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Product Information Guide

MiX 4000 Series


Product Positioning
The MiX 4000 series is targeted at the mid-level Fleet Management market sector

Asset Security Track & trace


MiX2000 G52 Solar MiX4000


MiX Tabs MiX6000


MiX 4000 - Hardware and Firmware Platform

 MESA hardware and firmware embedded platform

• Porting features to and from MiX 2000 and MiX 6000

 MiX 4000 shares FM3xxx event engine implementation

 MiX 2000, MiX 4000 and MiX 6000 shares the same commissioning server

 Supports FM3xxx scripting engine – current CAN and Serial scripts are compatible

 Installation and Diagnostic tools via Bluetooth to a Mobile device


What is the MiX 4000?

1 Serial
Port 2G / 3G

2 CAN Bluetooth
MiX 2000
MiX 4000
 2 x CAN Ports (Vehicle + DTCO)  GPS and GLONASS
 2 x Serial Ports  Tamper Detect Switches
 Worldwide Magix (RF)  GSM and GPS disconnect detection
 Bluetooth  Input Open Load and Floating detection
 3-Axis Accelerometer  Internal Antennas (Optional External)


Hardware functionality not yet supported

The following hardware functionality currently available on the FM 3xxx series is not
currently supported for MiX 4000, but will be supported in subsequent releases:
• In cab display device (ROVI II)
• 3 x Positive drive outputs (for power management of serial devices or relay drives)
• Jobs and messaging capability
• Pico-base-station (PBS) or TABS capability
• The Brazilian terminal
• 2 x Frequency inputs


Hardware functionality in future releases*

The following hardware new functionality will be available as the MiX 4000 product is
• Bluetooth driver ID
• Bi-directional accelerometer functionality
• Extended geo-fence storage capacity
• Extended Magix capability and TABS support
• Additional tacho recording lines

* Not currently supported for MiX 4000

• The format of the SIM must be “Nano” or (4FF)
• Disable PIN on SIM – then MiX 4000 will never attempt to PIN the SIM
• If the SIM must be Pinned, MiX4000 expects a SIM with default PIN of:
– 0000 (4 zeros) or 00000 (5 zeros)
• The SIM PIN will then be changed with first boot to a secret PIN that is calculated based on a Hash
function of the IMEI number of the modem
• This means the SIM can not be moved to another unit (with a different IMEI) unless you reset the
SIM PIN to 0000 or 00000

www.mixtelematics.com www.mixtelematics.com
MiX 4000 - Driver ID
• MiX 4000 uses the same blue code plug interface as FM 3xxx for driver identification
• Extended driver ID is supported
• The list of authorized drivers is stored in the MiX 4000 and not on the plug
• Any valid driver plug will be read and the ID assigned as driver for the trip
• The buzzer will beep for a configured duration or until a valid driver plug is inserted (zero seconds /
don’t beep is default)
• Successful reading of a valid driver plug is acknowledged by two short beeps
• No beep will sound if an invalid/incorrectly programmed driver plug is inserted
• The red LED on the code plug socket will flash until a valid driver plug is inserted
• The red LED turns off once a valid driver is associated with the current trip

In future releases Driver ID will also be supported via RF ID reader (serial port) and Bluetooth

www.mixtelematics.com www.mixtelematics.com
MiX 4000 – Starter Interrupt
• Starter interrupt (immobilizer) can only be used with Driver ID and a wired ignition
• The MiX 4000 main harness includes a starter interrupt relay socket (relay not included)
• Refer to the Installation manual for wiring instructions
• The immobilizer will be activated at the start of a trip and starting the vehicle will not be possible
without a valid Driver ID (blue plug)
• Presenting a valid Driver ID (blue plug) will deactivate the immobilizer and allow starting of the
• The immobilizer will automatically activate after a configured period at the end of a trip
• After the immobilizer is activated, the blue plug will have to be reinserted to allow starting
• Restarting before the immobilizer is activated (after the end of the trip) will not require the blue plug
(valid Driver ID)

