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Discussion Topics

Valued Sugarcane Farmers

• Sugarcane farmers issues

• Ways to influence farmers


• Why Sempra
• How does it work
• Benefits of Sempra
Sugarcane Farmers


How to communicate farmers
• Greet & Respect
• Spend time in the field
• There are three kind of farmers
– Who check your knowledge
– Who will ask questions but not serious
– Who is genuine, he is looking for solutions
Communication with farmers
1. Open talk, understand key problem areas
– What bother them the most
– Improve yield
2. Talk about Demonstrations conducted , has he seen
3. Draw interest towards weed management and its
– Alternate to Labour is Herbicide
4. Engage farmers through knowledge, testimonial
5. Propose solutions…
– promote farmer to farmer learning – reference marketing
Farmers Issues

Irrigation Pest

Electricity Labour

Factory Farmers Weeds

payment Issues
Solution to farmers

spokes person-
Harvest days

Connect with
Last year
SM officials /
Cyperus the most dreadful weed
SEMPRA – A revolutionary solution

herbicide for the control
of Cyperus rotundus
Sempra offers

Farmers Trade You

Solution of
Respect Dignity Financial / Non

Cheers to Sugar Recognition in

8th Miracle
Factory Market

i. Saving in next ten year

ii. Saving in labor cost
iii. Time value of money
iv. Cancerous to field
v. Damage to other crop taken in same field

23-11-2019 10
What is Sempra
• A research product of M/s Nissan Chemical Industry Ltd., Japan

World’s No 1 Sempra is Safe to

• Selective Sugarcane
Weedicide for
• Systemic
Motha • Post
(Cyperus rotundus) emergence *Approved by CIB
(Govt. of India)

• 1st Sugarcane herbicide after 20 year being introduced in

India by Dhanuka Agritech Ltd for Motha
Characteristics of Sempra
Strong Systemic Action
Sempra moves in both ways through Xylem and Phloem.

Mode of Action- Sempra

Systemic action 1-Excellent


3.Absorbed by nuts
through leaves and
and moves upward
moves downward
through xylem
through phloem.
Sempra also kills 3-6 nuts of a plant
Sempra kills 3-6 nuts / nutlets of a plant and reduces Population / re-
germination of weeds.

Untreated Nuts Effect of Sempra on Cyperus nuts

Safe to Crops

Sempra is safe to Sugarcane , if used as per recommendations.

Efficacy at Low Dose

Sempra provides outstanding control of Cyperus rotundus at

90g/ha. It also offers soil residual activity and controls late emerging
Due to strong soil
Strong Soil residual action of Sempra
Residual Action 75 WG, it controls new
germinating Cyperus

Sempra 75 WG is non-
carcinogenic & non
Safe to Human mutagenic and no impact
and Animals on reproduction and
development .
LD50 > 5000
How SEMPRA Works………?
 Sempra 75%WG inhibits Acetolactate synthase (ALS) which is the 1st enzyme in the biosynthetic
pathway of the essential branched chain amino acid (Valine, Leucine & Isoleucine).

 Inhibition of ALS leads to the starvation of the plant (Cyperus rotundus) for these amino acid ,
resulting in death (Killing) of Cyperus rotundus.
Time of application & Dose
3-6 leaf stage of Cyperus rotundus
Any stage of sugarcane

3 Leaf stage 6 Leaf stage Flowering stage

Dose: Sempra @36 g/ acre + Boosten @ 300 g/ acre

and use minimum of 150 ltr. water/acre
SEMPRA application in Sugarcane Ratoon
Crop harvesting

Trash burning

1st Irrigation

Intercultural operations

2nd Irrigation

3nd Irrigation

Sempra application in good soil moisture at 3-6 leaf Stage of

Cyprus rotundus.
Precautions -Ratoon
Sempra 75 WG + Boosten 50 WP should be applied after 2-4
days of 3rd irrigation in Ratoon Sugarcane.

• During Sempra 75 WG + Boosten 50 WP application, good

soil moisture must be ensured.
• Farmers must be advised to provide scheduled irrigation.
• Farmers may do intercultural operations after 10-15 days of
Sempra application
How Sempra kills Cyperus rotundus
Sempra blocks nutrient uptake by Cyperus rotundus within 24 hrs
of application.

5-7 days 8-14 days 15-30 days

Chlorosis Necrosis Complete Death

Why Sempra + Boosten……..?

In most of the fields,

all types of weeds,
narrow, broad &
sedges are present.
Why Sempra + Boosten……..?
After Sempra application,
Cyperus rotundus will be
controlled, but other weeds
will proliferate.

For control of Cyperus

rotundus and other weeds,
Sempra @ 36 g + Boosten
@ 300 g/ acre
Why Sempra does not kill Sugarcane ?

Sugarcane plants have

strong MFO (Mixed
Function Oxidases)
which breaks down the
Herbicide molecule to
metabolic forms.

Sugarcane Killing Cyperus rotundus

Benefits of Sempra
Saving in Manual Labour
• Savings in manual labor cost

Nutrient Uptake Checked

• Sempra checks nutrient uptake by Cyperus rotundus
within 24 hour of application

Kill 3-6 Nuts

• Sempra kills upto 3-6 nuts/ nutlets of Cyperus
rotundus thus ensuring reduction in Cyperus
rotundus population
Benefits of Sempra

Reduced Weeding Expense

• Freedom from repeated manual weeding /
weedicide applications

Increased Yield
• More yield hence more profit

Crab Grass (Digitaria sp.

Doob Ghas (Cynodon dactylon)

Jangli Jute (Corcorus sp)

Makra (Dactyloctenium sp.) Bel (Ipomea sp.

How to prepare Sempra Stock solution

1- Sempra
Fill Fill Sempra bucket till
Bucket till
Lower mark
mark with clean
with clean
water water

Add 36g Sempra & 300g

2- Add 36g Sempra &
300g Boosten

3- Now fill the bucket till

upper mark with clean
water and stir well
How to prepare Sempra Spray solution

5- Add one measuring cup

4- Fill Knapsack sprayer till
(i.e. 300ml) stock solution
half with clean water
to sprayer
How to prepare Sempra Spray solution

6-Fill Knapsack sprayer with 7- Fit the flat fan nozzle

15 L clean water given with Sempra pack
and spray evenly
Research & Tested By:

Regional Tamil Nadu Narendra Deva

Vasantdada Agricultural
U.P. Council of Research Agricultural University of
Sugar Institute Research
Sugarcane Station -CCS University Agriculture
Research Haryana and
(University of
Agricultural Technology
University Kumarganj,
Shahjahanpur Sciences,
Pune Hisar Dharwad) Coimbatore, Faizabad,
Maharashtra U.P.
Haryana Karnataka Tamil Nadu U.P.

Recommendation By -
UPCSR – Shajahanpur
ICAR Sugarcane breeding Institute- Coimbatore
CCS Haryana ( RRS -Uchani)

• Ensure sufficient
soil moisture at
the time of

• Avoid drift of
spray on the
neighboring crops.
• Do not use Sempra
if Sugarcane crop
is inter-cropped/
with other crops.

• After spraying,
wash the spray
pump with
detergent and water
(at least twice)
before using the
same pump for
other crops.
• Ensure proper
coverage & avoid
repeat spray at one

• Do not shake hand

while spraying.

• Always use flood

jet nozzle for

Flood jet nozzle

Farmers Testimonials
Thank You

Untreated SEMPRA