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Rushang Patel 180010102036
Maharshi Sompura 180010102046
Sahil Vohra 180010102050
 The Project : Clap Switch was selected
because of its wide range of
 This Device Makes the human life
easier by allowing to switch a device
On/Off by just a clap.
 It can also be used for emergency
security purposes.
To Make A circuit of
Clap Switch.
R1,7,11 -15k Q1,2,3,4 - BC 149 B or C
R2,5,12 -2.2k D1 - IN 4002
R3 -270k D2,3,4,5 - IN 4148
R6,10 -27k C1 - 10KPF
R8,9 -10k C2,3 - 47KPF
R13 -2k C4 - 1000uF/16V R14
X1 - 12V/300mA Transformer
MIC - Condenser Mic
RLY - 12V Single Charge over Relay
 At the time when some one Clap in front of the Mic
the sound signal is converted into the electrical signal
by the condenser microphone.These signals are then
given to the transistor T1 base which in return trigger
the IC1 pin2. And with the help of the formula shown
below the time period for which the output stay in the
high position can be calculated –
T = 1.1*R5*C4
 At the moment the output from the IC1 pin 3 is given to
CD4017 decade counter 14 pin, which supply a clock pulse
for the proper working of IC2. The counting of the CD4017
begins from the zero after getting the clock input. And it
moves to forward one by one at each time whenever pin 14
moves to high (as in front of the mic we clap). Like we get
output from the pin 2 for the first clap i.e. Q1 and LED1 will
shine and the device connected to relay start operating .
While for the second clap output will receive at pin 4 and
LED2 will shine while at this time LED1 turn off and so on.
At each output point you need to attach the individual
relay .10 individual devices can be controlled with the help
of this circuit just connect the relay at appropriate outputs
of CD4017.
The Circuit Components of the Device were assembled
in Laboratory through wire and PCB board. The
Components were Soldered carefully using Soldering
Flux and connected according to the Circuit Diagram.
The DC supply required was arranged in the way that
the AC Main was first stepped down using a 12 V
Transformer and various RC Components in the circuit
converted AC  DC Supply which was used by the
The Device works when a sound is
made in front of the Microphone. The
Microphone is connected to the
Amplifier using Transistor in Common
Emitter Configuration and the Series
Connection Amplifies the Sound
Waves. The Output is seen at the Load
Resistance Bulb Glows.
 From This Project We learnt about the Clap
Switch Applications, its Construction,
Working And Other things about this
Project. We Understood about this Project
that it is a LIFE MAKING EASIER Project as
just by a CLAP the light Turns ON/OFF and
we don’t even need to press the switch.