Note: If immobilization is not required, the relay need not be added and no additional configuration is

www.mixtelematics.com www.mixtelematics.com

Hours Of Service – Europe*

Fully integrated HOS, driver and fleet management solution including DTCO download
HOS Management Software

DTCO (Tachograph)
MiX 4000
and Driver ID card

* Not currently supported for MiX 4000 HOS Report Suite


MiX 4000 – Hardware features (1)

• 12V and 24V Operation
• 4 x positive drive outputs**
• Open load and short to Power (VBAT) detect*
• 3G or 2G modem
• 1 x Nano SIM (4FF)
• Internal GSM antenna only (External antenna possible)
• Internal and external GPS antenna (with antenna disconnect/tamper notification*)
• Bluetooth with support for Installation Tool *
• Optional Internal backup battery
• 2 x CAN software select-able transmit enable and terminating resistor (overridden with a jumpers)
• Standard code plug
• 5V power output for contactless CAN sensors *Not currently supported for MiX 4000
**Only one is currently supported


MiX 4000 – Hardware features (2)

• 2 x RS232 serial ports, both with flow control and DTCO (D8) support
• K-Line support*
• 3-Axis accelerometer
• Buzzer
• 2 x LED (GPS and GSM status)
• Magix (RF) support
• 433 MHz for 2G
• 433 MHz and 915 MHz for 3G
• 16 Mbyte external serial flash
• RTC with coin cell battery
• Ignition input with open wire detect
• 2 x Analog inputs; low (0V-5V) and high (0V-38V) with open wire detect.
• 2 x High speed frequency inputs (0V-38V) both with open wire detect *
* Not currently supported for MiX 4000


MiX 4000 – Part IDs (1)

Part Number Name Description Image
440FT0982 Main Harness MP1 Main Harness (Power (fuse), Ground, Ignition
(fuse), Relay Socket, Buzzer, CAN Connector,
5V, 2xInput, Positive Drive)

440FT0931 Serial Harness SR1 Serial Harness (RX, TX, CTS, RTS, GND, DSR-
DTR looped, RS232 with DB9 Male Connector)

440FT0623 Code Plug Socket Code Plug Socket Harness (Code Plug Socket
Harness with circlip with circlip and 4-Way connector)

440FT0930 Code Plug Harness CP2 Code Plug Extension Harness (1m)
440FT0426 MiX 41MC-3G 3G (Global) - MiX 4000 with Type9 and Type4
Magix (433MHz and 915MHz)

440FT0505 MiX 424C-2G 2G - MiX 4000 with Type4 Magix (433MHz)


MiX 4000 – Part IDs (2)

Part Number Name Description Image
440FT0324 MiX 41MC-3G + Battery MiX 4000 (Model 41MC-3G) Electronic Unit
with Battery: Contains EU Sub-Assembly
440FTZ421, labels, and packaging; Battery
included separately in packaging sleeve; with
Magix 434MHz and 915MHz support
440FT0739 MiX 424C-2G + Battery MiX 4000 (Model 424C-2G) Electronic Unit
with Battery: Contains EU Sub-Assembly
440FTZ504, labels and packaging; Battery
included separately in packaging sleeve; with
Magix 434MHz support;
440FT0515 MiX 4000 Battery: BAT0028 - MiX 4000 Backup Battery
3.2V 1600mAh GP Lithium MOQ=20; Includes foam and IATA Battery
Li-FePO4 with Hirose DF13 Only available in South Africa


The following documentation and resources are available on Confluence
 MiX 4000 Home Page
 Product Fact Sheet (PFS)
 Installation Manual
 Cables and Connectors
 Certification and Environmental Test Results


General Product Support
• Technical support issues can be raised via MiX Assist with the International Support team

Product Management support will be provided by:

Izak (Sakkie) Nel

Product Manager
MIX Telematics International
Tel : +27 21 880 6703 (direct)
Fax : +27 21 880 1784
Cell: 0829018002
Email : Izak.nel@mixtelematics.com