation
certificates will also be presented to all participants, who will also obtain bonus marks that are
favourable to their applications for further studies in universities or colleges later. Students who
intend to take part will definitely read model essays to improve their essay writing skills. There
will also be a necessity 必要 for reading when they search for information related to the topics,
if they are provided in the contest notice.

In a nutshell, reading habits can be cultivated培养 among students with the right methodology
方法. With so many attractions in this IT era, it may be a challenge persuading说服 youngsters
today to take up reading as a pastime. Despite that being said, it is definitely possible, when
adequate充足 encouragement and emphasis are given. I look forward to the day when reading
will once again be a ubiquitous=common普遍 hobby among students, who will most probably 23
grow up to be intelligent, creative and wise citizens of our country.
The number of elderly people in the world is increasing.
What do you think are the positive and negative effects of this
Thanks to the advancement进步 of medical science technology, human beings now enjoy a
longer life. Due to the fact that many couples of the world currently prefer quality to quantity
when it comes to the number of children they wish to have, it is not unanticipated意外 that the
global population of the elderly is on the rise.

One of the most prominent明显 positive effects the trend趋势 brings forth向前 is that the older
generation have more life experience and therefore are more capable of counselling the younger
generation. There is a Chinese proverb which emphasizes强调 that having an elderly person at
home is likened to possessing拥有 a treasure. How true it is. The same is also true for people in
any line of work - it is the elderly people who have had the same occupations for decades that
are more competent in their work. For instance, people tend to trust an elderly surgeon外科医
生, who has performed countless surgeries, more than a young one. The fact that the leaders of
most countries are mainly elderly people is the quintessence of their experience, wisdom and

Having more elderly people in the world also means that in many countries, the standards of the
health care system is high. As a result of the excellent health care provided by governments,
citizens enjoy better health and naturally have a longer life expectancy期待.

The negative effects of the trend include the heavy burden of pension funds养老基金的沉重负
担 governments need to pay their elderly citizens. Since many couples today are careerists with
preference for fewer children, the population of the younger generation is dwindling日益减少.
The increment增量 of the elderly increases the amount of pension养老金 that governments
need to pay. The expenditure支出 on retirement退休 houses and health care services will
inevitably必将 rise as well. To provide for the elderly, governments use the taxes collected from
citizens. When the populations of the young and the elderly decrease and increase respectively,
the taxes collected from the working younger citizens may not be adequate充足 to provide for
the elderly. As a consequence of the imbalance失调 between the populations of the two
generations, the economy of a country could be negatively. Impacted影响

In some societies, the elderly are not so much valued and considered a burden. Undeniably不可
否认, the elderly are generally weaker and more prone易于 to health problems. Despite the
better health care system, death is still inevitable必然. As people grow older, the more feeble
they become. They are also more vulnerable to diseases. Unfortunately, not all of their relatives
are willing to provide them with the extra care that they require.

Since the trend comes with both positive and negative effects, governments should find ways to
alleviate the latter缓解后者. One of the ways is to balance the population gap between the
younger and older generations. Apart from that, a government can also strengthen its country’s
economy in order to have sufficient funds to provide for the elderly despite the population gap.

Friends / The Qualities of True Friends
Throughout our life, we encounter遭遇 many people and make friends. But
among these hundreds or perhaps或是 thousands of people we meet, only a
handful少数 of them are our true friends. So, you might ask, what are the
qualities that true friends should possess?

First of all, true friends will help us when we are in trouble. As the saying
goes, ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’. How true it is. Despite the fact
that尽管 they might grumble抱怨 , they will still help us until the end. True
friends stand by you when you are sad or are teased by嘲讽 the others. In
their opinion, they are the only ones who can tease or ‘bully’ you. True
friends try their best to make you smile when you are upset.

True friends do not flatter奉承 you. Instead, they keep on teasing and
criticizing you. Although their teases and criticism might sound sarcastic讽
刺 at times, they are actually for your own good. We should beware of those
who keep flattering us as they might have ulterior motives另有目的. True
friends always correct us and give us good advice, or at least try their best to
do so. They want you to improve and do not try to harm you. Hurting your
feelings is the last thing they will ever do.

True friends are someone whom you consider trustworthy信任. You can
confide信托 your secrets to them and they will not reveal揭示 your
confidential matters to anyone. Sometimes, it is difficult to trust human
beings as we tend趋向 to have the urge to spread news or secrets. True
friends try their best to keep your secrets.

