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TEX-101 Textile Engineering Fundamentals (2, 3).

Introduction of the course

Delivered by Dr. Aamer Abbas Khan

Date 25-10-2018

Teacher’s Introduction.
• At present I am Assistant Professor at Textile Department, UET Faisalabad campus.

Academic and Practical experience.

• Doctorate of Philosophy with specialization in carbon fibres production, characterization and
applications in composites industry.
• Politecnico di Torino, Italy (2014~2017).
• MS Textiles with specialization in Polymers and polymer composites.
• Politecnico di Torino, Italy (2012~2014).

• 3 years industrial experience in Nishat Textile Mills limited, Faisalabad.

• Bachelors in Textile engineering from National Textile University, Faisalabad.(2005~2009)

• Cell # 03217851971 (CR calls me preferably, no calls after 8 PM, no SMS, no WhatsApp please.)
• Email : aamerkhan01@gmail.com

Class Rules and Examination Rules:
• A minimum of 75% class attendance is necessary to qualify for sitting in the final exam.
• Attendance will be marked in the 1st 10 minutes and no body will be entertained for late arrival.
• 3 pre announced quizzes will be conducted during the semester, for sessional evaluation best 2
will be considered.
• No compromises on any kind of discipline violation.
• Visiting hours Monday 10.00 ~12.00 hours, Wednesday 14.00 ~ 15.00. Book an appointment via
email prior to visiting.
• Examination will be 70 % from the class lectures and 30 % from the knowledge students infer
from the course work.

Course Contents
Course contents
Introduction No. CLO Description PLO Level of
 Introduction to textile manufacturing processes and Learning

textile machines. Introduction to various departments 1 To describe the basic textile raw materials, PLO-1 C2
of textile industry, description of general terms used ginning and yarn manufacturing methods

in textiles.
2 To learn the basic fabric manufacturing PLO-1 C2
Textile Raw Materials methods
3 To learn the basic textile wet processing PLO-1 C2
 Classification of textile fibers methods
4 To develop an understanding of garments PLO-1 C2
 General textile fiber properties
Cotton Ginning
 Process flow chart, types of ginning, preparation of
cotton bales, terms used in ginning, factors that can
affect the fiber quality.
Introduction to Yarn Manufacturing
 Colorants for dyeing, methods of dyeing
 Process flow chart
 Printing methods
 Spun yarn production processes
 Finishing
 Ring spinning process and open end spinning process
Introduction to Garments Manufacturing
 Introduction to synthetic fiber spinning techniques
 Process flow chart of garment manufacturing
 Classification of synthetic fibers on the basis of
 Introduction to major processes involved in
manufacturing methods
garment manufacturing cutting, spreading and
Introduction to Fabric Manufacturing
 Process flow chart of weaving and knitting
 Quality control in garments department
 Yarn preparation steps for weaving
 Basic weaving operation and types of looms and their
major components
 Knitting manufacturing methods
Introduction to Textile Wet Processing
 Process flow chart of textile wet processing
 Introduction to pretreatments 5
Recommended Books:
1. Textile Engineering An Introduction by Yasir Nawab, 2016
2. Engineering Textiles by Y.E Mogahzy, Woodhead Publishing, 2008
3. Textile Technology by Wulfhorst, Gries and Veit, Hanser Publications, 2006
4. Textiles by S.J Kadolph, Prentice Hall, 2010
5. Textiles: Fibre to Fabric by B.P Corbman, 1985