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Akash Dixit
Bazila Bshr
Suraj Singh Bohra
Ilesh Kushwaha
 Starts from the time of British in India in 1937
 Northern India city of Bikaner
 Bikaner is the land of Rajputs-Rajasthan
 Aggarwal family established a sweet shop in
 In 1990s they expanded their family business
 Units established in three cities Kolkatain East,
Nagpurin West & Delhi in North
 It was lead by three brothers shri Moolchand,
shri satyanarain and shri Rameshwar
 In 1941 After the popularization of its “Bhujia”
Aggarwal came to use the name “Haldiram’s
 In 1958 established manufacturing unit for
making & processing sweet & salty snakes in
 In 1970 a much larger manufacturing unit was
establishment in Nagpur.
 In 1983 they moved to Delhi & open shop in
Chandni Chowk, Delhi.
 Mumbai manufacturing unit in 1990.
 In 1995 a restaurant was open in Delhi
Vision, Mission, Goal
 Vision : Be the trend setter in field of healthy
& tasty eating to achieve sustainable growth.
This will bring about an overall upliftment of
the organization, its people & society.
 Mission : Review, recreate & discover trend
of healthy eating & innovate & invent fresh
new methods to nourish and delight
everyone we serve.
 Goal: To provide our customer perfect taste
and quality in best packaging.
Marketing Mix
 PRODUCT : Haldiram offers a various products as per
customers requirement such as sweets, dairy products,
snacks etc.
 PRICE : Competitive price to penetrate the unorganized
markets. Prices varies according to weights & type of
Namkeens & raw materials.
 PLACE : Where customers can purchase the product is also
an important factor in determining sales. It is available at
Railway outlets & Retail Shops. It is also available in rural &
urban areas.
 PROMOTION: High awareness among the customers. High
brand loyalty for Haldiram products.
 POSITIONING : Haldiram offers ready to eat high quality
readily available Indian snacks with excellent packaging which
provides increased shelf life to its products.
 Fritolays, ITC, Parle (chips)
 Fritolays-Lehar, Bikaner (Mixtures)
 HUL- Kissan, Gopal Ji, Hamdard, Fun
Foods, Mapro, Kraft foods- Hershey’s
(Flavored Syrup)
 Traditional food outlets & sweet shops
on local level.
Competitor Analysis
 MNC’s with high and diversified
 Competitor’s Wide SKU’s and product
 Competition has Wide and penetrated
distribution network.
Market Segmentation
 As WOMEN are the buyers for household needs and
the deciding factor on what to be served to the
guests, Haldiram targets them for their Nankeens.
Minute Khana for those ready-to-eat food needs.
 Takatak & Whoopies for KIDS.
 In Mithai also, they have come with sugar free sweets
for the “diabetic” or HEALTH CONSCIOUS
 Further, there is something for everyone in Haldiram’s
varied product range, such as, and the all famous
Mithai for everyone at home.
 There is high awareness level for different
Halidram’s Products amongst the retailers.
 Most of the retailers in india it was noticed
that most of them were keeping Haldiram
 Market share of Haldiram namkeen is more
than double of its competitors.
 Average annual sale come out to be highest
for Haldiram’s namkeens followed by Lehar,
Bikano, local brand like Namkeens, Raja,
Shammi, Tingle, Shah,Rajsi, etc.