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Submitted To : Sohit Agarwal

Submitted By : Roushan Kumar

 What is Python ?
 Differences between program and scripting language
 History of Python
 Scope of Python
 What can I do with python
 Who uses python today
 My project description
 Project introoduction
 System analysis
 Advantages
 Limitations
What is Python ?

 Python is a general purpose programming language

that is often applied in scripting roles.
 So, Python is programming language as well as scripting
 Python is also called as Interpreted language
Differences between program and scripting

Program Scripiting language

a program is executed (i.e. the source is a script is interpreted • A "script" is code

first compiled, and the result of that written in a scripting language. A
compilation is expected) scripting language is nothing but a type
of programming language in which we
A "program" in general, is a sequence of can write code to control another
instructions written so that a computer software application.
can perform certain task.

 Invented in the Netherlands, early 90s by Guido van

 Python was conceived in the late 1980s and its
implementation was started in December 1989
 Guido Van Rossum is fan of ‘Monty Python’s Flying
Circus’, this is a famous TV show in Netherlands
 Named after Monty Python
 Open sourced from the beginning
Python’s Benevolent Dictator For Life

 “Python is an experiment in how

much freedom programmers
need. Too much freedom and
nobody can read another's
code; too little and
expressiveness is endangered.”

- Guido van Rossum

Scope of Python

 Science
- Bioinformatics
 System Administration -Unix
-Web logic
-Web sphere
 Web Application Development
-Jython – Servlets
 Testing scripts
Who uses python today

 Python is being applied in real revenue-generating products by real

companies. For instance:
 Google makes extensive use of Python in its web search system, and
employs Python’s creator.
 Intel, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Seagate, Qualcomm, and IBM use
Python for hardware testing.
 ESRI uses Python as an end-user customization tool for its popular GIS
mapping products.
 The YouTube video sharing service is largely written in Python
My Project :
Online Crime Reporting System
 The Objective of Crime Reporting System is to
develop system using which people can report
crime online. It provides the facility of uploading
images or videos of crime scenes so that police
can take action immediately. It also provides
the information of missing persons, most wanted
criminals and safety tips for the awarness of


 To reduce the trouble of going to police station frequently. • To

take a quick action against crime .
 To get the information about the crime easily.
 Reduces the man power.
 Reduces the time.
 Provides the current status of the crime rate.
 To aware people about crime.
Existing System Analysis

 All criminal records are stored in a file.

 To add any new record ,record file is used.
 When other police station require any criminal information at that
time they need to call that police station.
 There are many drawbacks like time consuming, require more man
 Citizens can not get the information and the current status of the
criminals of all cities
Proposed System
 User Registration: User has to register to file complaints, crimes or missing
 User Login: User can login to system to file and check the status of his
complaints or missing reports.
 Complaints: Complaints consist of basic details the system asks and the
user has to fill in order to register a complaint and check the status of his
 Crimes: Crimes consist of all the details that the user has to fill in to
register a complaint and provide a picture, if he has one related to the
crime, also can check the status of the crimes he has filed.
 Missing Persons: The System asks the user to enter all the details of the
person with a photograph. The system also allows the user to check the
status his previous filed cases.
 Without Login: The System allows the user to check for crimes against the
pin code provided by the user. The User can also check for missing
 Hardware Requirement:

i3 Processor Based Computer or higher

Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 50 GB
Internet Connection
 Software Requirement:

Windows 7 or higher
MySQL database

 The User can check the missing reports or crime

without giving his credentials to the system.
 The user is allowed to file any number of cases.
 Admin and the user have the same App limiting
the cost and size.

 No status change reminder.

 No email or Message Confirmation in the case or
action taken.
 Only 3 types of categories that can be filed.