True friends can also be your very own motivators. They motivate you to do
better. They stand by you 在你身边 when you are fighting. They will give
you encouragement and strength to continue fighting.

To put it in a nutshell, true friends never betray you or stab you in the back
暗中害你 in any situation. They are also trustworthy. Even though they can
be irritating and annoying 令人讨厌 sometimes, they actually help to
shape your personality positively. Consequently, you become a better person
in the future. Since true friends are not easy to find, we should always
treasure and value them珍惜他们.
Are smartphones a necessity?
"Mom, my birthday is approaching. May I ask for something from you and Daddy?" Farah
asks her mother.
"Of course my dear. What do you want?“
"Can you buy me an iPhone 6 as my birthday gift?“
Well, it is not uncommon for teenagers today to ask for something expensive and high-tech
such as smartphones from their parents. This epoch时代 has been a witness见证 for the
rapid development in the world of electronic devices.

Nowadays, many companies compete with one another to invent something advanced to
attract people to buy their products like smartphones. However, are smartphones really a

It is undeniable不可否认 that most students today dream to have at least one smartphone.
Some of them are willing to scrape up拼凑 money by doing part-time jobs just to fulfil
their dreams. One of the reasons why the device is highly-sought高度追捧 after by
students is because of its Internet browsing feature. Such feature makes information
searching much more convenient方便. For instance, in universities, when lecturers give
students assignments which require the use of the Internet, smartphones certainly come in
handy. With this device, students can save their time and complete their work faster.

Apart from that, smartphones can also be useful when we face difficulties in finding a
location. The devices come with GPS and all we need to do is to install the Google Maps
app and our smartphones are ready to assist us to move from point A to point B easily. This
function enables us to find our way in strange neighbourhoods, cities, countries and any
other places on earth and explore them. Therefore, smartphones have undoubtedly无疑
benefited mankind人们 greatly.

Other than that, as human beings, we always impress our peers with something fun,
enjoyable and state of the art. Smartphones definitely meet the criteria标准 as many
varieties of apps with different functionality can be installed in them. There are social
media, games, education, voice recorder, music, radio and many other types of apps. Apps
like Facebook, Skype, WeChat and WhatsApp allow us to communicate with people all
over the world instantly.

Games, for example, give us an opportunity to relax ourselves and improve our reflexes.
For Muslims, there are many applications that provide the information about the prayer
time, Qibla朝拜 direction and the Quranic古兰经 reference. All of these apps can only be
installed in smartphones. That is merely one of hundreds of reasons why one should have a

In a nutshell, it is apparent明显 that smartphones have become an indispensable必不可少

part of our lives. However, just like most things in life, a smartphone can be both a boon
and a bane恩惠和祸根. As a 'full-brained' device that currently possesses the most 26
functionalities and features, we should use this device wisely and make sure that it does
Is tuition necessary? Discuss.
Tuition is the act of teaching, especially to people in smaller groups or individuals.
It is extremely非常 common among Malaysians, especially primary and secondary
students. When asked if tuition is really necessary, different people have different
opinions. From my point of view, tuition is necessary and I provide my reasons

In this competitive竞争 world, students undoubtedly无疑 need some extra

assistance to help them perform better academically. Tuition is necessary to
complement补充 their school work, especially when it comes to the more difficult
topics and challenging areas. Additional practice is required to help improve the
students‘ understanding. Through having private tuition, students are able to obtain
获得 extra helpful tips from their teachers and thus they are more likely to excel高
强 in their studies.

When having tuition, students get to learn in smaller groups or on a one-to-one

basis. This is certainly advantageous to timid胆小 students as they get the
opportunities to speak up and ask questions. In a typical Malaysian public school, a
class usually comprises容纳 about 45 students. Among so many classmates, the
shy and introverted内向 ones normally find it difficult to ask any questions they
have while attending classes. Such problem can be solved through having tuition.

Furthermore, students are able to get personal attention and develop发展 good
study skills with their teachers‘ help. Since the group is small, it would be easier
for teachers to spot students’ weaknesses and help strengthen them. In other words,
through close collaboration合作 with their tuition teachers, students are able to
learn and improve more effectively.

