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1. There are 4.39 billion internet users in 2019, an
increase of 366 million (9 percent) versus January
2018. There are 3.48 billion social media users in
2019, with the worldwide total growing by 288
million (9 percent) since this time last year.
2. But how do you enter this market? Is it safe? How can
you stand out from your competitors?
3. What you need to become a digital entrepreneur
 At first, you’ll only need a computer with internet
access to get started.
To aware and educate Students, Unemployed youth
on the various ways and techniques to become an
entrepreneur using the power of digital technology
like, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Classified
companies and many more without investing money

Digital Entrepreneurship Program Certificate helps

students to make their resume strong
Digital Awareness
Due to the advancement in technology, it has
become easy for the people to work from home
using the digital modules. But even today, it is
difficult for us to identify the legal and authorized
companies to work for. Also, a number of companies
ask the users to invest initially to earn more.
However this is just a myth. Users can earn a good
amount using the digital technology without investing
a single rupee.
 Website Development and Career
o Create your Own Website
o Various Layout Function
o Create Different Pages
o Post various type of key
o Google Ads html coding

 Web Design
o Customize Banner Website
o Website Create Gadget
o Basic Tag sand Attributes
 Search Engine Optimization
o Rank any webpage on the top
o Search engines web master tools
o Search traffic & Sitemap
o Directory Submission

 Google Analytic
o Web Analytics
o Report & Interface
o Advertising Analytics
o Calculating ROI
 YouTube Learning, Marketing & Career
o Create Channel art
o Verify Account
o Upload Video
o Use Thumbnail Icon
o Video Monetization
o Google Adsense registration
o Live Income Proof
o Software use for studio-
recording, editing & dubbing
 E-Commerce Business and Career
o Get paid for Leads
o Sign up of Affiliate Co. etc
o Creating a Product code
o Adding Affiliate to your Blog
o Earn Passive Income
o Create own Fashion Store
o Buy & Sale Product
 Micro Jobs
o Registration with Company
o Practice Mode
o Live Work
o Amount Transfer

 Web link-Shrink
o Meaning of Shrink Business
o Copy the Link
o Promote your Code
o Transfer to Online Accounts
 Ad Click / Data Entry work
o Sign up Company
o View various category Ads
o Multiple type of income
o Amount transfer from dollar to rupees
o Enter only word or Number
o No target, No accuracy
o Minimum Payment Payout
 Movie Survey
o Submit Online Form
o Direct Call on your Number
o View full Movie
o Get feedback about Movie

 Android App Income

o Download app on android phone
o Verify account on Gmail
o Earn from different type of works
o PayTm/Bank/PayPal/Payeer transfer
 Social Media Marketing and career
o Face Book Marketing
o Twitter Marketing
o LinkedIn Marketing
o Instagram Marketing
o What’s app Marketing
o Learn all social media Optimization
 Payments Methods
o Create & verify PayPal account
o Create & verify Payeer account
o Create & verify PayTM account
o Indian Bank transactions & registration
Course Modules
Social Media
Creating A BLOG Micro Jobs Income Marketing/Income

Ad Click Android App

Web Design Income/Data Entry Income

E-Commerce YouTube Movie Survey

Business Income/Dailymotion Income

Search Engine Google Analytic Payments Methods

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