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 Introduction
 Latest Version
 AutoCAD Screen
 How it Works
 Co-ordinate system.
 Draw Toolbars
 Line
 Polyline
 Arc
 Spline
 Modify Toolbars
 Array
 Offset
 Mirror
 Trim
 Status Toolbar

AutoCAD is a CAD (Computer Aided Design or

Computer Aided Drafting) software application for 2D
and 3D design and drafting.
• AutoCAD package is suitable for accurate and
prefect drawing of engineering designs.
• The drawing of machine parts, isometric views and
assembly drawings are possible in Auto-CAD.
• This package is suitable for 2 D & 3 D drawings.
• The Auto-CAD is used by the designers, painters,
Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Civil
engineers in their field.
• Line, curves, text and filling point are the essential
elements used for preparation of any drawing on the
 Every thing that we draw in AutoCAD is exact.
 All object drawn on screen is based on simple X-Y co-ordinate
 In AutoCAD it is known as world co-ordinate system (WCS).
 We are drawing a line, so we have two points A(-10,-4) and
B(9,6). As shown in figure.
The UCS and WCS
 The AutoCAD world is 3 dimensional.
However, if we want to draw a 2d object, such
as a plan or a section, we will use only 2
dimensions (x and y).
 Modifications made to the World Coordinate
System (WCS) result in a User Coordinate
System (UCS). It is the plane that you work on.
It enables the user to draw 3 dimensional
 To create a new UCS, type ucs on the
command window, then say New and specify 3
points on your new UCS plane.
Draw Toolbar
Following image shows two very basic tool bars, these will be
heavily used as you progress towards the end of your drawing. You
can access these tool bars under Home tab.
• A polyline is a connected sequence of line
segments created as a single object. You can
create straight line segments, arc segments, or
a combination of the two.
• Click Home tab Draw panel Polyline. Find
• Specify the first point of the polyline.
• Specify the endpoint of the first segment.
• Continue specifying segment endpoints as
• Press Enter to end, or enter c to close the
• You can create an arc by specifying three

• You can create an arc using a start point, center ,

and a third point that determines the endpoint.
Sp Line:-
• Creates a smooth curve that passes through or near a set of fit points,
or that is defined by the vertices in a control frame.

This Is the logo of spline Which we can found in draw

• Splines are defined either with fit points, or with control vertices. By
default, fit points coincide with the spline, while control vertices define
a control frame. Control frames provide a convenient method to shape
the spline. Each method has its advantages.
Modify ToolBar
• The toolbar to work with: Copy, Mirror, Array,
Offset, Move, Rotate, Trim, Extend, chamfer,
Fillet, Explode, Pedit etc.
• The array command quickly creates copies of a selected object(s) to
a specified spacing..
• There are two types of Array


Polar Array
• Offset will make a copy of a line or series of selected
lines by a specified distance in the direction
Basic Modify Tools
• Erase-Select this button then a drawing
element to erase it permanently from the
• Copy - The copy command will copy any
selected drawing elements and reposition where
specified by the user, without affecting the
original elements.
• Move- The move command works exactly the
same as the copy command described above,
except instead of creating a copy of the
selected objects, the second objects are
• The mirror command will create a
mirror image of any selected drawing
elements along any line of symmetry
specified by the user.
• This is the logo of Mirror which can
found in modify Toolbar
• Use an object selection method to
select the objects to be mirrored.
Press Enter to finish.

You can create objects that represent half of a

drawing, select them, and mirror them across a
specified line to create the other half.
• The trim command is an extremely useful
tool which will erase all parts of an object
beyond or within its intersection with another

 Hatching is used to add shaded

patterns to objects and shapes
within an Autocad drawing. Hatch
patterns can be used to indicate a
material to be used, such as a
concrete hatch.
 You will pick:
 Pattern
 Scale
 Angle
 points




Ortho Mode
 You can restrict cursor movement to horizontal and
vertical directions for convenience and precision
when creating and modifying objects.
 As you create or move objects, you can use Ortho
mode to restrict the cursor to the horizontal or
vertical directions relative to the user coordinate
system (UCS).
 For drawing or editing objects at angles other
than 90 degrees, use Ortho Mode
Object Snap
 The Object Snaps (Osnaps for short) are
drawing aids which are used in conjunction
with other commands to help you draw
 Osnaps allow you to snap onto a specific
object location when you are picking a point
 Midpoint
 End point
 Intersection
 Center
 Tangent
 Perpendicular
 Parallel
Some Basic Command With