Through receiving tuition, students get to occupy their time wisely. This is
especially true for latchkey kids闩锁孩子. Undeniably不可否认, it is better for
students to spend their time studying and revising for examinations rather than
wasting time socialising with the wrong crowd. Things can go really wrong when
students get into wrong company.

Even though tuition fees can be expensive and tuition may take up too much of
students‘ time, the benefit far outweighs the negatives利多于弊. Through having
tuition, students are able to acquire unrivalled获得无与伦比 mastery of a
particular subject. Therefore I firmly牢牢 believe that tuition is absolutely a
necessary tool for students to strengthen their weaker subjects and boost their self-
confidence and morale.
Spending time in shopping centres has become a culture in our
country. Do you agree?
In this epoch of rapid development在这个快速发展的时代, a myriad无数 of shopping
centres have been built. Many of them are still in the process of being built. We cannot
deny the fact that they have become quite an indispensable part of today‘s generations.
Many people prefer to spend time in shopping centres nowadays. It does not matter
whether it is really necessary必要 for them to frequent the arcades, but it seems to be the
favourite place to spend their leisure time.

Looking at our country‘s economic climate经济情况 and the standard of living, it is

apparent that our needs and wishes have increased. In fact, we have much more wishes
than needs today. The wishes refer to items such as the state-of-the-art最先进
smartphones, laptops and desktops, branded clothes, expensive shoes, jewellery, et
cetera. All these things are readily available in shopping centres. Due to the convenience
由于方便, many people would rather shop in arcades. Furthermore, before buying an
item, we are free to visit different shops, compare prices and find the best deal.

Another reason why people love spending time in shopping centres is because of their
cool atmosphere, since most of them are air-conditioned. Since we have the equatorial
climate赤道气候, the arcades商场 are some of the best places to cool ourselves down
without spending any money, if one prefers not to. Moreover, there are a variety of shops
in an arcade, for example a spa, salon, bookshop, fast-food restaurant, boutique,
department store and so forth. We can even find amusement arcades游乐场 and
cineplexes电影院 in many large shopping centres. That is why we save time and
transport expenses as we are able to carry out many activities such as to shop, have our
meals and entertainment all under one roof, instead of having to drive from place to
place. Moreover, we need not worry about the rain or sunshine while we are in an arcade.

In spite of the fact尽管如此 that people love spending time in shopping centres, there
are also disadvantages especially when those without any specific purposes特别有需
spend too much time there. For instance例如, there is a growing trend towards both
parents becoming careerists. They place their careers above their children‘s interests. As
a result, their children might feel neglected孤单 when they are left at home.
Consequently, they tend to spend hours wandering aimlessly in arcades and that
encourages the 'lepak' or loitering culture. The undesirable culture can lead to immoral
activities which bring forth negative effects on the students' body, mind and spirit
development, not to mention their academic performance.

In a nutshell, it is apparent明线的 that spending time in shopping centres has become a

culture文化 in our country and perhaps even worldwide全世界. It is advisable for us to
plan our time wisely so as to prevent the wastage of time in shopping centres. Spending
time in arcades without any vital重要 business is not a great choice indeed.
“The Internet is mostly a good thing.” Do you agree? Support
your opinion.
The Internet is the electricity of the 21st century. Yes, we are so attached附 to it every day. Indeed, it is
one of the greatest inventions发明 of all time. Since it upgrades our lifestyle, I must say that the Internet
is mostly a good thing.

Firstly, the biggest advantage of the Internet is its role as a search platform. For example, Google, a
popular online search engine, makes our life much easier. Everyone needs it. For example, with internet
access, a stockbroker股票经纪人 will always have up-to-date更新 information about the stock market. A
student finds relevant educational materials from the Internet to facilitate his or her studies. A housewife
follows online recipes to cook finger-licking food好吃 to feed the family. Yes, you may say that sources
from books and papers are more reliable可靠. However, the traditional book-flipping method is not as
efficient as the Internet as it is time consuming. Moreover, the information contained is limited.

The Internet shortens distance. But how? It keeps people in touch, no matter where they are. Social
networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have been blooming for a decade开发了10年. They
provide various features such as real-time chatting and video calling, enabling us to communicate with
our relatives and friends easily. We can also know more about their life through their regular photo and
status updates. Now, parents can easily see their children, who are studying abroad, and have
conversations with them. Trading can be done online, without the need to be present at business or
commercial premises. Old friends can reunite. People all around the world no longer need to write letters
and post them to communicate with one another.

