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Collaborative Approach:
Discuss with your group then choose a reporter
after the discussion.

•What did the man doing in the video?


•In the first part of the video, what kind

of attitude does the people show?
•What lesson did you get from the
1. The man tried to test the deeds of people. Maybe he
wanted to know how many people are left in this world
with good deeds.
2. The people showed greediness and selfishness. They
don’t care what would the man felt after losing his
money because they’re just concern about their
3. We learned that whatever we are doing to our
brethren God seen it. We must do good things to our
brethren because life is too short to have regrets.
A Short background abou Nu Prime Minister of Burma
Nu Prime Minister of Burma:
Nu was a leading Burmese statesman, Social
Democratic politician, nationalist, and political
figure of the 20th century.
He was the Prime Minister of Burma
under the provisions of the 1947 Constitution
of the Union of Burma, from 4 January 1948
to 12 June 1956,
again from 28 February 1957 to 28 October
and finally from 4 April 1960 to 2 March 1962.
Group Discussion:
Group 1:
1. When you hear the words “three evils” class what comes in your mind?
2. Whether we are Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Animists, or Atheists, what are the things
we cannot avoid in this world? Why?
3. What are the five sense objects?Why are the five sense objects called the fleeting phenomena?

Group 2:
1. Explain this, “no one can carry away his property after death?”
2. What are the following phenomena?
3. What do you mean by Haves and Have - nots?

Group 3:
1. Why does the poor became poorer?
2. What are the evil ways that they do?
3. What are the four causes of death? Why?

Group 4:
1. How can the Have - nots care for education with their hard struggle for a bare living?
2. Why there are ignoramuses and Mr. Zeros?
3. Why did the Padaythabin tree stop from giving fulfillment to the people?

Group 5:
1. Does this excerpt reveal about the temperaments and psyche of the Burmese?
2. What did you learn from the speech of Prime Minister U Nu?
Picture to explain:

In this picture, it shows that the poor people feed the

government with everything but the government did not
even help the poor ones. That’s why the poor became
poorer and the rich became richer
It shows the gluttonous of two people. The two people
showed how selfish are we in nature. They don’t care
of other’s feelings and emotions as long as
they’re happy and full.
This picture shows inequality. A lot of people having a lot
of money while there are also lot of people who can’t
afford even a penny. They don’t know how to help other
people. They’re happy seeing the poor people who were
suffering of poverty.
Developing mastery

1. What are the 3 evil ways?

2. What are the 3 inevitable things that we cannot
3. What are the 5 sense objects?
4. For the past years, how will you describe the
commodities towards people?
5. What happened when the advent of the profit
motive arises to the people?
Group 1:
Make a role play showing the lives of Haves and
Have - nots.
Group 2:
Compose a rap about greediness, hatred and
Group 3:
Create a problem - solution chart about greediness in a
1/2 manila paper.
Group 4: Tell the differences between good karmma and
bad karmma through a short speech. Make sure to give true
Group 5:
In a 1/4 illustration board make a quote about greediness
and being fair.
Traits Criteria
1 2 3 4
Cooperation Teacher intervention Members work well Members work well All members work
needed often to help together some of the together most of the well together all of
group cooperate. time. Some teacher time. the time; assist
intervention needed. others when needed.

Communication Members needed Members need some All members listen Each member listens
frequent teacher teacher intervention each other and speak well to other
intervention to listen to be able to listen to to each other in equal members. Each
to each other and each other amounts. member speaks in
speak to each other appropriately. friendly and
appropriately. encouarging tones.
Organization The presentation There were minimal The presentation had The presentation was
lacked organization signs of organization organizing ideas but well organized, well-
and had little or preparation. could have been prepared and easy to
evidence of much stronger with follow.
preparation. better preparation.

Presentation Presenters were Presenters were not Presenters were Presenters were all
unconfident and consistent with the occassionally very confident in
demostrated little level of confident with their delivery and they did
evidence of planning confidence/prepared presentation however an excellent job of
prior to presentation ness they showed the presentation was engaging the class.
the classroom but not as engaging as it Preparation is very
had some strong could have been for evident.
moments. the class.
QUIZ: In you quiz notebook
Modified True or False: Write True if the statement is true
and if it is false make it true.
________ 1. The Haves had to depend on the Have -
nots for their living.
________ 2. The three evils - greed, hatred, kindness.
________ 3. There was once a time when men and
women could get whatever they wanted from the Narra
________ 4. The Lord Buddha has taught us about the
four causes of death.
________ 5. No one can carry away his good deeds after