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Ethical criticism disregards the

aesthetics of the work, and focuses
more on it’s moral and ethical attributes
In other words
The Prophecy
• King Laius’s son shall murder him and
marry his mother Jocasta (Oracle of
Delphi, 430 b.c.).
• Baby Oedipus was sent to die but was
given to a nearby king and queen.
Self Exile

• Oedipus grew up and knew about the

prophecy, believing he was with his real
parents he exiled himself to avoid the
prophecy from happening.
First Blood
• Oedipus encountered King Laius in a
• They fought and ended up killing the king.
• One survived and lived to tell the tale.
• With no official heir, Creon, Jocasta’s
brother took over the throne
Becomes King

• Back in Oedipus’ hometown, an evil sphinx

is giving a riddle and is killing everyone who
answers it wrong.
• Oedipus answered the riddle correctly and
was made king
Marries the Queen

• After being crowned for

defeating the evil sphinx,
Oedipus marries his
biological mom, the
Queen and had kids
The Tribulation
• Years have passed and a plague happened and
messed everything up .
• The plague would go away if they find the killing
living in the kingdom.
• Oedipus was set on finding the killing.
• Seer says the killer is Oedipus, feeling down his
wife comforted him and told him how his
husband, his father was killed.
The Truth

• Oedipus recalls killing someone on the same area

where Lauis was killed, he calls for the lone survivor
who was present during the murder.
• Meanwhile, a messenger arrived to Thebas to tell
Oedipus that his foster father died.
• The Messenger was the same guy who gave baby
Oedipus to the deceased king.
The Ugly Truth

• Jocasta realizes the ugly truth and

tries to keep Oedipus from it.
• The survivor showed up and verified
the Oedipus was the one who killed
The Consequence
• Oedipus was devastated, Jocasta hangs herself
• When Oedipus found her, he took the pin from
her dress and stabbed his eye out.
• Creon banishes him and he was forced to
wander the woods with the assistance of his
daughter, Antigone
How does the work
affect the reader?
The work
horrified the
ones who
read this for
the first time.
The story of Oedipus shows how even the
The work protagonist can do awful things, whether
might affect they are mindful of or not. Just because
the reader in they're the good guys does not mean they're
a not very a good person.
positive way,
as the story The work displays negative
displays how themes and actions, really
life can messed up fates, and bad
become so decisions yet it may be a good
gruesome to lesson to everyone. It may
both saints
and sinners.
have a significant
moral/ethical value.
What is the
moral/ethical point
expressed in the