Buying and selling are also easier when carried out through the Internet. Online shopping is popular in
our modern world now. Sellers earn their living in sales through their online stores. They have flexible自
由 working hours. Buyers get to buy products at lower prices because the online stores bear low 感受
overhead costs compared to bricks and mortar stores. Besides, customers’ reviews are posted on the
Internet and people get to compare and make better decisions before purchasing anything. No more long
queues, no more awkwardly-standing shop assistants and no more parking fees. What you buy will be
delivered right on your doorstep after a few clicks. Have you ever noticed how convenient our life is with
the help of the famous Mr Internet?

The Internet brightens up 照亮 our life. We can find entertainments on the Internet. There are films and
dramas that we can watch online. There are plenty of video games on the Internet to satisfy your interest
too. All of them can relieve one’s stress and refresh one’s mind. Who would not enjoy a moment of
personal time watching films or playing games in their cozy舒适 rooms, away from tensions压力 in life?
In addition, these entertainments can liven up a boring school or work day. After all, life is not really all
about school and work, is it?

Lastly, the Internet plays an important role in the education field too. People are getting busier and busier
every day. Not everyone has the chance to further their studies abroad. The good news is they can enroll
注册 on online courses offered by the world’s top universities. Nine-to-fivers are equally eligible合格 to
do so as they can study on a part-time basis! Do you not think that the Internet has helped lots of people
all around the world?

In a nutshell结论, the Internet is mostly a good thing. Although some may say that it causes many social
problems like cheating and propaganda宣传 spreading, its advantages outweigh远远超过 its
disadvantages. Instead of misusing it而不是滥用它, we should use it wisely to gain maximum benefits.

Social networking has caused a lot of problems. How far do you
Social networking, which is also known as social media, is the use of internet-based applications to
make connections with people such as our family and friends. It is now becoming an important part of
our lives. In order to keep pace with the advancement进步 of technology, almost all of us have learnt
how to use social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Despite its
popularity, is it true that social networking has caused us a lot of problems?

In my opinion, social networking has its advantages and disadvantages. It actually depends on how we
use it.

I believe that social media benefits us because it brings people closer even though they are from
different parts of the world. By using social networking, a person can communicate with his family and
friends wherever they are. Furthermore, social networking sites are basically free of charge. It is
extremely user friendly and can be used wherever there is internet access. By comparison比较, it is
more economical经济化 than making telephone calls. We are able to share our life stories and special
moments through social networking. For instance, we can see photos of beautiful scenery and cultural
activities posted by users from different countries. We can also interact沟通 with them through the use
of chat rooms and also by posting comments and messages.

Another benefit of social networking is that like-minded志同道合 people all over the world are able to
discuss important topics and share their points of view. This can widen扩大 a person’s personal
knowledge as he can discover different things that he never knew. For example, young people around
the world are now more involved in their countries’ politics. They also have a more caring attitude
towards other important issues both at home and abroad.

Just as everything has its pros and cons好处和坏处, social networking is no exception例外. One of the
problems it has caused us is that it allows us to hide behind the screens. That limits face to face
interaction among people. Some of us might think that it is good enough to be sociable simply through
the use of social networking. This could result in the lack of communication and interpersonal skills
when we come face to face with people. In addition, we tend to neglect忽略 the importance of building
a good relationship with friends that we make through social media. For instance, users can have
thousands of friends in their Facebook friends lists, but how many of them do they see on a semi-
regular basis?

Moreover, social networking has taken too much out of our lives. A lot people are busy with
‘Facebooking’ or ‘Tweeting’ instead of interacting with their friends and family when meeting up.
When their elders are talking to them, they are busy with their social networking sites and tend趋向 to
ignore their elders. Such insolence傲慢 is prevalent流行 especially among today’s younger generation.
Apart from that, another serious problem which social media has caused us is distraction娱乐. For
example, while studying, students may decide to catch up with Youtube videos or update their Twitter
accounts. This causes concentration浓度 problems and consequently has a negative effect on the
students’ academic performance. The similar situation is also not uncommon among workers who are
on duty. This can result in their superior’s上级 distrust of them.
In conclusion, I agree to a certain extent解释 that social networking has caused a lot of problems. If it
is misused误用 or used in an improper manner, problems can arise. On the other hand, it can be a
useful tool to people from all walks of life if it is used in an appropriate manner.